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All That Glitters

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Trying to find the right business management solution for your company? Then ignore the dazzling demos with marketing personnel promising the moon. Organizations like yours are looking for ways to win new customers, increase profits, and eliminate inefficiencies. When you hear promises of gold-plated employee time management systems (they do not exist) accompanied by prices that are simply too good to be true- it’s time to start searching for an alternative.

At ATS, we have some of the leading experts in the time and attendance field and a solution that will help your company:

Access the type of labor analytics that your CFO has been asking for a long time. Now, with ATS time and attendance your company can access features for human resources, payroll and operations management. Additionally, the solution has industry capabilities for manufacturers, retailers, service industries, healthcare, and public sector organizations.

Empower employees with ATS Self-Service portal and give them access to request vacation and other time-off requests, view overtime hours and bid of shifts. By allowing managers and employees to access and manage information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, decrease costs, and improve service to your customers.

ATS Implementation Specialist will build a recommended configuration that is central to our methodology and based on your specific business requirements to help you reach maximum effectiveness.  This holistic approach encompasses; system configuration testing, integration process execution, training and preparation of user-acceptance testing, execution and deployment.

While we do not promise glitter, we will deliver an award-winning product, backed by unwavering, gold-standard service unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

Let’s start the conversation by phone at 866.294.2467 or, you can view a demonstration online for yourself.

All That Glitters

It is well documented that labour costs is one the highest expense of any company and, the companies who automate their business processes stand a better chance of obtaining financial health with their organization. When costs are inaccurate, senior management cannot make the best business decisions, and that can leave an organization in disarray. For example, when the gap between forecasting, labour costs and production is difficult to predict this leaves everyone guessing about efficiencies and true costs.

Depending on the size of the organization, manufacturers have to deal with collective bargaining agreements, comply with government agencies, and customers, and at the same time meet, challenging production schedules. To do this profitably, you have to keep labour costs low, while at the same time increase productivity.

With ATS TimeWork for job tracking and labour allocation you can:

  • Provide faster response- to customers and efficient release of work to the shop floor.
  • Automate workforce scheduling- Schedule the best available employees to meet forecasted demand.
  • Track labour costs -associated with specific jobs, departments, or production-based activities.
  • Obtain real-time information on employee attendance and job costing activities.
  • on production issues and actual costing data.
  • Remain in compliance with collective bargaining agreements (CBA) and government requirements.
  • Track employee activities- on production lines with a variety of employee time clocks and barcode scanners.
  • View real-time reports sent directly to your mobile device so you know who is working at which station, at any given time.

Controlling labour costs in a dynamic manufacturing environment is a challenge onto itself, leaving that task to chance or worse, through manual data collection can create even more headaches. ATS TimeWork is built to handle the constant changes in cost- conscious manufacturing environments. ATS TimeWork Workforce Management Software encompasses broad flexibility, scalability and user-friendly dashboards for production personnel, payroll, and finance and HR personnel.

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ATS Time And Attendance For Manufacturing Improves Profitability

Using The Right Analytics Can Increase Your Company’s Profits

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In the last several years many organizations have been adopting analytics to propel growth and manage regulatory compliance. In fact, most of North America’s major sports leagues, from the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL are all using versions of predictive analytics and business intelligence to gather, track and extrapolate the right amount of data to make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. Now you can call it “jumping on the band wagon” if you will, but in addition, to major league sports many mid and large enterprise-wide businesses are quickly adopting the practice. After all, if analytics gives you instant visibility into your business performance and drive better business outcomes–using a set of capabilities for reporting and forecasting, why not use it?

With ATS Workforce Analytics, you can:

Maximize productivity and profitability across every department. From plant operations to product accounting, payroll, human resources and more, ATS workforce analytics enable businesses to make significant improvements in real time.

Capture employee data in real-time to make better decisions about their attendance and improve operational performance. From attracting top talent, to accurate budgeting and forecasting with a powerful scheduling tool which will lead to improving employee satisfaction. ATS workforce analytics empower organizations to align business metrics with strategic business goals.

Enable your entire business with ATS best-of-breed business intelligence and, workforce management software that’s designed and packaged for mid and enterprise-wide organizations, making it easier to track employee time, manage and maintain payroll and propel business growth.

ATS Workforce Analytics built on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform gives you the tools so your business can analyze the right data and make better decisions. ATS Workforce Analytics is predicated on historical and up-to-the-minute information alongside current data, with intuitive screens to quickly move from insight to decision—all in one robust dashboard.

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Using The Right Analytics Can Increase Your Company's Profits

If your company is using a combination of a time and attendance system, paper and spreadsheets to calculate employee hours then you do not have a true time and attendance system. AT best, what you have is a punch in/out system. ATS TimeWork gives you an opportunity to bring your plant operations, finance, payroll and HR together by not only sharing information, but by using data in one system to drive the next action in your business process.

