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Today’s workforce is rapidly changing with the advent of web-based technologies. Employees are no longer interested in being tethered to a desk when most of the work can be done with tablets or smart phones. At the same time, companies want workers to be informed and remained connected.  Deploying ATS cloud-based workforce management solution makes it that much easier.

 Cloud-Based Solutions Are Changing The Business Landscape

The 1990’s and early 2000s approach to time and attendance, in large part, meant installing software on a company’s server and other workstations. These workers would then be tied to their desk to access the data and print reports. Now managers and employees alike want instant access to their related information via any workstation or mobile device with access to their Internet.

ATS approach to 21 century time and attendance means:

  • Employees can review their schedules, overtime, accrual benefits and request time off through a mobile device
  • Managers can get instant alerts to their e-mails when an employee request time-off
  • Companies can stay informed with up-to-the minute workforce analytics
  • Payroll and HR managers can navigate payroll and other HR related reports to understand attendance trends
  • Senior executives can access real-time business intelligence on-the-fly

ATS transforms the way you access your cloud-based time and attendance. The solution allows you to implement your business goals faster, increases user adoption and provides a rapid return on your investment.

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Cloud-Based Solutions Are Changing The Workforce



While there is no doubt that implementation and support tops the list for many companies who experience woes with their software, proper configuration should top that list as well.

Here are the top 5 items to pay attention to ahead of your implementation:

Documentation – Make a list your business challenges for your new workforce management system, including: overtime, benefit accruals, attendance management and these should all tie into your company’s corporate business objectives.

Easy does it- If a large portion of your employees are in production, start there first and keep it simple. A rapid return on investment (ROI) will come from your web-based time and attendance when the implementation is done in meaningful phases.

Review the implementation plan-Do not be discouraged if the pay categories and premiums are not working in accordance with your company’s policy. This is the perfect time to review and keep tweaking. Take the long view and remember the solution is designed to last for a many years.

Track and measure – If you are coming from a paper-based environment track the amount of time it takes to capture and calculate employee data against your previous manual process. Next measure the impact the solution has on the productivity of your business -you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits.

Prepare operational managers for adoption of the application– while “train the trainer” is a good way to cut costs, training should never be underestimated. In fact, training is as important as implementation and after sales support. The best way to make full use of training is to use it in small blocks. In that way, information will be retained, resulting in higher user adoption of the system.

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3 Ways To Improve Business Processes

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Manual calculation of employee time and outdated information can make it difficult to manage overtime and control labour costs. Designed for the 21st century ATS time and attendance solution delivers deep insight into all areas of an organization and helps improve productivity. ATS integrated workforce management suite provides deep business analytics tools with real-time view of labour resources across every department, enabling managers to make instant adjustments.

Here are three ways to improve your current business process:

Controlling Overtime
When left unchecked, overtime can become a drain on payroll costs. Automating data collection of employee time records is the best ways to take control of unnecessary overtime, and thus bringing down expenses. ATS business analytics allows for a complete view of the workforce that includes actual cost in dollars as well as hours. In addition our time and labour solution considers actual time worked and future schedules, alerting managers of preventable overtime situations and incidental overtime occurrences. 

Improving Productivity
ATS workforce management suite optimizes time and attendance management at every level of your enterprise. The solution lets employees view personal information such as; vacation balances, time-off requests and communicate with managers for efficient and productive self service. This helps your company’s HR and payroll department reduces errors and overpayments by validating employee time capture in real-time.

Reduce Costs
By automating the data collection with ATS time and attendance system companies automatically eliminate the costs of time sheets. This will result in savings for organizations both small and large. ATS time and attendance simplifies workforce management by configuring processes, and work rules in a single application.

ATS TimeWork is an industry-leading workforce management solution. Our integrated workforce solution include: time & attendance, benefit accruals, employee scheduling, overtime equalization, business intelligence, absence management and workforce analytics as core to the application.

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‘Tis The Season To Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

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If you are in the food manufacturing, retail or hospitality industry, chances are, it’s the busiest time of the year for your company. And with the busy holiday season many employees are asked to work extended shifts, extra weekends and overtime. This can be a win-win both employee and employer. However, trying to remember which employee exchanged shifts or how much overtime pay employees have accumulated is sufficient to drive any business executive bonkers.

Here are 5 ways ATS TimeWork On-Demand can help your company automate holiday pay:

Workforce Management Software-ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a leading time and attendance solution that helps companies reduce payroll costs, automate overtime and premium pay, minimize compliance risks and increase workforce productivity.

TimeWork Absence Management- ATS absence management allows you to manage time-off requests and absence policies through employee self-service automation.  Companies can improve the time tracking and reporting of time-off requests,  view balances, accrued overtime, employees schedules and accruals in real-time with seamless unification to ATS TimeWork On-Demand.

