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That is an excellent question, when you consider that traditional software used by HR, some of which includes; Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Payroll and Time and Attendance have all gone the way of the cloud. HR leaders no longer have to be burden (unless, they want to) with swaths of paper or excel spreadsheets to track employee time and/or track time-off requests.

In a recent article by Curtis Franklin Jr. of Information Week, titled “Why Cloud Computing Is Crucial For HR” he interviewed Erica Volini of Deloitte Consulting. An excerpt of this article reads in part;

“The cloud is the ultimate long-range destination for everyone,” the HR transformation practice leader and principal at Deloitte told InformationWeek in a phone interview. In this case, IT is going to help HR get to the cloud, because doing so will help HR fulfill the new mission business has for a department that has been the poster child of “support” as long as it has existed.

Are HR Leaders Readily Embracing The Cloud?

The possibilities of the cloud for modern HR managers are endless. Gone (although they likely existing with some companies) are the days, when an attendance report would take several hours or a day to obtain. Cloud computing has made it a reality for you to get reports in real-time thus propelling business growth, that’s based on informed decision-making.

And on how HR leaders can leverage the cloud through mobile “One of the things that technology does is improve access to data, but you need HR professionals who have the skill set and be able to use the technology,” Volini said. Part of that ability, she said, is having the time to analyze data and turn the analysis into action.

“You need to free up capacity so the HR business partner has the time and isn’t always in fire-fighting mode. The cloud can help with this through the self-service capability,” she said. “The way that the self-service capabilities are being presented to the business is through mobile technology.”

If your HR leader is still using spreadsheets, there is a better way and it’s faster, flexible, and easy-to- use. Welcome to the world of cloud computing.

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If your business is an advocate of spreadsheets for tracking employee time, allocating vacation and statutory holidays, it might be time for you to take a hard look at how this time tracking methodology may be making things more difficult than they need to be. The manual calculation of employee hours and data entry into your payroll, HR or ERP system can cause undue headaches for the even most seasoned Payroll, or HR manager. The end result could lead to, inaccurate pay and missed overtime on employee’s paycheques–or to put it mildly a disaster waiting to happen.

 Are Your Spreadsheets Giving You Headaches?


Here’s a break down of some the benefits of what an ATS Time and Attendance Solution can deliver, thus, eradicating payroll day submission headaches:

Capturing Employee Data In Real-Time
Imagine how easy and simple it would be if you could capture employee hours as soon as they punched in out? HR and payroll departments would be doing back flips with joy, because that would mean they now have quicker access to data to make quick decisions and complete tasks. By integrating all data sources into one central source of record with the help of a Business Management Solution, employees can find everything they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Spreadsheets Inhibits Productivity
Spreadsheets are time-consuming and deprives your company of productivity gains. Various studies report that nearly 9 out of 10 spreadsheets, a whopping (88%) contain errors. A majority of these errors were from human error and could have been avoided. An ATS Time and Attendance solution removes manual time collection of out the equation, and in doing so, reducing errors and streamline your workflow and increases productivity.

On-The-Spot Information That Will Help Your Business Grow
By and large, having access to intuitive business intelligence is the dream of every organization. ATS Time and Attendance embedded business intelligence tools will help you to perform efficiently and make based on the on-spot-information. With ATS Time and Attendance your organization can manage future contingencies and be ready when business condition changes.

As financial consolidation of businesses becomes more prevalent and complex, automating employee time becomes even more important. ATS scaleable Time and Attendance Solution will dramatically improve your decision-making capabilities and support your business growth by helping you to automate, collaborate and analyze all employee data, across multiple locations, countries and the enterprise at large.

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Top 5 Signs Your Company Needs a New Time and Attendance System

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As hard as you try, it’s taking longer and longer to process employee time-sheets at the end of the week. Tabulation of employee hours are based on guesswork instead of solid figures and your CFO is having a hard trying to figure out the company’s actual payroll cost, that’s somewhere within the many spreadsheets you provide each week. If this sounds like your business—or close to it—then it may be time to consider a modern time and attendance solution.

Based on our years of experience, we have come to realize that the companies who benefit most from a time and attendances system usually face problems that are similar in nature. If your organization is experiencing the issues mentioned above, then read on, here are the top five signs that you need a new time and attendance system.

