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Let’s Hear It For The Cloud

July 7th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Let’s Hear It For The Cloud)

In previous blogs, we espoused the virtues of cloud-based business software and we are not about to stop anytime soon. The pace at which companies are now embracing cloud-solutions is at an all time record. This shift is as much to do with many companies finally realizing the benefits of adopting cloud computing and vendors adjusting the product to suit the marketplace.

ATS TimeWork OnDemand is our best-of-breed time and attendance solution that’s designed for mid-market and enterprise businesses. ATS TimeWork OnDemand is rich in functionality and supports multiple browsers with intuitive dashboards and, at the same time, allows companies to roll out a scalable solution with reduced timescales and hardware costs.

Let’s Hear It For The Cloud


ATS TimeWork OnDemand Include:

Real-Time Analytics
Analytics has proven to be a driving force for North America’s major leagues including: National Football Association (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Executives of these sports leagues use the power of analytics to help them devise the best way to construct and get the best of out of their teams. ATS time and attendance analytics provide senior level managers with a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics that delivers insight into key business information. And, through the use of ATS TimeWork OnDemand Analytics, you can ensure that your organization has access and visibility to accurate, real-time attendance data.

Anywhere Access
ATS TimeWork OnDemand allow managers to access data through any device that’s connected to the Internet so, they act on critical time & attendance information without being confined to a desk.

Speed Up Payroll Processing
ATS data collectors help to increase productivity by reducing employee lateness, unauthorized long breaks and early departures. ATS data collectors solutions help optimize your workforce for a direct and positive impact on your bottom line — no matter your industry.

ATS Time and attendance Solution automate processes to help engage employees and increase operational efficiencies. Learn how we can help your organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and at the same time, improve workforce productivity.

To find out how ATS can help your business, take a product tour or call us at 866.294.2467.

Let's Hear It For The Cloud

Terry O’ Reilly is one of Canada’s biggest names in advertising and to hear his weekly broadcast of “Under the Influence” is a thing of beauty and goldmine for marketers. It has been said that the hospitality industry is far and away, the leader in guest satisfaction and other companies have copied their customer service model with great success.

“Tales of Customer Service” is another one of Terry O’ Reilly’s riveting episodes.

We have decided to list our top 3:

Macy’s Department Store, circa 1950s-Source:
“There is a famous story about Macy’s Department store back in the 1950s. One day, a customer walked in to return an item she had purchased. Macy’s took it back with a smile, refunded the full purchase price, and the lady left happy.

Now, you may not think that’s a remarkable story. But it is. Because Macy’s didn’t even sell the product the lady returned. They simply wanted to do everything in their power to have that lady leave the store happy, because a happy customer is a repeat customer. They gave her a refund, even though she had bought the item at another store.”

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York-Source:
“It’s 1 a.m. and it’s freezing in New York   City.  A father and his kids are camped out in front of the Radio City Music Hall, hoping to get wristbands for the NFL Draft. But the ticket window won’t open for another five hours. Suddenly, a taxi pulls up, doorman jumps out, drapes the family in blankets, hands them all cups of hot chocolate, then speeds off.

As AdWeek Magazine notes, it wasn’t an act of random kindness, it was caring customer service. The family had checked into the Ritz-Carlton before heading out to Radio City, and the night manager there just wanted to make sure they were comfortable as they waited in the cold – even though they were on a sidewalk four miles from the hotel.
The Ritz-Carlton is a smart company, and they know exceeding customer expectations can’t just be a marketing campaign, it has to be an operating platform.”

Gentleman David Ogilvy-Source:
“David Ogilvy, one of the legends of the advertising business, and the founder of Ogilvy & Mather New York, had high customer service expectations for his staff. I always remember one of the things he insisted upon. He said, “We don’t walk our clients to the elevator, we walk them to the street.” In other words, after meetings, he expected his staff to walk their clients – not just out to the elevator – but all the way down to the street, and help them hail a cab. And in the skyscrapers of New York, that is no small courtesy.

I would venture to guess they were the only agency in town that did that. But Ogilvy & Mather believed in hiring people not just for their intelligence, but for their manners. Why do so few companies do that? Because the philosophy is so rare.”

After listening to this program we, at ATS fell under the influence. It is easy to see why some of these acts of customer service have propelled some companies to the heights of success that they have achieved. To listen to the program in its entirety go to the site.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Are Your Employees Feeling Engaged Within Your Company’s Culture?

February 18th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software | Time and Attendance System | Workforce Scheduling Software - (Comments Off on Are Your Employees Feeling Engaged Within Your Company’s Culture?)

Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate about what it takes to keep employees engaged within an organization. Some companies say that when hiring, they prefer to look for employees who fit within their corporate culture.Sometimes companies search for a long time trying to find employees that will adjust to their way corporate way only to come up short. And one of the reasons it can take some companies a long time to find the right employees, is because they will insist on finding employees that conform to their culture first and foremost and everything else be damn. A year ago while watching the NFL network one of the analysts who was a former New England Patriots player, was asked why was it that the Patriots were so successful in drafting players that teams passed on or were considered “casts offs” from teams who simply could not get these players to conform. Yet, these same players, blossomed in New England. His response:

“Many people around the league assumed that these players had to conform to the “Patriot Way” when they arrived in New England. To some degree that’s true but, Bill Belichick (the coach), creates formations that takes advantage of the players’ strength which translates to a team that makes the playoffs each year. In order words, while these new players get indoctrinated into the culture of the team, the team in turn, adjusts to the strength of the players and does not solely look for players that will merely conform to the New England Patriots way of doing things above all else.”

This statement was an eye opener for many who could not understand how so many players who were not high draft picks, ended up playing so well when they landed in the town of Foxborough.

Some companies stress that “fit” is an absolute necessity. That’s all well and good, but trying to decipher whether an employee will “fit” within your corporate culture will take more than an employment testing tool. It will require someone from HR or the hiring manager to actually sit and talk to the person. And if the prospective employee sitting across from you does not appear to have all of the attributes to “fit” within your organization at first, dig a little deeper or ask them to come in for a second interview. Chances are you might be pleasantly surprised that some of the strengths within that prospective employee might actually benefit your company-and, the best part is that they will eventually be a fit. Why? Because we are social creatures and all yearn to fit in.

This article “Helping New Hires Adjust to your Company Culture” by Lindsay Traiman, contains 5 easy steps that you can use to help employees adjust to your culture.

So what’s company culture like and is it open to engaging employees?

 Are Your Employee Feeling Engaged Within Your Company's Culture