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At first glance some time and attendance business requirements appear to be difficult. In reality most are simple and in fact, the appearance of it being difficult might have to do with its interpretation by the vendor, the customer or both parties. We have waxed exponentially about the benefits of keeping your time management solution requirements simple and with good reason. Now, we are not suggesting that a company with 3000 employees with locations in Brampton, Quebec, Windsor, Edmonton and Toronto, comprising of three different collective agreements and multiple work policies and statutory holidays is simple. As a matter of fact, when ATS engages companies with multi-sites and different work rules, we typically suggest, at the outset, that we flush out all of the requirements. This method allows all stakeholders to discuss the requirements in detail and it also gives an insight into how ATS time and attendance can be deployed while reflecting these business rules.

ATS time and attendance helps companies improve productivity- from the simple to more complex business set of requirements, with a comprehensive time tracking solution that covers all aspects of your business.

Here are 3 ways the ATS keeps it simple, yet allows you to get the most out of your time and attendance solution:

Visibility that helps the decision making process
ATS time and attendance provides a clear view of your business operations, allowing business managers to focus on exceptions, accurately evaluate risks, and make faster decisions. Today’s companies want on-the-spot information and greater insight into their payroll costs and how best to streamline it. Disparate systems including, spreadsheets, old punch clock systems and outdated databases simply exacerbate the challenges that some companies face when trying to get the right information on time. ATS time and attendance solves these business challenges with real-time analytic reporting, user-friendly manager screens and automated workflows that drive effective business results.

Simplicity that’s designed to eliminate manual tasks and unnecessary paperwork
ATS time and attendance coverts complexity to simplicity, and paper-based time sheets- to a best-of-breed system, that tracks attendance and increase profits. ATS time and attendance delivers more insight, alleviates complexity, and high overhead costs.

Grow with your business and keep pace with market demands
ATS time and attendance provides a better way to manage all your pay and work-rule policies and includes workforce analytics, thus enabling you to improve productivity in ways only a 21st century workforce management solution can. And we do all this by meeting your business requirements and keeping simple.

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Why Keeping It Simple Works Best