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A recent article about a time-card fraud investigation by UMass resulted, in some employees resigning, and others being placed on administrative leave. At ATS, our solution engineers are often asked to explain the benefits of a time and attendance solution to corporate managers, who, at times, do not fully understand how such a system, can increase productivity and eliminate time-card fraud.

An effective time and attendance takes the guess-work out of calculating employee hours, vacation, premium pay, statutory holidays and overtime. In fact, just about every study that has been conducted about the benefits of a time and attendance solution– all arrived at the same conclusion, and that is –companies using an automated time and attendance solution, on average, save 3-5% on payroll costs. For most senior executives, these are the kind of numbers that will make them take notice and, most likely, immediate action.

An Effective Time And Attendance System Will Stamp Out Time-Card Fraud

ATS Time and Attendance Solution will help your company to:

Get Rid of the Chaos
ATS Time and Attendance captures employee hours in real-time –into clear, and actionable information. In the world of paper-based time sheets, manually counting employee hours is simply a time-wasting exercise.

Gain Access to ATS Time and Attendance Anywhere, Anytime
ATS TimeWork OnDemand is easy to get up and running, easy-to-use, and is scalable with your business. There are no barriers, no fuss – just one complete, cost-effective cloud-based workforce management solution designed to deliver up-to-minute analytic results, streamline payroll costs and increase employee productivity.

Enjoy Painless Integration
You can go ahead and do your “happy dance” or do some back-flips, if you feel so inclined.  ATS TimeWork OnDemand is an open database designed to integrate with a range of other payroll, HR, ERP and other systems in a seamless fashion. That’s right, those countless hours spent keying data manually into spreadsheets and other software programs is now a thing of the past, once ATS TimeWork OnDemand is deployed.

ATS TimeWork OnDemand is trusted thousands of customers, in a wide range of industries and supports business processes in many locations and across many regions, including; Canada, United States, Europe and South America. ATS TimeWork OnDemand has a proven track record of driving competitiveness and streamlining business processes.

To learn more, call 866.297.2467 or download a demonstration from our website.

An Effective Time And Attendance System Will Stamp Out Time-Card Fraud


Infractions: Poor Record-Keeping, Unpaid Overtime and Holiday Pay

January 26th, 2016 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Biometric Time Clocks | Collective Bargaining | Labour Analytics | Labour Costs | Leave Management | Overtime - (Comments Off on Infractions: Poor Record-Keeping, Unpaid Overtime and Holiday Pay)

A recent article in the Toronto Star newspaper, based, on a blitz by the Ontario Ministry of Labour into workplace violations by some companies, revealed, that a staggering number of these violations had to do with poor record-keeping, unpaid overtime and holiday pay. The issue of unpaid overtime is one that has lingered over some companies for the past several years. ATS cloud-based time and attendance was designed with built-in Canadian work-rules, can be deployed in only a matter of weeks and will help your company eradicate manual paper-based time tracking. And the best part, overtime is tracked and paid in accordance with jurisdictional pay policies.

If your company is considering deploying a time and attendance solution but remain ambivalent about its advantages, below, is a list of the three top benefits of an ATS time and attendance solution:

Infractions: Poor Record Keeping, Unpaid Overtime and Holiday Pay

Reducing costly calculation errors is just one reason to consider automating time and attendance management. Recent surveys from Aberdeen, Canadian Payroll (CPA) and American Payroll Association (APA), report that human error in manual time-card calculations is likely to cost a business between one and one-half to eight percent of its gross annual payroll. The manual calculation of employee time sheets takes an average of five minutes of administrative time per time sheet, equating to a loss of more than eight hours of productive time per pay period for an organization with 100 employees. These are alarming statistics, and frankly, not many companies would want to use valuable resources to track employee time manually, when this time could be spent with their customers, generating revenue.

Reduce Compliance Risk
ATS Time and Attendance has a set of built-in Canadian work rules to ensure pay compliance through automated wage and hour rules. ATS time and attendance will improve transaction times and information access through an intuitive user experience, thus, increasing profit margins while enhancing employee productivity. In other words, the tracking and paying of the appropriate; overtime, vacation, and other time-off request can be managed by our cloud-based time and attendance with ease.