Top 5 Signs Your Company Needs a New Time and Attendance System

1. You Have a Time and Attendance and you are also using manual time sheets
Spend a few minutes thinking about how your employees record their attendance. For example, if you have a time and attendance and employees are also using time-sheets you should get rid of the system. If you are using an effective time and attendance system there shouldn’t be a need for manual time sheets. Next, figure out how long does it takes payroll and HR staff to process employee hours and then manually key them into your accounting software.

ATS time and attendance integrates into a various system including; ERP, payroll and HR providing your organization with a single point of entry one that contains accurate, up-to-the-minute business intelligence data. ATS time and attendance helps staff make better decisions more quickly and frees up their time to work on more high-value exercises like increasing workforce production.

2. The Difficulty in using multiple systems
One of the biggest challenges with using multiple systems to track employee attendance is the amount of time it takes. Conversely using an ATS cloud-based time and attendance, managers and employee alike, have access to real-time information on any workstation or mobile platform in real-time. For example, employee can see their schedules, hours of work and also request time-off. Supervisors get an email alert when a vacation request is submitted and can respond in real-time.

3. You have limited access to information about your organization
Do you know how your company is performing against budget? For example, do you how many employees that should be on the work schedule today or even next week based on business demand? Without solid key performance indicators (KPI’s) in place, some companies rely on spreadsheets that need to be constantly updated and reconciled manually.

4. Payroll processing is taking too long
Sometime the first signs that your company needs a time and attendance solution will come from the payroll department. When employees record their time on manual time-sheets or antiquated punch clocks—after that, a supervisor goes over the records to make sure it’s accurate. Afterwards, this information is sent to the payroll department, who spends hours on a weekly basis, calculating and then manually entering the data into different systems.
5. Your business is growing
No business executive wants their company to remain stagnant so why use a system that’s not growing with you? And, it is safe to assume that if your company has a time and attendance in place, then your business has probably matured a bit since that system was installed. As the business has matured, the time and attendance system has probably been added to and cobbled together with other components to help with the changes in process and direction. Spreadsheets don’t cut it and most antiquated time and attendance systems don’t have the capabilities to support today’s growing businesses. An ATS cloud-based time and attendance has a plethora of analytics to help you see the big picture, will enhance workforce productivity and provide you with greater financial visibility and insight.

In conclusion

Replacing your time and attendance system has a number of benefits, from better workflow and mobile technology interface to increased efficiency and real-time reporting. So what’s holding your company back from ditching that antiquated system?

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As Summer Comes To A Close, It’s Time To Bring That Project Back To Life

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The start of September means back to school for many kids and for some parents, it’s also back to the daily work and dusting off that time and attendance project that everyone was gung-ho about prior to the summer break. And why would September be a good time to take another look? Simply put, your colleagues are likely back at work and with a collective and renewed focus on controlling payroll costs once and for all—your company, can now look to starting the fall by implementing a best-in-class time and attendance system.

Here are three tips that will make a difference and help your business grow:

Your business will not be limited to just the office
Remaining competitive in this ever increasing global economy is challenge for every business, regardless of the industry. To increase profit margins and propel growth, today’s companies need the power of a best-of-breed time and attendance solution. With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, you can be more responsive inter-departmentally, extrapolate data more quickly, and reduce operating costs by getting more done in less time.

Analytics at your fingertips
Companies with up-to-the-minute data, has the competitive edge over their counterparts. With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, you can accomplish more, faster—capture employee hours, track attendance, approve vacations on-the-fly, and access business intelligence data, to make informed decisions.

Eliminate inefficiencies while increasing profits
ATS TimeWork On-Demand is easy-to-use comprehensive time and attendance application that gives companies the right tools and insight to reduce costs, grow revenue.

Aren’t; you tired of tracking employee vacations with spreadsheets? Or how about manually keying hours into your payroll software?  If so, let the ATS team show you how you can accelerate your business growth in a more efficient manner while reducing costs.

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As Summer Comes To A Close, It’s Time To Bring That Project Back To Life




It’s the time of the year when most people in North America head off to some exotic locale, family road trip or to the cottage for a vacation. Your company talked about automating its time tracking process but, that’s all-you did was talked about it. The warm summer months will soon be replaced by fall and then dreaded winter. And soon you will be back to the manual time tracking processes.