ATS Human Resources Management- helps you manage employee information including:  training & skills inventory, benefits information, performance administration, occupational health and safety. ATS HR management is designed to help you organize and maintain your workforce.

Workforce Analytics-ATS TimeWork analytics empowers companies to make more informed decisions on critical business issues. ATS forecasting and budgeting module contains predictive models to help companies understand business trends.

Data Integration- ATS TimeWork is a proven integrated platform, designed for building integrations to and from our time and attendance software solution. All integrations are deployed and managed in the ATS cloud based solution.

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 'Tis the Seaon to Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

ATS Time and Attendance Software business intelligence tool is an up to the minute data directory of information that gives you real-time visibility across your organization. This data driven directory uses 21st century business intelligence and it is fully integrated within ATS Time and Attendance. This application is a powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools that drives smarter decisions across single or multi-site locations.

ATS Time and Attendance business intelligence application provides companies with user-defined portals for real-time monitoring of their most relevant business indicators. The employee time management dashboard provides comprehensive capabilities to deliver actionable, representations of key employee and labour analytic reports and statistical data.

Companies can use data driven business intelligence tools to identify predictive patterns in employee attendance and track such things as overtime, personal time off (PTO) and benefit accruals. Having instant access to data through ATS cloud-based time and attendance helps companies view attendance anomalies and quickly react to changing business conditions

The employee time and attendance dashboard information can be accessed 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access. ATS user-friendly employee time and attendance dashboards were designed so companies could get the most up to date information that they use every day, helping them to make smarter decisions faster

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In the continuing series of ATS time and attendance software Q &A for customers and prospects alike, we turn to the editing of employee hours through our automated time management system. These areas encompass:

Editing Employee Time Cards
The employee time and attendance software edit dashboard is the central and most commonly used item within ATS time and attendance software for editing employee time punches and hours.

The ATS time and attendance application has several tables that can be viewed within the employee time card dashboard. The first is a default screen that shows all employee punches. This dashboard shows the entire employee punch history with worked and non-worked hours along with totals and related date information. The corresponding employee time card dashboard is the earnings/deductions area. This area displays such information as hours that are assigned to pay codes which are designated as earnings or deduction type monetary amounts for tracking of labour allocation.

Recalculation of Employee Time and Attendance Data
The recalculation of employee time and attendance data screen allows you to select a range of employee timecards (including dates) for which the hours should be recomputed. Ordinarily, the system will perform the computations whenever the punches (time in/out) are assigned to the employees electronic timecard. If changes are made to the pay policies (the rules that govern how the time should be computed) or if employees are reassigned to a different shift, the previously processed punch information will not be affected. Additional options available include:

Overtime Authorization
This option allows you to specify if overtime authorization should be retained. If the pay policy specifies that overtime was previously authorized on certain punches, that overtime authorization is retained.

Shift Level Changes
This option allows you to specify if the previously selected shift level should be retained when recalculating the hours. When this option is cleared, the shift level will be chosen to closely match the punches.

Shift Overrides
This option allows you to specify that if a shift override was selected on a punch, it should be kept. When this option is cleared, the shift used will reflect the one to which the employee is assigned.

Collect from Unclaimed Punches
The collect from unclaimed punches dashboard allows you to process punches that were associated with an employee badge or card number that has not been assigned to any employees. Unclaimed punches may be the result of forgetting to input the employee’s information into ATS time and attendance software ahead of the real-time data collection. They may occur also when a number is temporarily assigned to an employee (in the case that he/she has forgotten to bring it or has lost it). The punches that are associated with a card number that is assigned to an employee will be assigned to that employee. An alternative to this option is Assign From Unclaimed Punches.

Assign From Unclaimed Punches
The collect from Unclaimed Employee Punches dashboard allows supervisors to process punches that were associated with a badge or card number that has not been assigned to any employees. Although, the Collect from Unclaimed Punches will process only employee data that is associated with a card number, this screen allows you to select the employee to which the punches will be associated.

In our next series, we will focus on employee labour analytics, followed by payroll management and business intelligence. To learn more about ATS depth of experience in the time and attendance market-place, please contact a local representative in your area. You can also follow up on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

When used effectively business intelligence reporting tools can increase transparency and cut payroll costs for many organizations. For example, the ability to use the ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance foreasting and budgeting application leaves less room for error, and helps businesses predict an outcome based on solid metrics.

ATS  business intelligence can be particularly beneficial for financial managers because it enables a company to view their labour cost on a minute by minute or hourly basis. Most organizations use manual processes and spreadsheets to input data into HR, payroll, ERP and other third-party applications. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance lays out data in a way that helps business managers gain insights and make on-the-spot decisions. Today’s business executives understand that massive amounts of data are of no use if it not understood by the departments that it is intended for.

ATS business intelligence is an added value solution for CFO’s because of its ability to highlight overtime, benefit accruals, job costing, time-off requests and hours worked by employees. In addition, the advanced features of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software can detect fraudulent activity or irregularities more readily than the human eye.

