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Antiquated systems simply do not work in today’s global workforce and evolving regulations. Let’s set aside the spreadsheets and “honour system” and engage in a conversation that helps business executives achieve goals that will keep customers, shareholders and employees happy. These goals include:

  • Deploying a time and attendance tracking solution that is adaptable, easy-to-use and will meet the demands of a diverse workforce
  • Controlling payroll costs
  • Figuring out if you have the right tools for scheduling your workforce
  • Providing employees with the flexibility to view their benefit accruals
  • How to make the best use of real-time labour analytics

These goals are  realistic. With the use of a unified workforce management solution, your organization can track employee time and attendance, reduce labour costs and stay in compliance with current regulations.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand Uses a Best-Practice Approach
ATS helps companies solve workforce management challenges with a proven implementation methodology. We provide our customers with the best possible technical support experts in our industry.

Comprehensive Enterprise Time and Attendance Software
ATS time and attendance has been designed to grow with your business needs. Our software application facilitates your unique business needs by calculating the most complex work and payroll rules. ATS provides a full enterprise software solution portfolio, that combines scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges while, empowering your organization for unparalleled success.

Integrated Solution
ATS TimeWork On-Demand combines all aspects of your workforce management including: Forecasting, Workforce Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Employee Self-Service and Business Intelligence. ATS time and attendance solution maintains proven integration with leading; enterprise resource planning, payroll and HR applications thus, enabling you to truly integrate your workforce with your business.

ATS TimeWork is Flexible
We recognize that one of the most important features of great software is how easy it is for people to use. That is why ATS developed a solution that is rapid to implement, adapts to various business requirements and dramatically shortens the learning curve for users.

A Solution For The Long Term
The implementation of an ATS time and attendance system is an excellent investment for the short and long term. ATS TimeWork software solution minimizes the cost and complexity of implementation, integration and support. ATS TimeWork On-Demand can be easily deployed anywhere, on any device and delivers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI). This all translates into an improved bottom line and ultimately, that’s what makes shareholders smile.

ATS TimeWork time and attendance is a comprehensive workforce management solution that is built for the way people work today and is ready to meet the ever-changing demands of a growing, global economy.

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While some of today’s time-tracking software applications have similar functions, there are significant differences between various products. To some degree many organizations have their own idiosyncrasies and what works well for one company might not fare as well for another company. At times there is too much emphasis on the up-front price which can derail the benefit of getting a good return on your investment.  Companies would be wise to choose a solution that can handle their specific challenges with the right labour analytics to support the software.

Taking the time to select a time and attendance solution that best fits a company’s particular requirements will go a long way in avoiding problems. With a slow rebounding economy, some companies are so eager to cut costs they end up selecting the cheapest solution based on the assumption that all software is created equal. When this happens, a company can end up with a time management system that does not have the capability to meet their requirements.

A time and attendance solution for a company with one location will be different from a company with a head office in Vancouver and multiple sites across Canada and the United States.ATS TimeWork can be deployed in companies with 50 employees and scaled to organizations with thousands employees while meeting the needs of divergent business models.

A thorough analysis of you company’s business practices will uncover areas for improvement and will also help in selecting the right employee time management system the first time. One of the best ways for a company to select the right solution is to define its requirements and create an implementation strategy.

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All Time and Attendance Systems are not Created Equal


The epitaphs for BlackBerry were written by many technology pundits over the last several years. Blackberry is not the only company to be usurped by newcomers due to changes in its industry, consumer buying habits or technological advancements. The common theme that all the pundits lamented in their postings was that the company’s unwillingness to change with the times is one the main reason it is struggling to keep afloat today. A great deal has been said about the 20 something age group, yet they are ones who showed up in droves to get the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Windows Phone. Smartphone companies of today, have to embrace change because they know that to ignore the paradigm shift in consumers buying habits can spell disaster for them.

Today’s businesses understand that to remain competitive it is essential to adapt to the new millennium to propel growth and increase productivity. Switching from paper-based processes to a software application will streamline business practices in real- time and drive efficiency. As the market for business automation continues to grow and evolve, they will develop to give organizations even better labour analytics capabilities. Organizations will be able to make better use of predictive analytics to make better business decisions.

