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A recent article published by CBC Canada flashed over the web with this eye popping title “Unpaid overtime a growing legal liability.” Overtime has been a hot button issue for some organizations for many years now. In fact, many companies have outdated system from which to capture employee hours, track vacation and statutory holidays.

An excerpt from the article reads, in part, “Mobile technology has helped employers squeeze more productivity out of their employees, but all those hours of work while technically off the clock leaves them open to lawsuits over unpaid overtime, experts warn.

Overtime pay is governed by different standards acrossCanada. InOntario, for example, it must be paid for any work in excess of 44 hours per week. There are exceptions for managerial roles and those in professions like medicine, the law and accounting, but for the most part, employees are legally entitled to excess pay for excess work. 

So, the question remains, can employers track employee time through the mobile phones and avoid overtime issues? The answer is yes. ATS employee time management solution tracks employee hours, benefit accruals and statutory holidays on their mobile device. This eliminates overpayments due to improper time reporting. Beyond simply tracking time accurately, organizational knowledge of employee location provides real-time operational gains.

ATS time and attendance for mobile helps employees view their schedules, request days off and send messages to their supervisors all in real-time. By give employees the autonomy view their schedules, request time off and broadcast their availability to their managers and peers, they are more productive, more reliable and more efficient. The end result, managers can use the business intelligence tools to get updates on who is approaching overtime before it happens.

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ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Time and Attendance is a subscription based solution that offers a superior advantage to large and small businesses. Customers can access this cloud solution through the Internet via any web browser. With this solution you avoid costly servers, version upgrades and software licenses. ATS receives feedback from its customers who rave about the ease-of-use in accessing the solution anytime they want to.

If your company has been considering switching to an automated time and attendance system here are three reasons to choose ATS:

Reduction of Labour Cost
Over the years numerous studies have shown that companies spend thousand of dollars each year to capture employee time with a manual tracking system. ATS SaaS time and attendance is configured to adapt to your work policies. The end result is a system that automates; overtime, benefit accruals and statutory holidays in your jurisdiction.

Business Intelligence and Labour Analytics
ATS cloud time and attendance provides scheduling, time and wage calculation, time card editing and approval. The business intelligence tool empowers companies to quickly and easily obtain the information required for improved operations and reporting across an entire business.  The business intelligence eliminates manual report preparation, repetitive data extracts, and complex back-end data joins to provide you with up-to-date, accurate, and presentation-quality reports for informed decision-making.

Unlike on-premises solutions, ATS SaaS Time and Attendance takes a few weeks and not several years to install. A simple web browser is all user needs to start using the software. The software enables your company to implement a fully functional management system at new sites, regions  or production sites without investing in high-cost IT infrastructure.

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Managing, tracking and paying overtime is a challenge for some companies. That’s in part, because these companies do not have the right tools to help them with this issue. Overtime has presented itself as a “hot potato” when not applied accurately. Case in point, litigation in recent years has made many companies take note of the rules governing overtime payments.

Canada’s labour code on hours of work and pay states, in part:
“The standard hours of work are eight hours in a day and 40 hours in a week. The maximum number of hours of work for a week is 48 hours. Certain provisions permit flexibility in applying these standards. As well, special regulations cover certain classes of workers in specific industries such as city and highway transport drivers. However, the Code makes no distinction between full-time, part-time or casual workers.”The quote goes on to say:

“The maximum time a worker may work each week can be exceeded for exceptional circumstances such as emergency work or averaging of hours. However, hours of work provisions in the Code do not apply to those who have management functions, or to members of specific groups such as the engineering and medical professions.”

The above guideline by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is a good measuring stick that can be used by payroll professionals when determining overtime pay for employees. In addition to this guideline, organizations need to factor in collective bargaining agreements (if applicable), industry type and labour codes unique to the jurisdiction/s in which they operate.

For organizations with several locations in different provinces and/or states, attempting to calculate overtime through an antiquated system can present a herculean challenge. ATS time attendance, and labour management solutions help you increase the speed and accuracy of payroll preparation, improve wage compliance, and optimize a rapid return on your investment.

The ATS time and labour solution shows hours worked in real-time and helps determine when an employee is approaching overtime so you can ensure your company has the right amount of coverage, helping you reduce the costs associated with overstaffing.

3 ways to streamline labour costs and take control of overtime:

Reduce Labour Costs: Control overtime hours while improving efficiencies with employee time capture to reduce manual errors.

Eliminate Technology Costs: With an ATS (SaaS) software-as-a-service time and attendance solution, customers can access the software 24/7 365 days a year through any web browser. Hassles of upgrading software become a thing of the past.

Notifications: The ATS time and attendance solution triggers notifications (including e-mail notifications) in real- time to alert managers of issues requiring immediate attention.

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Companies in industries of all sizes are under tremendous pressure to do more with less- from streamlining of resources to adopting business practices that provide optimum value for their customers and shareholders. Many of today’s business executives want real-time information that will help them understand the importance of data integration as it relates to workforce management. Our business software allows managers to validate work and pay, and provides a comprehensive financial view of business operations.

The ATS time and attendance solution provide customers with lower administrative and operating costs, it improves customer satisfaction, and enhances the focus on core business activities. Our integrated software suite combines deep industry expertise and a flawless implementation methodology.

Here are few ways Workforce Management Software will improve your company’s business operations:

Attendance Management: 
Our workforce management software calculates overtime, premium pay and host of other pay calculations based on a company’s specific requirements.  Employee time clocking options include; barcode, swipe and biometric time clocks. Real-time information is sent to payroll and HR systems, providing instant reporting capabilities.

 Human Resources Management:
ATS human resources module includes: employee self-self, vacation planning calendar and benefits administration. Our solution is both flexible and scalable and is offered as a cloud application or an on-premises employee time management solution.

Business Intelligence
ATS Business Intelligence provides companies with the information necessary to streamline payroll and improve data accuracy. With an intuitive dashboard your managers can create schedules and navigate the visual workflow to route work tasks for exceptions and instant approvals.

 An ATS software solution enables you to align with your workforce and business strategies. Learn more about ATS Workforce Management Software on our website.

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! We often hear of companies being sued by employees for not paying overtime or for work rule policies that are outdated. Multi-jurisdictional and flexible workforce management software alleviates headaches for employers and pays employees accurately for time worked. A Time and Labour solution that captures statutory holidays, overtime rules, tracks vacation and offers employee scheduling should be embraced. Best of all, it helps companies streamline payroll costs from 1%-5%, and improve productivity.

ATS Workforce Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to meet your labour and reporting needs. ATS delivers an integrated web-based technology solution set that includes:  time and attendance data collection, absence management, employee self-service and reporting and analytics. Our solution helps organizations streamline workforce-related business processes, control labour costs, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

Solution Benefits

  • Highly Configurable and Adaptable – Collective bargaining agreements and work-rule policies can be incorporated with ease
  • Web-Based Technology – This hosted application can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any web browser including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera
  • Data Integration –  The application can integrate to any Payroll, ERP or HRIS software application
  • Employee Self Service –  Allow employees to the ability to: review hours worked, paid time off and request time off
  • Employee Scheduling – Schedule employees based on seniority, preferences, certifications and business volume

Still not sure if a Time and Attendance Software will cure your company’s overtime and labour woes? If your HR manager is spending time on any one of the following, chances are you need a Workforce Management Solution:

1)       Managing payroll and manual calculation of time cards

2)       Responding to employee questions about hours worked on a daily basis

3)       Keying employee hours into a payroll software

Managers should be spending their time on other important company goals such as improving customer service and growing sales.

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