An ATS time and attendance solution provides both direct and indirect investment returns. Automating your time and attendance process results in ongoing cost savings, such as a reduction in human-generated payroll errors, elimination of time theft from “buddy punching” through the use of biometric time clocks and overtime costs, as saved wages from enhanced productivity.

For example, when tracking time manually through spreadsheets or outdated methods, it’s not unusual to have employees claiming missed overtime and hours worked on their pay. Attempting to rectify this issue by counting hours collected on paper time-sheets can lead to additional errors. Perhaps the answer to this prevailing issue; is to automate the collection of employee hours, thereby gaining valuable data analytics, to help your organization, make effective business decisions that impacts, payroll cost and the bottom- line.

Infractions: Poor Record Keeping, Unpaid Overtime and Holiday Pay

Through the use of an ATS robust time and attendance solution, organizations are able to fully automate pay rules, work rules and benefit accrual rules as well as leave management, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and exception-time (such as overtime) reporting. By having up-to-the-minute access to this information, organizations will gain complete and accurate visibility into their operations, thus, enabling them to meet production, forecasting and scheduling demands and stay compliant with the many federal and provincial, municipal and state laws, as well as company policies.

To learn how ATS time and attendance solution can help your organization keep accurate records of employee hours, pay overtime hours based on company’s pay policies and assign the requisite statutory holiday, you can download the white paper titled “Benefits of an ATS Automated Time and Attendance Solution”. And to view a demonstration, go to our website. To reach one of our account executives, call: (866) 294-2467.


The 12 Days of Christmas: The Perfect Gift For Every CFO, HR And Payroll Manager

December 21st, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on The 12 Days of Christmas: The Perfect Gift For Every CFO, HR And Payroll Manager)

The state of the economy has, at times, served as an indicator that businesses fed with their current time tracking solution, will either upgrade or implement a new time and attendance solution. And, while this year have been no exception, waiting on the economy to improve- while still using manual time sheets is probably costing you more in both time and resources to maintain the system that’s not going to help you improve operational profits.

With the Christmas holidays upon us, new projects for 2016 are likely being discussed including which ones should take precedence. And, in those discussions, it’s also likely several departmental managers are hoping to make sure their capital projects tops the list and gets approval for 2016. If you are a CFO, HR or payroll manager use the 12 gift ideas below to your benefit and you are sure to get your time and attendance project approved.

1. Select the right time and attendance and vendor
Glossy demonstrations are just that. Glossy! Evaluating vendors is somewhat of an art form. Navigating through several options can take a toll and the plethora of options can make it confusing. Take your time and resist the urge to buy the cheapest option. Price should always be a factor but, if you are looking for a time and attendance to last 10 year or beyond, that cheap stuff you saw on the Internet a week ago with a “Do It Your Self Brochure” won’t cut it.

2. Assign the right person to the ATS time and attendance implementation
This should probably head the list and it’s as important as selecting the right solution. If you are using a project manager within your organization, make sure that person is not bogged down by other projects otherwise; your time and attendance implementation will take a back seat. A middle manager who has an understanding of the company’s strategic goals is a solid fit for users. They must however, be empowered to facilitate C-level buy-in and support because they will be responsible for choosing how the application is used and how to construct business process flows.

3. A realistic implementation plan
There are no magic bullets with a time and attendance deployment, regardless of their size or scope hence, the need for a realistic plan. Moreover, it’s only natural to experience a series of ebbs and flows during an implementation. Some of the best project plans do not address key critical success factors, such as time for data integration, organizational change management, business processes and workflow design and user acceptance. In order for your implementation to get off on the right foot, you should consider bench-marking your plan against best-in-class and time and attendance solution. Put another way, talk to references and ask them about the challenges they went through during the implementation. The notion that every implementation went smoothly and without a hitch, is a fallacy.

4. Get buy-in
You would not buy a house for you and your fiancée to live in without letting them know so, why would you purchase a time and attendance and not get buy-in from other departments who will have to use the solution and will be impacted by it? The chances of success increases exponentially, when you get your colleagues and other employees understand the benefits of such a system.