ATS time and attendance solution can solve a number of challenges for many companies across different industries and will maximize productivity in every area of your organization. Embracing the latest in technology, and built on a unified platform, ATS TimeWork provides a real-time, accurate view of your business so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Extended modules include: employee self-service, business intelligence, benefit accruals, data integration and job costing management to provide the flexibility you need to translate your unique best practices for optimum performance.

Change is evitable, and in some cases it is forced upon us. If your company is still using a custom made time and attendance application or manual time-sheets, it might be time to analyze its benefits.

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 Businesses must be willing to adapt

It wasn’t too long ago that the naysayers predicted the demise of cloud-based software solutions as “Johnny come lately”. The growth of cloud-based software solutions is staggering and companies, who initially resisted, are now implementing these solutions in growing numbers. The continued momentum behind the cloud has accelerated as companies look for an alternative to on-premises applications that drag down business performance. ATS best-of-breed technology is fast moving beyond its roots in the small to mid and enterprise markets.

If your company is looking move your time and attendance to the cloud, there are numerous companies vying for your attention. However, not all cloud-based time and attendance providers are created equal and selecting the right vendor is an important decision that should not be overlooked. Here are five things to look for when making your selection:

Performance- Make sure your provider gives you easy access to their real-time visibility of labour analytics and historic data. That will quickly tell you how robust a system they have. Cloud computing is evolving rapidly and cloud-based providers need to be nimble to adapt to the demands of today’s rapid technology. Look for a strong record of innovation on cloud technology that demonstrates your provider is positioned strongly to meet your business needs in the long term.

Scalability –As your business grows and needs change, look for a solution that will work with different browsers, that will adapt to your needs and makes it easy for you to expand to new markets. The ideal vendor will have a solution that allows you to configure your software and has the ability to interface to multiple applications. 

Upgrades –On-premises time and attendance software can be customized, but those customizations are tied to your current software implementation and can be a nightmare when you are due for an upgrade. In contrast, a cloud-based time management solution like ATS TimeWork is continually upgraded so you can be sure you’re always using the latest, most advanced version of your time and attendance software.

Market Leader-Moving to the cloud is a long term investment. As such choosing the right partner makes it that much more important.  It’s important that you choose a market leader who stands head and shoulders above all imitators. Consider the types of customers the vendor has for added insight, along with testimonials. And don’t stop there, make sure this vendor has personnel that not only understand industry at large but most importantly, your business and your precise requirements.

True Cloud Competencies-Finally, but perhaps more importantly you should choose a provider whose core competencies are centered on the cloud. Some On-premises solution vendors have very different business models, application design approaches and infrastructure than those core competencies of a cloud-based provider, like ATS. We suggest you choose a vendor with deep expertise in cloud-based time and attendance software implementations to meet your needs.

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Many of ATS customers don’t have time to browse through the “How To” section of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance. We thought creating this online forum would help. Of course, getting in touch with the ATS support team can be done rather quickly through a phone call, contacting a local rep in your area or submitting a request to our support department.

Here are answers to some of the most frequent queries about TimeWork Employee Management Dashboard Section:
Employee Management-The Employee Dashboard is where you will add, edit, delete, and maintain all pertinent data and information on your company’s employees. We suggest filling in as much information as possible on your employees. By doing this it will give you comprehensive reporting and tracking of employee hours and other related information. For example, The Employee Dashboard is set up with several sub-sections; Time & Attendance Profile, Employee Pay Rate, Timeclock, Human Resources Personal Information, Human Resources  Profile, User Fields and Contact Information. Each of these sub-sections in the Edit Employee window can be accessed one at a time by clicking your mouse on the associated “tab.”

Employee Report-The Employee Report option is used to generate a report of employees entered in the ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software. All information of each employee is listed. There are several items that you can enter to control what order and which employees are displayed. There is also a summary option which will print the report in a revised format.

Import Setup-This screen allows you to configure the importing of employees. Options available include such things as default field mappings, and default parameters to use on required data.

Import File Format Include:

  • Fixed ASCII- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields (Employee ID, last name, first name) are defined to start and end at specific columns.
  • Comma Delimited- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields are separated by a comma

Import Layout Report-This report is used to document the format that would be expected of the employee import file. Generally this report is used when you want to create an employee import file from another application. The output of this report will be affected by the configuration specified in the Import Setup screen.