If your company has looked at replacing your current time sheets in the past, here are some undeniable benefits to automation:


ATS TimeWork streamlines manual time tracking and provides a simple, set of processes for managing your company’s work rules, payroll and time and attendance requirements. Your company will benefit from ATS deep industry knowledge and have access to local and regional resources. By using ATS time and attendance solution you can focus on running your company, while leaving mission critical workforce management aspects so us.


ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution eliminates duplicate entries that can occur when keying employee hours manually-thus, payroll costs will be reduced. In addition, the head scratching complexities caused by using excel spreadsheets and manually keying employee hours into payroll will be replaced by ATS smooth data integration tool. You will have access to business intelligence and business analytic tools all designed to enhance workforce compliance and to provide you with an accurate overview of your payroll and time and attendance data.


Not sure if a cloud-based time and attendance is right for you? Download a demonstration or attend one of our live webinars.

Summertime And You Are Still Trying To Find Ways To Streamline Payroll


There are number of clues that can steer you in the direction to changing your existing workforce management software. These clues, if adhered to, can help you evaluate and implement a new workforce management software for the betterment of your organization. Examples include:

Current software do match the evolution of your business – Technology is moving at a rapid pace and while the current time and attendance software may have worked with your old business rules, your company is growing and expanding into your new markets.

Cannot get the right information out of the system – Real-time business analytics is critical to understanding your bottom line. It’s easy to get saddled with a software solution that is dated and lacks the day to day information that business executives need.

You are keying in data using lots of spreadsheets -The whole point of automating is to move away from manual processing. If you are using an employee time management system and also spending a significant amount of time keying in data, it’s time to evaluate your options. Keying in data manually is an ineffective use of your time and will invariably lead to inaccuracies.

Existing application is no longer supported by your vendor – Over the past several years, there have been numerous acquisitions in the time and attendance market. At times, this can leave a customer vulnerable to the inevitability that support for their current product is on a short leash.

Current software can no longer work on your platform – When this happens and if your vendor is offering you an upgrade that is twice the amount of your old system-it’s time to move on.  Now might be the perfect time to move your time and attendance solution to the cloud. Why? You no longer need to worry about purchasing or maintaining a new server and having the right IT resources to support it. And as your business evolves, you have the power of technology on your side in a cloud-based time tracking solution  that will grow with you.

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Antiquated systems simply do not work in today’s global workforce and evolving regulations. Let’s set aside the spreadsheets and “honour system” and engage in a conversation that helps business executives achieve goals that will keep customers, shareholders and employees happy. These goals include:

  • Deploying a time and attendance tracking solution that is adaptable, easy-to-use and will meet the demands of a diverse workforce
  • Controlling payroll costs
  • Figuring out if you have the right tools for scheduling your workforce
  • Providing employees with the flexibility to view their benefit accruals
  • How to make the best use of real-time labour analytics

These goals are  realistic. With the use of a unified workforce management solution, your organization can track employee time and attendance, reduce labour costs and stay in compliance with current regulations.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand Uses a Best-Practice Approach
ATS helps companies solve workforce management challenges with a proven implementation methodology. We provide our customers with the best possible technical support experts in our industry.

Comprehensive Enterprise Time and Attendance Software
ATS time and attendance has been designed to grow with your business needs. Our software application facilitates your unique business needs by calculating the most complex work and payroll rules. ATS provides a full enterprise software solution portfolio, that combines scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges while, empowering your organization for unparalleled success.

Integrated Solution
ATS TimeWork On-Demand combines all aspects of your workforce management including: Forecasting, Workforce Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Employee Self-Service and Business Intelligence. ATS time and attendance solution maintains proven integration with leading; enterprise resource planning, payroll and HR applications thus, enabling you to truly integrate your workforce with your business.

ATS TimeWork is Flexible
We recognize that one of the most important features of great software is how easy it is for people to use. That is why ATS developed a solution that is rapid to implement, adapts to various business requirements and dramatically shortens the learning curve for users.

A Solution For The Long Term
The implementation of an ATS time and attendance system is an excellent investment for the short and long term. ATS TimeWork software solution minimizes the cost and complexity of implementation, integration and support. ATS TimeWork On-Demand can be easily deployed anywhere, on any device and delivers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI). This all translates into an improved bottom line and ultimately, that’s what makes shareholders smile.

ATS TimeWork time and attendance is a comprehensive workforce management solution that is built for the way people work today and is ready to meet the ever-changing demands of a growing, global economy.

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