Best-in-Class Workforce Management Software from Industry Experts

The speed of globalization, the US Fiscal Cliff, shareholders seeking quicker return on investment and intense competition are creating challenges for many of today’s organizations. Business executives are looking to the advancements in technology to streamline business processes. To leverage their time and attendance investments, organizations need to choose solutions, that meet their core business needs today and also flexible, enough to meet their requirements tomorrow.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a robust application designed for mid to large enterprises that adapts to the changing needs across various industries. At the core of our solution is a built in functionality that integrates to human resources, payroll, supply chain management and enterprise resource planning applications.  ATS TimeWork empowers organizations to anticipate and embrace change thereby, enhancing productivity. One of the advantages to deploying ATS time and attendance on-demand is that software updates are free and will not disrupt your business operations.

 Why Should Your Company Choose ATS TimeWork On-Demand?
The deployment of TimeWork On-Demand gives business a distinct advantage of the next generation time and attendance software that easy to use, with enhanced security, and functionality. ATS TimeWork On-Demand provides real benefits to organization that need a solution with a quick ROI, 24/7 access, and reduced payroll costs.

TimeWork On-Demand Functional Features:

  • True cloud deployment
  • Adapts to your business as it evolves
  • Supply chain, human resources, talent management and payroll integration
  • Real-time reporting, business process workflows and labour
  • Access the solution from any web browser at anytime
  • Configurable to multiple countries and business processes
  • Multi industry compatibility

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