Import Employee-This screen allows you to select a file containing employee information to be imported and perform the import. Additionally, you can perform a test to see if the import will be successful by selecting the “Validate Import File” option. The results of the import operation can be viewed in the Import Result Report.

Import Result Report-This report outlines the results of the importing of employees from an external import file. It will display information regarding the success or failure to import employee information, as well as what was updated.

In the upcoming questions and answers we will cover; Timecard Management, Labour Analytics, Payroll Management, Employee Scheduling and Data Collection.

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The healthcare industry is very large and with its size comes complexity. For example, keeping track of wage changes and collective agreements is in a difficult task for healthcare administrators and managers alike. A time and attendance software will increase efficiencies and reduce the time it takes to process payroll. ATS TimeWork time and attendance gives healthcare operations, an efficient, centralized system with the power, flexibility, and scalability needed to improve productivity, control labour costs and enhance customer service.

Many healthcare professionals are aware of the benefits that come from implementing a time and attendance system. Even so, others remain reluctant to make the switch and in some cases cite concerns about confidentiality and security. ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Time and Attendance improves accuracy, increases productivity, and ensures regulatory compliance by streamlining the time entry, time approval, and accrual management processes. The application is hosted in a secure data environment and provides true integration between departmental managers and payroll personnel. The healthcare scheduling module of our SaaS time and attendance includes an actual budget versus dollars spent by cost center, service line, facility and enterprise.

Benefits of ATS Time and Attendance Healthcare Solution:

  • Improves accuracy through employee time collection, validation and payroll processing
  • Uses real-time labour analytics to maintain pay code policies, employee scheduling, overtime, premiums and collective bargaining agreements
  • Applies user-defined pay rules to automate time, data integration and payroll calculations
  • Provides employees with multiple self-service options
  • Ensures compliance with federal, provincial, state and municipal labour laws

ATS SaaS Time and Attendance Software can help healthcare professionals meet their employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll challenges while ensuring their patients receive the best care possible.

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Espousing the virtues an employee time tracking solution is one thing. Seeing it in action is another. Companies should use benchmarks to determine the value of an employee attendance solution versus the use of their hand written time sheets. Those benchmarks should include: return on investment (ROI), employee performance, labour costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) to name a few.

To say that streamlining payroll costs is of great concern to most companies is an understatement. ATS time and attendance provides up to minute, real-time visibility to key metrics such as efficiency and productivity throughout an organization. ATS TimeWork is an easy to use, robust and powerful time and attendance application.

One of the many ways that organizations can leverage the benefits of ATS TimeWork Time and Labour application is through its data integration with other applications. The application integrates to: HRIS, Talent Management, Payroll, Smart-Phones, tablets and ERP solutions. The intuitive dashboards allow mangers to quickly analyze data relevant to their departments.  .

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance solution provides organizations with labour analytics to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) that are impacted by time-related data. Its powerful rules engine enables you to manage rules for reporting, managing or processing time through local, regional or global locations.

Why ATS TimeWork?

Enforces consistent application of your company’s policies, government regulations, and union rules
Reduces time
by automating the process of generating payroll
choose from a variety of labour analytic data or create your own
Employee Self-Service
gives employee access to review their hours, request time off or bid on vacation blocks
Real-time employee data collection
through various data collectors
Pay code policies uses
flexible pay codes based on company specific business policies at
Employee scheduling-
simplifies the assignment and editing of fixed schedules to large groups of people. Repetitive or cyclical schedules may be created by an employee or by defined ‘schedule group’ for an indefinite period of time

ATS employee time and attendance helps companies with workload demand including; hours, absences, adherence to payroll rules and labour laws.

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Armchair pundits and analysts alike have had a great deal to say about BlackBerry’s recent smart-phone, the XZ10. Some have predicted its demise due in part, to the amount of time it took to bring out a device comparable to the iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy and many others on the market. In the end, the success of Blackberry lies with consumers liking and purchasing its products, not the views of analysts.