5. Keep it simple
If you are having a time and attendance installed for the first time, stick to the basics; tracking employee punches, overtime, paying statutory holidays, and shift premiums. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by adding every conceivable feature and attempting to use it all at once and end up being frustrated. In order to avoid this, take a more gradual approach by seeing if certain new functionalities create too much of a burden. Sometimes it’s better to go-live with the basics and to schedule add-ons later, when you are ready for them.

6. Start over if you have to
If you find that you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere it’s probably best to start over. Take a closer look at your plan; is it realistic? Do you have the right project manager and/or is he/she consumed with other projects within your company while also trying to manage the implementation? There is nothing wrong in taking a step back and between you and your vendor redoing the plan and adding realistic milestones to complete the project.

7. ROI and business benefits
The senior team within your organization is not going to be happy with your implementation unless it delivering tangible business benefits that they can see. Merely implementing the time and attendance solution is not going to deliver business benefits unless; your senior management team can see it. However you can use the ATS “realization framework” that translates some of the expected business benefits into measurable metrics that can be used throughout the organization. Your executive team will be doing back flips over this.

8. Corporate culture
Be mindful of your company’s corporate culture ahead of deploying the solution. Some people will be completely resistant to change. If they are using an automated time and attendance solution for the first time, they will have their own set of ideas that may be solely based on their old system’s functionality, yes even if it’s paper time sheets. People, who are reluctant to move away from their antiquated systems, will focus on the software and not the business functions driving the company. Therefore, it’s important to seek the advice of your vendor to help them understand which processes are necessary and when to revamp it entirely.

9. Make sure you understand why you are implementing a time and attendance solution
This is arguably one of the most important ones. By clearly understanding your business objectives and what you’re trying to accomplish with an ATS time and attendance system, you will be able to make a more appropriate decision on which route to take.

10. Bring in additional resources if you have to
Some companies are notorious for implementing (or trying to implement) with inadequate internal and external resources. No matter how talented your internal team is, chances are that they are not experienced enough to implement without outside the deep expertise of an ATS implement consulting team that can bring expertise and business methodologies to help your team implement faster and more inexpensively than they would otherwise.

11. Bypassing the milestones and rushing to the finish line
One of the major problems with time and attendance projects is that they are treated like sprints to a go-live finish line, when they should instead be treated like a marathon of continuous improvements and adjustments to account for business and technology changes over time. ATS organizational readiness assessments help customers see the areas of resistance and organizational risk that need to be addressed as part of an effective organizational change management plan.

12. A successful time and attendance implementation
A new time and attendance solution is a unique opportunity to improve your data model and improve inefficient business processes. Unfortunately, some executives go into time and attendance implementations with the low expectation of simply not failing. The good news is that ATS have proven with several customers that time and attendance implementations can be a resounding success, and using our proven methodology – they offer relatively smooth go-lives, more efficient business processes that deliver tangible business results.

ATS is happy to help you provide any one or more of these gifts for your senior management team. To learn more about ATS go to our website as you plan for your time and attendance project for the New Year.

From all of us at ATS, we say Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to you and your team.

The 12 Days of Christmas: The Perfect Gift For Every CFO, HR And Payroll Manager

How’s That Spreadsheet Working Out For You?

November 25th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Labour Costs | Leave Management | Overtime | Payroll | Time and Attendance - (Comments Off on How’s That Spreadsheet Working Out For You?)

Over the last several years, the issue of overtime has become, somewhat of an albatross for some companies but, in reality it does not have to be. When you consider how easy it is to automate employee attendance. And, with the advancement of cloud computing it has now become inexpensive and faster to deploy a time and attendance solution that will accurately track overtime hours. So, why do some companies consistently rely on paper time sheets when they can save costs by using an attendance system?

A recent article written by Eric B. Meyer for Eremedia says that although, the new overtime rules by the department of labor may not be enacted until the end of 2016, there are some steps that companies can take ahead of this law. They include:

 “Ensure that non-exempt employees receive minimum wage and overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a work week.
 Double check employee classifications to confirm that exempt employees truly are exempt (and vice-versa).
 Do you have independent contractors? Or are they employees whom you’ve simply labeled independent contractors? Now, may be a good time to vet that.”

