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Implementing a time and attendance solution can at times be fraught with hesitation for some companies because of the unknown and investment costs. Sometimes, the hesitation is borne out of not understanding the benefits of the solution and as such, the deployment is deferred until a later date. The digital revolution has permeated every country and industry and thus, implementation of a time and attendance system no longer requires dedicated servers, IT experts and other infrastructure costs to realize its return on investment. In fact, companies are deploying cloud-based solutions in record numbers, because, they have come to realize that the absence of a system to manage employee attendance their growth aspirations and increase in profits are being held back. Why? Because while they have resisted deploying a time and attendance solution, their competitors, studied its advantages, when ahead and deployed it and are now reaping the very benefits.

Listed below are three steps businesses should ponder prior to the deployment of a time and attendance system:

Stakeholders get excited, and with good reason, about the prospect of a system that’s going to streamline business operations, stop buddy punching and help them achieve operational excellence. Who wouldn’t be excited about this? However, its important to focus on the robustness of the solution and how it will blend in with your company’s objective to reduce the amount of time your HR Specialist spends each week processing payroll.

Implementation of a time and attendance system should not take on a made dash to the finish line. View your implementation a marathon and not a sprint. Once you have determined your work-rules and pay policies which will be incorporated into the system go through a couple of trial runs. It’s better to implement your time and attendance right the first time. That being said, companies should have a realistic and flexible plan during implementation. Sure expectations can be set in advance but it’s also realistic to expect some slight hiccups in any software deployment. And, when these happen, if you are getting appropriate response from your vendor, that’s when you will know you have selected the right vendor.

Create a Business Strategy
Now that you have invested time and resources in deploying your time and attendance system, you should explore the solution and its other features. Make use of; employee-self-service for time-off requests, opt for job costing if your company bills by projects or utilize the benefits of business intelligence to give you up-to-the-minute updates, that’s valuable to your business operations. Last but not least, make full use of your time and attendance system and its many benefits including, access anywhere, anytime. Use its agility and integrate into your other systems and create a business process flow chart that provides data and information on demand.

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3 Simple Steps That Can Help Businesses Automate Effectively


Most payroll and HR managers instinctively know that a time and attendance system is critical for eradicating manual tasks and will decrease the amount of time they spend each calculating employee hours. While it’s no surprise that some of the prospective customers we interact with are still using time sheets, what we find most surprising is even after these companies understand the benefits of automation we still see a lack of urgency to improve those systems?

Cloud-based time and attendance is no longer viewed as a “flash in the pan” and are now being deployed daily, in the market-place, with a high degree of success. Companies who previously did not see the need to automate, and are now using a time and attendance system with a great deal of success, have not only embraced its numerous benefits but are now spreading the word to their business counterparts in droves.

Here are 5 ways that adopting a time and attendance will help improve your business:

Employee Scheduling
ATS Workforce Scheduling helps companies connect qualified employees to the jobs that are aligned with their skill-set. The integrated scheduling module shows managers all relevant information while scheduling employees. Schedules can be changed on-the-fly to match the employee skills needed to each schedule, job or project. It’s an intuitive tool that will improve productivity and track employee availability.

Reduced Payroll Costs
ATS time and attendance integrates to all third-party applications including; Payroll, ERP, Accounting & Financial, Warehouse Management, Job Costing and Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. One of the key advantages of a time and labour solution is that it can help managers to identify attendance patterns and can significantly reduce the costs involved in administrative errors and providing the real-time labor analytics you need to control payroll costs.

Accurate Collection of Data
ATS time tracking solution automates the time collection process and applies your company’s payroll policies including, premium pay, rounding and overtime. ATS TimeWork provides real-time alerts to instantly calculates hourly totals and with an embedded export facility for payroll processing.

Effective Workforce Analytics
ATS time and attendance software provides plethora of data analytics including, human resources reports, attendance reports timecard reports and payroll reports. This helps decision makers – to monitor key metrics and make informed decisions.

Employee Self-Service
With ATS employee self-service, you can initiate the workflow notification. Supervisors can easily stay on top of time off requests, reporting, attendance notifications, timecard approvals, and exceptions that require timely action.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of automating, wouldn’t it be nice to simply get rid of those spreadsheets? ATS TimeWork automates and facilitates the management of employee time, and since payroll is the single largest controllable expense of any company, it begs the question, why delay the implementation of a solution that can actually save your company money?

