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Two of Canada’s largest grocery stores have reintroduced lockdown/pandemic pay for its workers, a move, that is likely to be followed by other grocers.

A recent press release by David Brown Canadian Grocer, reads in part: “

“Longo’s—which operates only in Ontario where a stay-home order is in effect for four weeks—announced all permanent front-line staff working in Longo’s stores and distribution centres, and for Grocery Gateway, Central Kitchen and Market Café would be receiving a $2 increase. Assistant store managers, department managers, team leads and supervisors in operating roles will not receive the $2 wage increase, but will receive a special weekly bonus.

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Before and during COVID-19 ATS customers, including: food production, grocery, healthcare, manufacturing and retail — have used bonus payments, (commonly referred to as shift differential or premium pay) for both hourly and/or salaried employees.  ATSTimeWorkOnDemand shift differential allows a company to accurately apply them to things such as: shift starting and end times, time worked on certain hours or days, or shifts rendered in a particular role or location.

Our customers use ATSTimeWorkOnDemand for shift differentials/premium pay in the following scenarios:

  • Evening shifts
  • Overnight shifts
  • Weekend shifts
  • Bonus: pandemic or lockdown pay
  • Holiday shifts
  • Shifts outside an employee’s typical schedule
  • Ongoing coverage of an undesirable shift

By using ATSTimeWorkOnDemand, your organization will benefit from harmonized processes and increased role-based experiences across all devices resulting in:

Workforce Productivity and Manager Experience: streamlines payroll costs and is available anytime, anywhere, both online and on mobile devices. The application delivers an engaging experience that drives user adoption across the workforce, giving companies the ability to streamline time-entry and approval processes.

Analytics: delivers end-to-end insight into HR, payroll, and time-tracking processes. Get real-time reporting into actual labor costs and actionable insight with embedded analytics at the point of decision-making.

Real-Time Calculation: A robust, enterprise-grade calculation engine delivers real-time calculations and information on overtime, double time, vacation, shift differentials and more, prior to the payroll run.

Platform Extensibility and Data Integration: A modern technology infrastructure, seamlessly integrated with foundational applications employees use every day. Cloud-native, with open APIs, and extensible — mold to your business and easily adapt as it evolves. ATSTimeWorkOnDemand enables organizations to integrate time clock data with inbound/outbound integration to import clock-in/outs).

More Control: Managers can override rate during time entry and correct time off. For multiple jobs, approvals can be routed separately to each manager, eliminating approval delays.

To learn more, go to our website and download a demo. And, to reach an account executive by phone, call: 866.294.2467.

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A recent article about a time-card fraud investigation by UMass resulted, in some employees resigning, and others being placed on administrative leave. At ATS, our solution engineers are often asked to explain the benefits of a time and attendance solution to corporate managers, who, at times, do not fully understand how such a system, can increase productivity and eliminate time-card fraud.

An effective time and attendance takes the guess-work out of calculating employee hours, vacation, premium pay, statutory holidays and overtime. In fact, just about every study that has been conducted about the benefits of a time and attendance solution– all arrived at the same conclusion, and that is –companies using an automated time and attendance solution, on average, save 3-5% on payroll costs. For most senior executives, these are the kind of numbers that will make them take notice and, most likely, immediate action.

An Effective Time And Attendance System Will Stamp Out Time-Card Fraud

ATS Time and Attendance Solution will help your company to:

Get Rid of the Chaos
ATS Time and Attendance captures employee hours in real-time –into clear, and actionable information. In the world of paper-based time sheets, manually counting employee hours is simply a time-wasting exercise.

Gain Access to ATS Time and Attendance Anywhere, Anytime
ATS TimeWork OnDemand is easy to get up and running, easy-to-use, and is scalable with your business. There are no barriers, no fuss – just one complete, cost-effective cloud-based workforce management solution designed to deliver up-to-minute analytic results, streamline payroll costs and increase employee productivity.

Enjoy Painless Integration
You can go ahead and do your “happy dance” or do some back-flips, if you feel so inclined.  ATS TimeWork OnDemand is an open database designed to integrate with a range of other payroll, HR, ERP and other systems in a seamless fashion. That’s right, those countless hours spent keying data manually into spreadsheets and other software programs is now a thing of the past, once ATS TimeWork OnDemand is deployed.

ATS TimeWork OnDemand is trusted thousands of customers, in a wide range of industries and supports business processes in many locations and across many regions, including; Canada, United States, Europe and South America. ATS TimeWork OnDemand has a proven track record of driving competitiveness and streamlining business processes.

To learn more, call 866.297.2467 or download a demonstration from our website.

An Effective Time And Attendance System Will Stamp Out Time-Card Fraud


Tracking time and attendance is a fundamental part of a workforce management solution. Analyzing, tracking and managing time and attendance within an organization, is by and large, a critical component and many companies still struggle with. Today’s companies need the right tools to help them understand what time an employee came in and left on any given day. The process of collecting employee data and integrating it to payroll, HR or other third-party applications is at the heart of ATS time and attendance solution.

One of the most effective ways to save valuable time within any organization is to maximize employee productivity by automating common administrative tasks. For example; could your managers be more productive if they were using a time tracking solution that’s has embedded alerts for each time an employee was late or forgot to punch in? Of course they could.  ATS time and attendance solution eradicates time-consuming tasks and replaces them with real-time data analytics that gives operational managers greater visibility over attendance patterns including, overtime, missing punches, time-off requests and will help reduce the administrative burden, and optimize your compliance efforts.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On.ATS time and attendance is a flexible and robust solution designed, to adapt to your current requirements, scalable enough to align with your growth and accessible anywhere, anytime. ATS time and attendance enables customers to accurately pay their employees in compliance with Provincial, Federal and State labour rules, while also management more robust requirements, such as union rules, premium pay, shift differentials, and grace rules.

ATS TimeWork will minimize your involvement with mundane tasks by providing with you a best-of-breed solution that you can count on. You can then you now focus your resources on your core business with the goal of achieving business results.

Want to know how you can achieve business results? Join us for one of our live webinars or download a pre-recorded demonstration from our website.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On


Companies in industries of all sizes are under tremendous pressure to do more with less- from streamlining of resources to adopting business practices that provide optimum value for their customers and shareholders. Many of today’s business executives want real-time information that will help them understand the importance of data integration as it relates to workforce management. Our business software allows managers to validate work and pay, and provides a comprehensive financial view of business operations.

The ATS time and attendance solution provide customers with lower administrative and operating costs, it improves customer satisfaction, and enhances the focus on core business activities. Our integrated software suite combines deep industry expertise and a flawless implementation methodology.

Here are few ways Workforce Management Software will improve your company’s business operations:

Attendance Management: 
Our workforce management software calculates overtime, premium pay and host of other pay calculations based on a company’s specific requirements.  Employee time clocking options include; barcode, swipe and biometric time clocks. Real-time information is sent to payroll and HR systems, providing instant reporting capabilities.

 Human Resources Management:
ATS human resources module includes: employee self-self, vacation planning calendar and benefits administration. Our solution is both flexible and scalable and is offered as a cloud application or an on-premises employee time management solution.

Business Intelligence
ATS Business Intelligence provides companies with the information necessary to streamline payroll and improve data accuracy. With an intuitive dashboard your managers can create schedules and navigate the visual workflow to route work tasks for exceptions and instant approvals.

 An ATS software solution enables you to align with your workforce and business strategies. Learn more about ATS Workforce Management Software on our website.