Tracking employee overtime through the use of spreadsheets is a time-consuming process, but don’t fret, there is a better way. ATS TimeWork OnDemand is a cloud driven time and attendance application that delivers, on-the-spot predictive analytics, of employee attendance at your fingertips. And with ATS TimeWork OnDemand, you get:

Benefit Accruals-Choose to accrue employee hours daily, weekly, or bi-weekly—or even monthly—and based on time passed or employee’s time logged.

Alerts-You can get automatic alerts sent to your mobile device so you know when an employee punch in or out and warnings about employees that are approaching overtime so you can take necessary action.

Leave Management-Your employees can now request any time-off from their mobile device or any workstation with Internet connection.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many things that ATS time and attendance can do. If you are interested in learning more, register for an interactive webinar, Controlling Overtime Pay through Automation’ on Friday, November 27th at 1:00pm eastern.

To download brochures, go to our website or call (866) 294-2467.

How’s That Spreadsheet Working Out For You?

The recent New York Times Article created a topic of conversation for “water coolers” across North America and elsewhere and was a hotly debated on major networks and online forums. An article titled “The Power Of Compassion To Drive Your Bottom Line” written by Rob Ashghar for espouses the virtues of how several organizations treated their external customers. it goes without saying, that a company that does not have compassion in its corporate DNA towards its internal customers/employees cannot expect its workforce to be a happy one.

Three of the most of the most poignant paragraphs in the article reads, in part;

“Dignity isn’t the only example of an enterprise that has benefited from a human touch. UCLA’s health system has long had a sterling reputation for cutting-edge research and technical knowledge. But it had a middling reputation for the human touch. Hospital CEO David Feinberg concluded that the most state-of-the-art medical instruments would be rejected if they were too cold, and accordingly made human touch the utmost priority at all levels of the organization. Within a few years, UCLA’s hospitals moved from the 38th percentile to the 99th percentile in responses to the question, “Would you refer us to a friend?”

Marvin O’Quinn, chief operating officer for Dignity, says that the compassion model isn’t just a nebulous attitude, but a concrete tool for making decisions at an enterprise that employs nearly 11,000 physicians and 56,000 employees at some 300 care centers and hospitals spread across 21 states.

He points to Dignity’s choice to keep the doors open at four hospitals in bankrupt municipalities, lest many thousands of people in those communities lose the ability to receive care. Those hospitals are not profitable in and of themselves, but they are still seen as core to the mission and character of the overall organization.”

While there are some companies who continue to treat their employees as a number, rather than a human being, there are many others that treat their employees with a great deal of dignity and pay them a respectable salary including overtime when applicable. Is that a lot to ask for?

Bottom-line; a company that does not have a compassionate bone in its corporate DNA, towards its internal customers/employees, should not expect its workforce to be a happy or long tenured one.

To learn more about ATS you can go to our website or join one of our monthly webinars. You can also download a demonstration to review our time and attendance product.

Is Your Company Compassionate?

How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

July 29th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Forecasting | Hospitality Industry | Labour Analytics | Leave Management - (Comments Off on How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime)

Business owners in small and large organizations are fearful about the proposed overtime rule. This bit of news is not sitting well with several businesses and, has caused sleepless nights for some executives, as they come to terms with trying to find ways to adjust in their daily operations. If your business is going to be affected by this proposed legislation, one of the best tools to use, to capture overtime is an ATS time and attendance solution. Payroll is one of the largest expenses of any business, regardless of size and automating employee time and attendance can be a good first step to controlling overtime.

Through the use of an ATS Time and Attendance solution, here are some ways your business can control overtime:

Overtime Equalization: In the retail, hospitality and healthcare space, overtime is almost unavoidable and that’s due, in large part to the nature of these industries. Therefore, accurately tracking and paying the correct overtime is paramount. ATS Overtime Equalization solution provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as labour, overtime, and attendance. Real-time alerts notify managers when performance thresholds are breached; helping prevent labour issues such as excess overtime, budget variances and compliance violations.