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 The Cost Of Doing Nothing Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Business

A modern cloud-based time and attendance solution enhances, simplifies, streamlines, and automates business processes­ across an organizational chain.  These modern day systems, enables senior executives and operational managers to collaborate, analyze, and access data in real-time.

ATS TimeWork is a perfect example of a robust, broad-based suite of integrated workforce management applications that give companies the simplicity, analytics and on-the-spot tools they need to run their business.

ATS TimeWork is smarter, faster and instantly extrapolates data from a variety of employee time clocks with no data duplication.  Companies can forecast, schedule, plan and expand in real-time.  ATS TimeWork enables organizations to gain deeper insight into employee attendance, benefit accruals and workforce analytics all the while helping organizations to reach their desired business goals.

Benefits of a modern-day cloud-based time and attendance include:

Employee Self-Services- ATS Self-Service for Employees gives employees online access to personal information and HR processes, including benefits enrollment. Employees punch in and out, view their time cards, monitor benefit (paid time off) balances, and request time off online with Employee Self Service.

Business Intelligence- Business Intelligence gets the right information, to the right individual at the right time, so business managers and executives throughout your organization can make use of business opportunities as they arise.

Absence Management- The ATS Absence Management Incident gives you control over your organization’s time-off processes, enabling you to track paid and unpaid time for your entire workforce.

Overtime Equalization- Overtime Equalization offers sophisticated business intelligence to provide a window into the areas of workforce performance that matter most to your organization. The solution highlights overtime offered refused, accepted and actual hours worked.

Forecaster- The ATS budget module helps companies track the history of business volume and produce accurate forecasts of future business cycles while simultaneously providing detailed calculations of workforce management requirements. Departments can track data by defining forecast drivers to achieve a set of requirements specifically to that department.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand delivers all of the modern-day features businesses need in a cloud platform, including industry- leading high performance and scalability, unparalleled reliability, and an intense focus on implementation and customer service.  So if your company has a high IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, which in turn, is affecting your company’s ability to grow then ATS Timework On-Demand is worth exploring.

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Modernize Your Business Operations with ATS Cloud


Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With ATS Time & Attendance

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With customers in every industry, ATS market-leading workforce management (WFM) software is a proven solution – built to support North America’s small, mid and largest organizations. Customers utilizing ATS time and attendance solution have access to on-demand data and workforce analytical tools-that helps streamline business processes within their organization.

Leverage ATS Workforce Management Solutions through:

Employee Time and Attendance
Provide your workforce with multiple ways to record and access the data, applications, and analytical tools they need to perform their work as efficiently as possible.

  • Eradicate paper timesheets and increase productivity with ATS automated time management solution for both HR and Payroll Practitioners
  • Enable employees to request time-off and see their schedules and accumulated over-time for any given period
  • Bring your distributed workforce together in an employee interaction center
  • Provide managers with a self-service portal to track vacation and other time-off requests
  • Streamline time clock data gathering management to boost resource effectiveness and control labor costs

Payroll and Human Resources Enablers
ATS solutions support business growth with a robust and single system for single and multi-site locations.

  • Gain instant access to attendance trends with analytic reporting tools
  • Automate and manage employee accrual benefits
  • Consolidate manual based process into one automated single platform
  • Manage payroll processes and compliance in every major country

 Analytics and Workforce Planning
Gain up-to-the-minute insight into your workforce with ATS TimeWork On-Demand or our On-Premises application. Plan and forecast better with predictive analytics and improve key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Harness Finance, Payroll and HR  reporting analytics for informed forecasting workforce planning
  • Improve decision making with deeper insight into attendance management
  • Monitor and quantify how human resources strategy aligns with your company’s  time and attendance business goals

You can run your business on a foundational workforce management solution that large enterprises and midsize companies trust to manage their business. You can streamline benefits management and simplify the data integration processes. ATS time and attendance solution supports the most complex payroll calculations and HR tasks — from premiums to overtime, job costing and employee scheduling.

With ATS time and attendance businesses can achieve real-time insight and enable operational excellence and innovation for the business processes you need – today, tomorrow and into the foreseeable future.