Data Integration To Keep You Smiling
ATS real-time two-way data integration between your accounting, payroll, ERP, HR, Talent Management and/or CRM system has never been easier. ATS TimeWork data integration can be installed and be operational in a matter of minutes. This is the kind of integration that gets business executives excited knowing that their employees will no longer have to take 2 days to, calculate, process, and then key data into a software.

21st Intuitive Time Clocks
These are not your 1980’s time clocks that merely track the in and out of employee hours. ATS data collectors helps companies turbo charge time capture like never before. From large screen display time clocks, to biometric FaceScan that allows for “Look and Go” data capture, ATS time clocks gathers and send data in real-time while providing on-the-spot data for analysis. When combined with ATS TimeWork Enterprise, the entire solution is a best-in-class method for collecting time and attendance from anywhere, anytime.

It Gets Better, So Keep Your Dancing Shoes On
Today’s business climate is fiercely competitive and if your company is using a time and attendance solution that lacks the support, you company need it’s time to look elsewhere. Get an edge on the competition with ATS time and attendance to make sure that your most valuable resource – your people – are aligned with a-best-of-breed solution for maximum productivity.  ATS TimeWork is powerful and flexible enough to grow with your business, allowing you to realize a rapid return on investment, while providing the cutting edge capabilities you will need to grow your company today and in the foreseeable future.

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Now That Have The Right Time And Attendance System, You Can Do Your Happy Dance

Most businesses understand that it’s critical that they automate their business processes to remain competitive, increase revenue and by extension, keep their shareholders happy, otherwise they will become obsolete. The question then becomes, what’s the best solution to help; capture accurate employee data, increase productivity and streamline payroll costs?

Today, more than ever mid and large companies want a solution that can be deployed quickly and effortlessly with inherent flexibility that will grow with them. How well employees can access, share and use information has a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to serve customers and grow revenue.  ATS TimeWork simplifies the management of complex business processes across the organization, complete with user alerts and business intelligence tools. ATS TimeWork is both highly scalable and includes management capabilities to help businesses adapt to change quickly and expand into new markets, without expensive software and infrastructure costs.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance Solution Benefits Include:

Support Business Requirements Best-PracticesATS TimeWork was designed to support best-in-class workforce management business processes — easily visible using process flows and workforce analytic tools — and interchangeable to match each company’s unique processes.

Ease Of Use-End-user will enjoy the easy navigation tools and employee edit screens. ATS TimeWork is quick to implement, and intuitive to learn.

Designed For Local, Global And Multi-National CompaniesBuilt-in support for local, regional and internal workforce regulations, business practices and legal requirements. ATS TimeWork time and attendance offers the ability to automate country-specific labor law compliance functions, while simultaneously supporting your organization’s, payroll, human resources and union policies.

Flexible Deployment- You can choose to deploy ATS TimeWork On-Demand in stages or all at once. services that address your current business requirements and support future growth. ATS TimeWork provides end-users with best-practice approach experience and cutting edge technologies- while taking advantage of the flexibility and predictable costs that go along with ATS Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Ongoing SupportATS On-Boarding provides fast, effective implementation and best-in-class support. ATS remains committed to answering questions and resolving product issues fast and effectively. ATS provides  support through different channels up to and including; an extensive library of detailed online help, FAQs, online user guides, and tips that will help you get the most from your ATS time and attendance application.

So, how do you equip your business with the right tools? If your current time and attendance system cannot handle the dynamic business requirements of your growing enterprise, it’s time to look elsewhere. ATS time and attendance is built on a modern-day business platform that can quickly adapt to increasing business demands.

To learn how to adapt your business for the 21st century contact ATS and discover TimeWork On-Demand.

ATS TimeWork Drives Productivity And Helps Businesses Achieve Their Financial Goals Faster


You Should Be Dancing With Your Time And Attendance Solution

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Assuming the time and attendance that your company is using and also assuming its meeting your business requirements, you should be dancing. Accurate data collection should be part of the fundamentals your time and attendance solution and if it’s not, you should be looking elsewhere. The ability to access daily attendance, extrapolate business intelligence and work in concert with your payroll software– is what ATS TimeWork time and attendance provides.

True to its name, ATS time and attendance provides a compelling database engine that shows how each part of the data configuration process relates to the others—and provides up-to-the-minute reports, forecast business activities effectively, automate work rules and calculates employee time accurately.

ATS Time and Attendance core capabilities include:

Workforce Management Visibility— ATS Workforce Management contains comprehensive features that address every aspect of today’s companies—including workforce planning,  time and attendance, and absence management—the solution includes a sophisticated workforce analytics tools that helps to comply with labor rules and regulations.