Choose The Right Data Collector: Not all employee time clocks are created equal and, so selecting an employee time clock is as important as making sure you have the right time and attendance software for your organization. For example, putting a fingerprint reader in a very dusty environment or food processing plant, for is a recipe for disaster. ATS Time and Attendance data collectors are fully optimized, feature-rich employee self-service platform and are capable of serving the full spectrum of your requirements. Through the use of ATS time clocks, your business is transformed into “On the Spot” information that helps managers and supervisors control overtime and keep jobs on time and within budget.

How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

Real-Time Business Analytics: If a business is not using the right tools to control overtime, this can lead to an unhealthy balance-sheet. And, when left unchecked, overtime can become an uncontrollable payroll nightmare. While not completely unavoidable, reining in unnecessary overtime is critical to bringing down expenses and ensuring the most effective use of labour resources. ATS Time and Attendance Analytics allow for a complete view of your business landscape and includes actual versus budget hours. The intuitive dashboard contains future schedules, and alerts managers of preventable overtime situations and incidental overtime occurrences.

Bottom-line, getting a handle on your company’s overtime should be an important first step but the impact of overtime extends far beyond a balance-sheet. Controlling overtime is a healthy strategy for financially sustainable organizations in uncertain times.

To learn more, you can attend one of our monthly webinars or download a demonstration. We also have an active user-group on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus pages. To speak to one of our account executives call; 1-866.294.2467.

How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

Practitioners in the field of psychiatry have been saying for years that most us are overworked and too stressed to enjoy life. The answer to this has been a proliferation of companies offering recognition and loyalty programs designed to help executives and employees better deal with the rigorous work schedules and achieve the much sort after, work-life-balance.

If you happen to be in a job that requires 11 hour (perhaps more) work days, here are some suggested books on meditation by David G Allan in an article, titled “Is this the answer to office stress.”

The list of recommended readings include:

Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan. In his book on mindfulness and happiness, Meng offers meditation techniques he introduced at Google that range from basic to one (my personal favourite) that asks you to visualise yourself as a force multiplier for goodness, as if you are (my words) some kind of Buddhist superhero.

Stop, Breathe & Think. This app has a growing library of meditations. These all start the same, which is repetitive, and the narrator’s voice so soothing it threatened to put me to sleep. But guided meditations can be useful for beginners and the app tracks your progress, as if you were going to a transcendental gym.

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hahn. The renowned pacifist Buddhist monk has written many volumes, but this classic has a whole chapter of meditations, some as little as 10 breaths long. The narration contains others, so it’s worth reading the entire short book.

Whether the countless hours we spend working overtime at the office is by choice, or the subtle pressure we feel when we see our colleagues do it, the experts all agree, it takes a toll on our health. Hopefully, at some point, we will the take time to smell the roses.

About ATS:
ATS offers a broad portfolio of time and attendance solutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management and eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments.

To learn more, download a demonstration and you can see why today’s leading organizations choose ATS.

Who Doesn’t Need A Little Relief From Work?

The most recent news that yet another company is embroiled in overtime brouhaha with its employees, this made for some lively debate among proponents for and those against using a business management solution to track overtime. Usually the first question that comes to mind whenever this overtime issue rears its ugly head is: “Could this have been avoided if the right tools were used”? The answer is a resounding yes. Studies by industry heavyweight, Aberdeen Group have shown that capturing overtime, time off requests and absences through excel spreadsheets or paper-time cards leads to inaccuracies and demoralize workforce-especially when employees pay is affected. If the right time and attendance is deployed it can yield amazing results in the form of increase productivity and profits.

ATS Workforce Management Solution is a suite of integrated, collaborative applications designed to help streamline payroll and HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs. In addition, to solving your company’s overtime woes ATS TimeWork include the following benefits:

Robust and powerful rules engine enables you to generate overtime timecards for a one employee, a defined group of employees or a multitude or location all with different work and pay policies.

A comprehensive time and attendance solution built specifically for mid-sized and large businesses and it will help create efficiencies and reduce costs. Managing costs and workforce productivity is just some of the challenges felt by finance, HR and payroll professionals. When any of these tasks are managed through manual processes, the likelihood of errors goes up exponentially.

