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At the recent HRPA trade show held inToronto, we were amazed at the number of attendees who confessed that their organizations are using excel to track employee hours. Paper timesheets and punch cards, are virtually unnecessary in 2013. A cloud-based time and attendance system will help reduce your company’s consumption of needless paper. But why would a company want to make this shift? Here are three compelling reasons:

Accuracy and Efficiency:
It can be time-consuming and tedious to sift through each employee time card. A cloud-based time and attendance system helps reduce errors and retrieve data faster. Adopting a paperless time and attendance makes it easier for employees to request days off and check benefit balances via the employee self-service portal. With the use of ATS cloud-based workforce management software, your organization has instant access to update, add or lookup data, from anywhere at anytime and with any web browser.

Paper time-sheets require a lot of resources, waste valuable time and expose organizations to greater risk of not complying with Canadian labour laws. The companies, who were involved in lawsuits filed by employees in the last several years about unpaid overtime all had one thing in common; they were all using some form of manual time tracking system. Automating your time tracking process with ATS helps minimize compliance risk, and improves employee morale and productivity. In addition, it will turn company’s processes into a streamlined network, without the added costs of maintaining paper costs and inefficiencies.

With a paper-based system, tracking of overtime hours, vacation and sick days is a tedious task of manually entering data into a payroll or HR system.  ATS workforce software calculates all data, and through the click of a mouse, the data is automatically sent to your company’s payroll, HRIS and other software applications. ATS TimeWork helps companies increase efficiencies in managing a workforce and uses accurate data to streamline payroll and provide your operational managers with a real-time analytic visibility.

As more companies evolve and understand the benefits of automating their workforce, going paperless is probably inevitable. To learn more go to our website and to request a demo or speak to a representative contact us at 1.866.294.2467.