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How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

July 29th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Forecasting | Hospitality Industry | Labour Analytics | Leave Management - (Comments Off on How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime)

Business owners in small and large organizations are fearful about the proposed overtime rule. This bit of news is not sitting well with several businesses and, has caused sleepless nights for some executives, as they come to terms with trying to find ways to adjust in their daily operations. If your business is going to be affected by this proposed legislation, one of the best tools to use, to capture overtime is an ATS time and attendance solution. Payroll is one of the largest expenses of any business, regardless of size and automating employee time and attendance can be a good first step to controlling overtime.

Through the use of an ATS Time and Attendance solution, here are some ways your business can control overtime:

Overtime Equalization: In the retail, hospitality and healthcare space, overtime is almost unavoidable and that’s due, in large part to the nature of these industries. Therefore, accurately tracking and paying the correct overtime is paramount. ATS Overtime Equalization solution provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as labour, overtime, and attendance. Real-time alerts notify managers when performance thresholds are breached; helping prevent labour issues such as excess overtime, budget variances and compliance violations.

Choose The Right Data Collector: Not all employee time clocks are created equal and, so selecting an employee time clock is as important as making sure you have the right time and attendance software for your organization. For example, putting a fingerprint reader in a very dusty environment or food processing plant, for is a recipe for disaster. ATS Time and Attendance data collectors are fully optimized, feature-rich employee self-service platform and are capable of serving the full spectrum of your requirements. Through the use of ATS time clocks, your business is transformed into “On the Spot” information that helps managers and supervisors control overtime and keep jobs on time and within budget.

How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

Real-Time Business Analytics: If a business is not using the right tools to control overtime, this can lead to an unhealthy balance-sheet. And, when left unchecked, overtime can become an uncontrollable payroll nightmare. While not completely unavoidable, reining in unnecessary overtime is critical to bringing down expenses and ensuring the most effective use of labour resources. ATS Time and Attendance Analytics allow for a complete view of your business landscape and includes actual versus budget hours. The intuitive dashboard contains future schedules, and alerts managers of preventable overtime situations and incidental overtime occurrences.

Bottom-line, getting a handle on your company’s overtime should be an important first step but the impact of overtime extends far beyond a balance-sheet. Controlling overtime is a healthy strategy for financially sustainable organizations in uncertain times.

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How To Streamline Payroll And Avoid The High Cost Of Overtime

The advancement in technology has made many things possible, from accessing e-mail through smart-phones, downloading hundreds of apps for just about everything, to navigating traffic with the use of a GPS. To stay ahead of their competition, many businesses have adopted the use of a time and attendance system. Why? Because, automating paper-time sheet, saves time, money and above all, allows payroll and HR managers to focus on other important tasks.

For today’s businesses dealing with a global economy means leveraging technology, by automating manual business practices. ATS time and attendance streamlines paper time-sheets, increase productivity and makes shareholders happy. After all, who wants to waste resources by pulling extensive reports from a variety of out-dated software packages and spread sheets? And if all your competitors have adopted technology to capture employee hours, you certainly don’t want to be the lone company still struggling with a paper-based punch clock.

One of the main reasons cited by customers, about their decision to implement a time and attendance system, includes, ATS time and attendance system’s ability eradicate paper and fewer complaints by employees about missing hours on their pay cheques.

In an era, where the benefits of leveraging the right technology can help a business grow, you do not want to be the lone company that’s left, all by itself, using antiquated tools of yesteryear.

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The Benefits Of Workforce Management Training

August 14th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog | Web-Based Time and Attendance Software | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on The Benefits Of Workforce Management Training)

It has been said that implementation is the bread and butter of any time and attendance project and while this is true, the same should be said for training. It’s therefore, not uncommon for us to get request for additional training, from our customers, several months after the system deployment. Whether you’re operating in locally, regionally or on a global scale, day-to-day business processes are often time-consuming. And, if your company is one of the few still using some kind of antiquated punch clocks, chances are its costing valuable time and money to operate that way. With ATS Time and Attendance Training, learn how to use built-in modules that are designed to address these pain points and drive better business performance.

Why is training so important? Well, if your departmental managers/supervisors are not fully trained, chances are you will not gain user acceptance, which means they will not use the system. For example, some companies will wait to train end-users prior to going live. To get the best out of your time and attendance system, we suggest, preparing users who will need to perform edits on a daily basis with training as part of the business management process overview. This ensures that employee productivity does not take a nose dive after go-live and business operations continue without disruption.

To help your employees gain a thorough knowledge of ATS time and attendance system, ATS offers several hands-on training programs. These programs address the unique needs of your departments and covers specific requirements within the software. The training programs will teach you not only program functionality, but more importantly, how to use the system to the benefit of your organization.

On-Site Training –ATS offers on-site training for customers who prefers that their users be trained at their facility. On-site training classes allow the flexibility of adapting the class duration and training topics to those most applicable to your company’s environment, while also allowing for the training of multiple users without asking them to travel away from their work environments.

On-Demand Learning –offers the convenience of Internet-based sessions that are available whenever you are. All you need is a computer, and high-speed Internet connection. On-Demand Learning is an ideal way to review material, acquaint new hires with basic software skills, and with the aid of an ATS professional train your staff in remote offices.

Lunch and Learns- are fee-based 1-hour real-time training sessions on various topics of the ATS TimeWork product. You will walk away learning a specific task or understanding a feature that you can immediately use in your daily work. We hold them monthly and have a full schedule available

Very few companies can effectively use a time and attendance right out of the box. It must be modified to suit the business requirement of an organization. So, if you are in the market for a new system, then make sure sufficient time is set aside for training. That’s one ROI you cannot afford to overlook.

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The Benefits of Workforce Management Training