Business intelligence—Allow decision makers to view and analyze key factors and performance trends in the areas of human resources, payroll, production, finance and across company branches. Monitor workforce performance in real- time, and avoid labour violations and non-compliance issues through proactive analytics monitoring.

Labour Allocation—Capture costs as changes occur, ensuring up-to-date and accurate costs. With ATS workforce management solution, you can make sure you have the right people working in the right place at the right time.

Workforce Planning—Allow information to pass from one person or department to another through the automated time and attendance process cycle.  ATS Workforce Management eliminates costs and errors from budgeting and planning thus, integrating your company’s forecasting activities.

Time and Attendance—Automate employee attendance processes to reduce payroll costs, comply with collective bargaining rules and government regulations. The solution allows for customized attendance queries, with pre-defined business metrics, all available through an intuitive cloud-based interface.

ATS Workforce Management will have you dancing with its bevy of rich functionality, and cool user experience all designed for long-term workforce planning. With a 21st century time and attendance solution that addresses every aspect of today’s workforce management requirements —you will also have access to sophisticated business intelligence tools for measuring and analyzing workforce performance today and into the foreseeable future.

To see a live demonstration, go to our website.

You Should Be Dancing With Your Time And Attendance Solution

Most payroll and HR managers instinctively know that a time and attendance system is critical for eradicating manual tasks and will decrease the amount of time they spend each calculating employee hours. While it’s no surprise that some of the prospective customers we interact with are still using time sheets, what we find most surprising is even after these companies understand the benefits of automation we still see a lack of urgency to improve those systems?

Cloud-based time and attendance is no longer viewed as a “flash in the pan” and are now being deployed daily, in the market-place, with a high degree of success. Companies who previously did not see the need to automate, and are now using a time and attendance system with a great deal of success, have not only embraced its numerous benefits but are now spreading the word to their business counterparts in droves.

Here are 5 ways that adopting a time and attendance will help improve your business:

Employee Scheduling
ATS Workforce Scheduling helps companies connect qualified employees to the jobs that are aligned with their skill-set. The integrated scheduling module shows managers all relevant information while scheduling employees. Schedules can be changed on-the-fly to match the employee skills needed to each schedule, job or project. It’s an intuitive tool that will improve productivity and track employee availability.

Reduced Payroll Costs
ATS time and attendance integrates to all third-party applications including; Payroll, ERP, Accounting & Financial, Warehouse Management, Job Costing and Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. One of the key advantages of a time and labour solution is that it can help managers to identify attendance patterns and can significantly reduce the costs involved in administrative errors and providing the real-time labor analytics you need to control payroll costs.

Accurate Collection of Data
ATS time tracking solution automates the time collection process and applies your company’s payroll policies including, premium pay, rounding and overtime. ATS TimeWork provides real-time alerts to instantly calculates hourly totals and with an embedded export facility for payroll processing.

Effective Workforce Analytics
ATS time and attendance software provides plethora of data analytics including, human resources reports, attendance reports timecard reports and payroll reports. This helps decision makers – to monitor key metrics and make informed decisions.

Employee Self-Service
With ATS employee self-service, you can initiate the workflow notification. Supervisors can easily stay on top of time off requests, reporting, attendance notifications, timecard approvals, and exceptions that require timely action.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of automating, wouldn’t it be nice to simply get rid of those spreadsheets? ATS TimeWork automates and facilitates the management of employee time, and since payroll is the single largest controllable expense of any company, it begs the question, why delay the implementation of a solution that can actually save your company money?

To learn more, go to our website. And to speak to an account executive, call us at 866.294.2467.

 The Cost Of Doing Nothing Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Business

CFOs are just as responsible for profitability of the organizations that they work as is the CEO. Some might even argue, a great deal of responsibility is thrust upon their shoulders since of their main objectives is to ensure that costs are aligned with operational expenses. Cloud-based time and attendance solution is becoming the norm and even risk-averse CFO’s, are now seriously considering that option as way of helping their overworked HR and payroll managers cope with attendance in real-time.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance system is flexible and helps companies avoid fixed capital investments during periods of corporate or economic uncertainty and timely access to the latest TimeWork On-Demand software capabilities.

So, what do CFO’s want from their time and attendance solution?

Information at their fingertips
To start, analytic reporting tools that contains the right information. CFOs need information that helps them extrapolate the right data whenever and whenever they need it. Financial managers want the ability to see exactly what is coming into and out of the business, where and when – allowing them to budget and forecast accordingly.

A solution that offers value
There is no question that economic slow-down of 2008 had made many companies more very prudent when it comes to spending on time and attendance software. And financial managers are taking a cautious approach to spending after having seen so many companies run into difficulties over the last few years, due in part to the financial crisis. These financial executives are keeping a closer eye on the bottom line.