Some years ago when BlackBerry launched its smart-phone, the device gave users the ability to send and receive e-mails through the device at a time when this was viewed as revolutionary. At that time, it catered mostly to corporate executives and government users. As time went on, Apple, Google and other companies launched their own smart-phones. Apple was the first to launch its iPhone with great fanfare using ads featuring hip youngsters showing off their phones. In addition to e-mails and texting, you could also browse the web at lightning speed, view various features and download many software applications that BlackBerry phones could not do. All of a sudden the public started taking notice and the line ups to get an iPhone stretched for several blocks. These new smart-phones were now accessible to everyone, not just corporate executives. Some have argued, BlackBerry came across as stuffy and refused to include the younger generation in its ads and that is one of the many reasons it has struggled to gain new users.

BlackBerry has its diehard fans and some have argued that the Z10 is the start of great things to come. Many BlackBerry users also say that they love the product because of its built-in encryption which makes it a better-managed platform than its competitors. Whether you are a BlackBerry fan or not, the consumer always wins when there is competition.

The history of Apple chronicles that it, too, went through a rough patch many years ago, but most its loyal fans stuck with it. Most companies go through a period when they have to find out what made them successful and be able to change with the times. 

Companies using a BlackBerry Z10, Ipad, Windows Mobile or other smart-phone device can access the ATS web-based time and attendance software from anywhere.  ATS TimeWork time and attendance software features include; tracking of benefit accruals, pay policies, employee shifts; overtime and premium pay codes, statutory holiday tracking, employee self service, job costing and labour analytics. ATS time and attendance is an integrated and scalable application that is designed to meet the most challenging the timekeeping and workforce management needs of any organization.

Kudos to BlackBerry on the launch of its Z10! Their success or lack thereof will be determined by the consumers. That said we wish them continued success.

To learn more, go to our website and download a white paper on the benefits of an automated time and attendance solution.

Competition continues to increase in today’s business landscape.  To stay ahead, companies need to get to market quicker, streamline business process and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. The elimination of manual tasks comes with the implementation of an employee time and attendance system. With an ATS time tracking solution managing your business processes, your organization can shift its focus on growing sales and retaining customers.

What Can ATS TimeWork Do For Your Organization?
TimeWork provides the foundation to improve business efficiency, payroll calculations, and overall productivity for a broad range of industries including: manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, industrial machinery and retail.  The solution delivers the complete package, with fully embedded tools for data integration with:

  • Talent Management
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Supply chain
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production and Job Costing
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Labour Analytics
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence

The application was developed by workforce management software experts with more than 25 years of experience. This type of expertise means that our customers can remain confident that our experienced support team is second to none. From labour distribution to employee self-service, overtime equalization, employee time clocks and business intelligence- TimeWork provides clear visibility across your organization, helping you to automate and manage key business processes.

Ultimately, ATS helps organizations improve their bottom line by adapting business processes to current market conditions. TimeWork is the most powerful and flexible employee time and attendance solution by ATS, for mid-sized and larger companies.

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Some have argued recently, that the words, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a much maligned and overused term. While there may be some credence to this argument, there is no denying the importance of KPIs as they relate to a company’s strategic goals and objectives. In a manual based environment of tracking employee time, companies have a hard time measuring the time it takes to analyze and key in data into various repositories.

The use of ATS workforce management software allows companies to manage risks while simultaneously optimizing their workforce with our employee time and attendance system. The ATS solution intuitive dashboard utilizes Utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), through a set of labour analytics that enables stakeholders to track an organization’s progress and take corrective steps as deemed necessary.

Benefits of ATS Workforce Management Software:
ATS Time and Attendance is robust and user-friendly and it tracks employee vacation time and integrates to HR and payroll applications. This module solution includes: Labour Forecasting, Employee Scheduling, Job Costing, Budgeting and Labour Analytics.

Reduction in Labour Costs- The solution streamlines manual processes and decrease labour costs through intelligent data capture. ATS workforce management software provides reductions in overtime while maintaining optimum staffing levels.

Comply with Multijurisdictional Work Policies- The ATS Time and Attendance Software automates the calculation and reporting of hours worked and paid time off based on your company’s pay policies, making it easier for you to manage labour costs, control overtime, and empower your workforce with self-service access to hours, schedules and vacation balances.

Process Flow-Through the use our solution, companies can no longer have to track tedious tasks manually. ATS time and attendance solution helps simplify employee scheduling by giving you the tools to ensure adequate staffing coverage, prevent employees from working outside scheduled hours, and avoid unnecessary overtime.

To speak to someone about our time and attendance system go to our website or click here to see a live demonstration.