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Soccer fans the world over are gearing up for one of the world’s biggest sporting event. The fact that it happens every 4 years makes the anticipation that much bigger. ATS customers and some of its staff have friendly wagers to see who is going take home the ultimate prize. ATS has a United Nations type staff and some are very passionate about their home teams.

The Beautiful Game

Some employees will either take extended vacations during that month or seek a leave of absence from their employers. Companies who are unfamiliar (and there are very few of them) or who do not understand how passionate some soccer fans can be about their favourite team, should take some time to watch a game or two. For some fans, soccer is their religion and many will take unprecedented steps to watch their team.


So, if hockey, basketball, golf, American football or baseball is your religion, try taking a peek at a game of soccer this month. As for the staff of ATS, we know many of them will be glued to the large screen TV in the staff cafeteria watching the beautiful game.

Brazil Fifa World Cup 2014-The Beautiful Game