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On a recent visit to a large metal fabrication company with locations in British Columbia and mid western US, one of ATS software engineers was quite surprised to hear the words “if it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This was in response to a question she asked regarding the company’s rationale for using a myriad of systems to key and maintain employee data.

In the world of business automation, we often hear these words, from companies, who think that changing their old system will be painful. Initially, it will be painful to invest in a time and attendance for future growth, however, more often than not, the pain comes from having to change the way individuals are accustomed to doing things.

If your company is using paper-based time sheets or worse, some antiquated punch clock that should be in the Smithsonian, here are three valid reasons to toss the proverbial “if it ain’t broke” mantra out of the door forever.

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” What Is It Really Costing Your Company?

Antiquated system yields error-prone results
The 1980’s punch clock that’s sitting on the wall might have been cool back then but it’s not saving time or money today. Don’t believe it? Just imagine asking the millennials your company hired a few weeks ago to punch in and out with the old technology, and you are sure to get a few rolling of the eyes. And, if you have in excess of 100 employees, just imagine that payroll practitioner having to count the hours, overtime, vacation and other ineligible information on that time card and then, key all that information into some spreadsheet.  You get the picture?

Refusing to adapt to new technologies
Choosing to ignore new technology does not mean that it will go away. In fact, several companies have already moved to a newer data capture technologies. And, in a competitive business landscape, some companies are forced to evaluate and change in order to stay relevant. In all likelihood when your company bought its current time clock it was the latest technology of its time. However, in the last five to seven years –several studies have shown that automating your business will provide a rapid return on investment and streamline operational costs.

Accuracy of data
The problem with older technology lies in its ability to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute data. The problem with older systems is that they often require significant of investment of time and resources to access data-especially when the data is maintain in different systems. Want to see a CFO go bonkers? Tell them it will take you three days to get them the reports they need to complete month-end.

Admittedly, transitioning from an antiquated punch clock system to a new time and attendance solution requires; a corporate mind-shift, investment and above all, a concerted commitment. In the end, however, it will be well worth it for your organization. The desire to continue using and maintaining an old-fashioned system is a time-consuming process.

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Do you need a simple or complicated time and attendance solution?

The advancement in technology has made many things possible, from accessing e-mail through smart-phones, downloading hundreds of apps for just about everything, to navigating traffic with the use of a GPS. To stay ahead of their competition, many businesses have adopted the use of a time and attendance system. Why? Because, automating paper-time sheet, saves time, money and above all, allows payroll and HR managers to focus on other important tasks.

For today’s businesses dealing with a global economy means leveraging technology, by automating manual business practices. ATS time and attendance streamlines paper time-sheets, increase productivity and makes shareholders happy. After all, who wants to waste resources by pulling extensive reports from a variety of out-dated software packages and spread sheets? And if all your competitors have adopted technology to capture employee hours, you certainly don’t want to be the lone company still struggling with a paper-based punch clock.

One of the main reasons cited by customers, about their decision to implement a time and attendance system, includes, ATS time and attendance system’s ability eradicate paper and fewer complaints by employees about missing hours on their pay cheques.

In an era, where the benefits of leveraging the right technology can help a business grow, you do not want to be the lone company that’s left, all by itself, using antiquated tools of yesteryear.

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Don’t Wanna Be, All By Yourself