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Sharpen Your Competitive End With ATS Time and Attendance

Anatomy of an Ideal Workforce Management Solution: Just Keep It Simple

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The key to an employee attendance solution should be one borne out of simplicity and flexibility. At the heart of the product should be its ability to track attendance. To some companies, all that matters are the “bells and whistles”. However, being able to activate different modules within your system and its ability to manage your company core requirements should be top of mind.ATS Time & Attendance helps mid and large organizations automate attendance by replacing manual time sheets.

Solution Benefits to an ATS Time and Attendance includes:

ATS time and attendance is offered as both cloud-based an on-premises powered by a robust platform with a plethora of modules designed to grow with your business. ATS time and attendance is rapid to implement, adaptable to your business’ needs and simple to use. ATS time and attendance On-Premises application uses industry best practices and business intelligence process flows designed to help accelerate the deployment of the solution. ATS deployment strategies help to dramatically shorten the learning curve for both administrative and operational users.

Simplicity at its core
ATS employs a consistent implementation methodology complete, with project roadmaps all designed to stay on time and on budget.  Replacing paper timesheets with an ATS solution allows you to leverage your time and attendance data to enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Solution designed for the needs of different industries

ATS time and attendance integrates to third-party applications and, at the same time streamlines business processes to include; job costing, scheduling, overtime, holiday calculations and time-off requests—within one single software system.

ATS delivers workforce management software process efficiency across a variety of verticals, complemented by the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our next-generation time and attendance software will help you optimize business performance across your entire enterprise.

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Anatomy of an Ideal Workforce Management Solution, Just Keep It Simple

Yes, there is and several companies who have moved away from paper timesheets are now enjoying the benefits of an automated time and attendance system. Their HR and payroll practitioners have access to a best-in-class solution that can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet or workstation-anytime, anywhere.

These forward looking companies have deployed the self-service module and now, their employees, can submit leave requests online. The Employee Scheduling and Vacation Planning Modules allow managers to view at a glance, employee preferences, availability and vacation requests.  Employee manual time sheets are now online and administrators can view attendance and absences in real-time. The tracking of jobs and departmental transfers can be analyzed through a variety of business analytic tools.

If your company still love using paper time sheets consider the following; studies conducted by Aberdeen Group and The Canadian Payroll Association have concluded that companies, using an automated time and attendance solution, has historically decreased the time it takes to prepare payroll by about 80% and has saved companies 3-5% on their net payroll costs.

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 Mirror, Mirror, Is There An Easier Way To Process Employee Time?

Do You know How To Reduce Your Company’s Overtime Risks?

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A recent report citing some of the biggest culprits of either avoiding paying overtime or simply not paying it at all to employees have created a heated debate between those for or against the proposed legislation. Overtime has always been a hot button issue for some companies in part, because they either use archaic methods or simply do have the proper tools to track this work rule policy. In Canada, there are a few class action lawsuits that have made national headlines.

Automating and tracking of overtime is perhaps one of the easiest things to do with a time and attendance solution. By automating your data gathering, you reduce the amount of time that is being spent by HR or payroll personnel and also reduce your compliance risk.

Benefits to Automating Your Company’s Overtime Rules:

Efficient Task Completion- Whether your company has with 50 or 10,000 employees, ATS TimeWork On-Demand streamlines employee time capture. ATS TimeWork On-Demand delivers an immediate return on investment while building rich data for the forecast engine. The solution matches your company’s work-rule policies and tracks attendance and total hours worked. Workforce analytics helps managers see data in real-time. You can establish routine jobs and tasks that fall outside of the normal schedule such as call-ins, plant shut-downs and seasonal changes.

Analytic Reporting at Your Fingertips– Get up-to-the-minute results and assess attendance trends From key performance indicators (KPI’s), to defined thresholds and compliance tracking to daily, weekly and business forecasting trends, you will have the critical information as soon as it’s available. Then drill down based on exceptions to better manage the plan and make informed decisions.

Real Results, In Real-Time- ATS customers have seen measurable results in as early as three months. Thousands of companies rely on ATS TimeWork On-Demand to track employee time, reduced overtime and increase productivity. By deploying ATS TimeWork On-Demand, companies can utilize other benefits of the system that helps managers to; match schedules to budgets, track lateness and absent employees for legal and disciplinary reasons and following which departments eat up the most overtime.

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Do You know How To Reduce Your Company’s Overtime Risks?


