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The lack of proper customer support is an issue in many industries. One of Canada’s most prominent and well known consumer advocates is Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star. Her many columns highlight some of the Herculean challenges consumers have to overcome with their service providers to get answers. While not all companies have developed a reputation for poor customer service, the ones that do, tend to tarnish the reputation of other companies that operate within the same industry.

Any company purchasing a time management system should expect top notch support. At ATS, we believe providing customer support should be inherent in a company’s corporate DNA. If the company’s executives do not place value in servicing its customers, this attitude will trickle down to the front line employees who provide the day to day technical support. We constantly hear from customers about the difficulties they face in their attempts to get through a support rep. One customer recounted how she was directed to the vendor’s website to download brochures for training on a new module that had been installed a week prior. When the customer inquired, she was told that training is only provided one time only and that was at the original time of purchase. Training for additional modules or new managers came in the form of product manuals that customers had to figure out on their own.

ATS’s robust time and attendance enables companies to control payroll costs. Our solution uses intuitive data intelligence to: track overtime hours, schedule employees, forecast labour and control attendance management. TimeWork integrates with employee data collectors, employee self-service and ERP and HR applications in order to share and gather information.

The flow of information allows you to have up to date labour analytics and add your own constantly changing variables.

Benefits to an ATS Time and Attendance Solution:

Forecasting helps with coverage for scheduling and measuring labour
Employee self-service empowers employees to review worked hours and request time off
Benefit accruals award time off based on an employees work history approvals, reports, and exceptions that require action 
Leave Management automates the employee leave process.
Enforces local, state/provincial and federal labour laws easily

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