Service and support
Service and support will never go out of style and although financial executives look for good value and a solid product, they also want service and support to go along with the product. ATS portfolio of services is designed to help you resolve problems more quickly—or even prevent problems before they occur—and to protect your investment. Whether you want to upgrade your service or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we offer highly support services and contracts with remote or onsite support with a single point of contact.

Whether you are dealing with manual timesheets or antiquated punch clocks, today’s organizations are looking to trusted time and attendance providers to help reduce cost, manage complexity, and provide real-time support. And that’s where ATS comes in.

To learn more, go to our website. You can also sign up for our next webinar on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET.

CFO’s See The Value In Cloud-Based Time And Attendance

Improve Productivity and Business Growth With ATS TimeWork On-Demand

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The responsibility of financial executives includes, among others; capital structure, planning, budgeting, audit and compliance. Today, more than ever, the role of a financial manager has increased exponentially to include areas of human resources and payroll.

ATS time and attendance enables you to manage your core business processes with a single, fully integrated system while allowing flexibility in a changing business environment. Financial executives need confidence that their organizations are keeping their numbers in line, streamlining payroll costs, managing risks, and managing compliance – which in turn, will allow their company to grow.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand provides the following benefits:

Financial Reporting Capabilities
ATS forecasting and budgeting tool offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements.

Growth Alignment
ATS TimeWork On-Demand and is designed for growing businesses. ATS time tracking solutions include rapid implementation tools, and services, to help organizations quickly implement and adopt enterprise-class applications.

Low Cost of Ownership
Our cloud-based time and attendance solution eliminates the need for expensive servers, databases, backups and IT infrastructure. TimeWork fits the needs of your business today, with the flexibility and scalability to grow with your business.

Business Processes and Decisions
ATS real-time workforce reporting and analytics helps companies make faster, and better decisions. By leveraging our workforce management software business process, you can focus on your core business challenges, instead of day-to-day manual tracking methodologies.

Manage Risk, Compliance and Governance
ATS business intelligence helps improve workforce productivity through reliable reporting tools. Through proper configuration of collective bargaining agreements and pay policies, ATS time and attendance unifies time keeping business requirements while helping to improve the certainty of their business results.

The businesses using ATS time and attendance system, quickly realize the benefits of being able to collect, extrapolate and process data in real-time and on a continuous basis. ATS delivers improved business results while optimizing time tracking processes to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline day-to-day time collection operations.

To learn more, download a demo of our best-in-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) time and attendance solutions with the enterprise-grade security, availability and elasticity you can expect from ATS.

Improve Productivity and Business Growth With ATS TimeWork On-Demand



Many of ATS customers don’t have time to browse through the “How To” section of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance. We thought creating this online forum would help. Of course, getting in touch with the ATS support team can be done rather quickly through a phone call, contacting a local rep in your area or submitting a request to our support department.

Here are answers to some of the most frequent queries about TimeWork Employee Management Dashboard Section:
Employee Management-The Employee Dashboard is where you will add, edit, delete, and maintain all pertinent data and information on your company’s employees. We suggest filling in as much information as possible on your employees. By doing this it will give you comprehensive reporting and tracking of employee hours and other related information. For example, The Employee Dashboard is set up with several sub-sections; Time & Attendance Profile, Employee Pay Rate, Timeclock, Human Resources Personal Information, Human Resources  Profile, User Fields and Contact Information. Each of these sub-sections in the Edit Employee window can be accessed one at a time by clicking your mouse on the associated “tab.”

Employee Report-The Employee Report option is used to generate a report of employees entered in the ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software. All information of each employee is listed. There are several items that you can enter to control what order and which employees are displayed. There is also a summary option which will print the report in a revised format.

Import Setup-This screen allows you to configure the importing of employees. Options available include such things as default field mappings, and default parameters to use on required data.

Import File Format Include:

  • Fixed ASCII- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields (Employee ID, last name, first name) are defined to start and end at specific columns.
  • Comma Delimited- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields are separated by a comma

Import Layout Report-This report is used to document the format that would be expected of the employee import file. Generally this report is used when you want to create an employee import file from another application. The output of this report will be affected by the configuration specified in the Import Setup screen.

Import Employee-This screen allows you to select a file containing employee information to be imported and perform the import. Additionally, you can perform a test to see if the import will be successful by selecting the “Validate Import File” option. The results of the import operation can be viewed in the Import Result Report.

Import Result Report-This report outlines the results of the importing of employees from an external import file. It will display information regarding the success or failure to import employee information, as well as what was updated.

In the upcoming questions and answers we will cover; Timecard Management, Labour Analytics, Payroll Management, Employee Scheduling and Data Collection.

To learn why leading companies choose ATS Time and Attendance solution go to our website. You can also join the conversation on our Workforce Management Group discussions through LinkedIn.