Make faster and more informed decisions with up-to-the-minute business intelligence reporting tools. Give employees the ability to enter and search for their own data, such as hours worked, messages, schedules, and vacation requests through leave management from any work station or mobile device with Internet access.

With an ATS time and attendance system your company will yield a rapid return on investment. In today’s competitive landscape shareholders want tighter cost controls and higher productivity, all in alignment with strategic business goals.

To learn more, download a brochure or go to our website to view a recorded demonstration.

Is Overtime Becoming An Albatross For Some Companies?

Do You Know How To Optimize Your Workforce?

September 16th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | Employee Scheduling | Time and Attendance Blog | Workforce Analytics | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Do You Know How To Optimize Your Workforce?)

It is not unusual to find that some companies have automated accounting, inventory and other areas of their supply chain, but leave a gaping hole in the automation of employee attendance, scheduling and forecasting. Why is that? They sometimes view these areas as less important. If payroll is the highest costs associated with an organization, it stands to reason that most companies would not want to ignore it-by extension getting a handle on labor cost.

ATS Workforce Management Software provides companies with a way to accurately forecast and schedule employees across all departments, locations, and other office resources. Having the right tools at your disposal will help you capture, share, and act on informed decisions faster and in real-time across your enterprise.

With on-the-spot reports, ATS Workforce Management Software ensures that you are truly achieving maximum performance with a rapid return on investment. ATS Workforce Management software can be deployed for mid and large enterprises as an on-premise, or cloud-based time and attendance solution and enables you to:

  • Enjoy full data integration to; Human Resources Information Systems, Payroll, Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting and Inventory and Talent Management applications.
  • Schedule according to business needs by utilizing the forecasting and budgeting modules.
  • Receive real-time alerts for employee vacation and shift assignment requests through any smart-phone or tablet PC.
  • Automate employee scheduling to simplify workforce patterns across multiple locations or departments.
  • Capture accurate overtime, holiday pay and other work rules in compliance with federal, state and provincial rules.
  • Track historical data with pre-configured workforce analytics.
  • Reduced production time—with up-to-the-minutes schedules for managers so, they can spend more time on the plant floor and/or with customers.

Conclusion: there are numerous benefits to optimizing your workforce. And with ATS Workforce Management Solution is a robust and comprehensive product offering that helps organizations accurately forecast and schedule workers to meet cost objectives.

To learn how you can transform your organization from a paper-based enterprise to one that has tools with real-time, actionable insights go to our website.

Do You Know How To Optimize Your Workforce?

Tracking time and attendance is a fundamental part of a workforce management solution. Analyzing, tracking and managing time and attendance within an organization, is by and large, a critical component and many companies still struggle with. Today’s companies need the right tools to help them understand what time an employee came in and left on any given day. The process of collecting employee data and integrating it to payroll, HR or other third-party applications is at the heart of ATS time and attendance solution.

One of the most effective ways to save valuable time within any organization is to maximize employee productivity by automating common administrative tasks. For example; could your managers be more productive if they were using a time tracking solution that’s has embedded alerts for each time an employee was late or forgot to punch in? Of course they could.  ATS time and attendance solution eradicates time-consuming tasks and replaces them with real-time data analytics that gives operational managers greater visibility over attendance patterns including, overtime, missing punches, time-off requests and will help reduce the administrative burden, and optimize your compliance efforts.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On.ATS time and attendance is a flexible and robust solution designed, to adapt to your current requirements, scalable enough to align with your growth and accessible anywhere, anytime. ATS time and attendance enables customers to accurately pay their employees in compliance with Provincial, Federal and State labour rules, while also management more robust requirements, such as union rules, premium pay, shift differentials, and grace rules.

ATS TimeWork will minimize your involvement with mundane tasks by providing with you a best-of-breed solution that you can count on. You can then you now focus your resources on your core business with the goal of achieving business results.

Want to know how you can achieve business results? Join us for one of our live webinars or download a pre-recorded demonstration from our website.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On