Despite the many benefits, organizations have delayed implementing an employee time management solution because they believe it is expensive and requires a high level of skill to operate. Many of today’s companies know that in order to remain competitive, automating their business practices is paramount to their success. These same companies, remain focused on improving productivity and streamlining payroll costs, and understand the true value of a workforce management software business intelligence tool and its inherent benefits.

By using the business intelligence tool of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance, business executives will be able to observe and interpret trends, such as overtime costs and sales that represents drivers of profits and costs. Understanding how and why certain things are happening can help companies increase profits.

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As companies become overburden with finding the correct data to analyze their workforce they are shifting their focus to deploying tools that can help them achieve these objectives in a timely manner. Business executives therefore, need to ensure they get the best possible return on their investment when selecting a time and attendance solution that aligns with their goals.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance provides companies with an intuitive dashboard that allows them to view employee data that’s in keeping with their business requirements. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance labour analytics enables companies to capture complete and accurate snapshots of their employee labour activities through various workflow alerts.

TimeWork provides companies with a comprehensive view of their employee workforce activities with the strength to handle sophisticated pay rules and scheduling practices. When combined with the forecasting and budgeting tool, ATS TimeWork time and attendance labour analytics applies overtime based on configured workrules.

ATS TimeWork best-in-class Time and Attendance solution helps companies replace their manual and excel spreadsheet data into a real-time workforce management system. Having the right information at the right time helps organizations be proactive and improve productivity.  ATS workforce labour analytics helps achieve your goals of outlining financial objectives, decreasing labour costs, improving workforce efficiency and effectively managing talent. This is easily obtained by simply automating the processes allowing the system to do it for you.

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Today the words “austerity measures” have become ubiquitious with most economists and it appears the words are becoming part of their vernacular when trying to explain how theUSand other world economies have gotten themselves in financial trouble. Automatic spending cuts and tax increases (which is essentially the basis of the “austerity measures”) have become the norm for governments around the world. Some have blamed this approach on the “recession of 2008”. Whether you are for or against government spending cuts and taxes increases, one thing is clear, since 2008, the world has changed and so, has the way in which businesses compete for customers.

For many of today’s companies, reducing costs is paramount and they see value in adopting a time management solution that can help them to achieve that goal. On the other hand, a small minority of businesses continue to hang on to the old way of tracking employee time manually. Competitive businesses know that to compete in today’s global economy they must adopt a time and attendance solution that improves productivity and increase profits, while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Most companies strive to find a balance between risk reduction and accessibility of information. Implementing an ATS time and attendance solution can manage risk and replace outdated manual systems, making employee data transfer and access to information easier.

Many of ATS’s customers use our employee payroll time tracking software to solve the day to day challenges of departmental managers, HR and payroll personnel. For example, employees can access their schedules through the online portal to add vacation blocks, check their overtime hour status and update benefit accruals. With the use of our time and labour solution, business executives can take comfort in the knowledge that ATS time and attendance system can help their company find a rapid return on investment and increase profits.

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Companies that implement an on-demand time and labour solution will yield tangible cost reductions in both IT staff and hardware infrastructure. In addition to those benefits, a cloud based time and attendance allows access to view reports from anywhere from virtually any computer, playbook or smart phone that has access to the Internet. Because of such impressive benefits, interest in on-demand time and attendance is growing and installations are multiplying.

ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand is the most comprehensive workforce management solution for mid-sized and large organizations businesses looking to connect and access intelligent insight that drives global growth and profitability. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance delivers the best of both worlds—providing you the freedom to choose between our On-Premises and On-Demand Solution. These solutions help companies retrieve employee data from various areas of their business in real- time, bringing production and front office operations into alignment.

ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand help companies:

Business Analytics
Transform disparate data into meaningful and powerful data analysis and reporting of ATS Time & Attendance. The integrated business intelligence tool allows you to access critical data to identify issues early in order to make an accurate analysis and take timely action to improve performance.

Human Resources, CRM, Talent Management and Payroll:
ATS industry-leading, comprehensive time management solution helps companies simplify payroll administration, automate tasks, and ensure your HR and other related data is accurate and complete.

Data Collection and Job Costing:
ATS Time and Attendance solution provides an alternative to manual time and attendance systems. The Solution streamlines attendance processes, cuts down on payroll time and costs and eliminates costly errors. The job costing module allows companies to track projects by quantity, by the hour, or cost, and compare planned jobs and budgets with actual jobs and budgets.

Numerous organizations struggle with streamlining costs and are unsure of how to track the productivity of employees. ATS Time and Attendance solution automates the calculation and reporting of hours worked and paid time off based on your company’s pay policies. This makes it easier for you to manage labour costs, control overtime, and empowers your workforce with self-service access to hours, schedules and vacation balances. 

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