How Does Your Company Determine The True Cost Of Doing Business?

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In today’s economic climate, businesses need effective tools to help determine their true costs against productivity, hours spent on these jobs and their actual profits. Asking employees to manually record time spent on each task, during the course of a shift, will lead to errors and, inevitably lost profits.

ATS Job Costing creates up-to-date view of all projects by streamlining the collection of hours worked on each tasks by employees- and creates accurate and timely business analytics for your finance department.  

With up to six user definable grouping levels, the system automatically records and calculates employee attendance for payroll processing and tracks all job costs to the minute. It tracks job performance for review and compensation planning, provides visibility to actual costs for accurate quoting and job estimation, and tracks detail for lead-time improvement.

Job Tracking terminals support numerous input devices such as CCD barcode and laser scanners for rapid, accurate, on-floor data collection. The job costing report generator allows sorting on all grouping levels, producing thousands of possible report combinations.

Solution Benefits:

  • Employee grouping levels, with up to 15 alphanumeric characters each. Dynamic structure (number of characters for field IDs can be adjusted at any time).
  • Application of different calculations to a single transaction can generate unique cost allocations for financial, or payroll outputs.
  • Job transfers can be tracked at up to six levels. Module can be set to one of two configurations, allowing single jobs or multiple simultaneous jobs at any period.
  • Barcode or CCD scanner can be used for level transfer input. Function keys can be programmed to accept up to 6 different level transfer combinations.
  • Accumulation of hours, monetary amounts, and rates facilitates the distribution of direct and indirect labour of charges across multiple data codes. (e.g. the distribution of overtime across all employee departments and job functions.

ATS Job Costing uses a true service-oriented architecture costing tool that enables real-time connectivity, and intuitive business intelligence.

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When Should You Consider Workforce Management Software?

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Technology is moving at an unprecedented speed. Your company is diverse, and may be spread over multiple locations with different pay policies. This presents a challenge in controlling labour costs, maintaining high customer service levels, and complying with provincial, federal and/or, state regulations.

ATS Workforce Management Software automates employee time and attendance and record keeping and significantly reduces the costs of error-prone, paper-based time sheets. Our integrated time keeping software provides managers with an easy-to-use product that eliminates the frustration and drudgery of manual processes and completes the “time clock to paycheque” solution.

Our Workforce Management Software will help you with:

Workforce Accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate labour analysis.

Employee Attendance Management—maintains detailed attendance and absence histories for employees or patterns to notify supervisors when necessary.

Overtime Equalization—Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.

ERP, HR and payroll interfaces—Integrate time and attendance data with human resources and payroll systems to produce accurate payrolls and keep records up to date.

Training and Support—Users gain knowledge with our in-depth onsite or online training classes.

Employee Self-Service —Employees gain access to their personal information so they can request job changes, request vacation and personal time off.

Data collectionCollect time, labour and job tracking metrics quickly and easily to enforce time and attendance, employee scheduling and job assignments.

If you are still using paper time sheets or worse, the “honour system”, find out how our Workforce Management Software can save your company time and money. ATS Time and Attendance solution helps companies simplify employee time collection with our automated time clocks. 

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 When should you consider workforce management software

Increase customer service with an agile software solution

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In the highly competitive retail industry, business executives must attract the best people, efficiently hire them, rapidly train them and retain them. Superior service can often be the distinguishing factor in achieving market growth and increasing revenue.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance solutions help retailers automate; scheduling, attendance management, forecasting, accrual benefits, and workforce analytics to accelerate revenue and customer service. Mobile solutions that includes the ability to access their schedules from anywhere, at anytime will empower your employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs, increase customer interaction, and communicate from the floor or from remote locations. 

Solution Benefits:

Build optimal schedules- based on demand, government regulations, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and employee preferences
Employee data collection—Collect employee hours in real-time to ensure adherence to schedules and job assignments.
Adhered to labour laws-improve productivity, streamline payroll costs, and minimize compliance risk
Tracking of overtime- Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.
Integration of data-integrate employee time and attendance data with enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources information systems (HRIS), and payroll systems.

ATS workforce management software for retail improves scheduling for small and large scale organizations. ATS TimeWork provides an effective solution that’s based on an accurate labour forecast and automates your entire workforce’s employee time and attendance processes.

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 At the pay desk