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The headline has a nice ring to it and its one that some project leaders like to cling to, but in reality, when installing an employee attendance system, consideration should be given to how that system is going to function after 5 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to stretch as much as possible- however, expecting your investment in a time and attendance solution to live far beyond its useful life is a sin we have, all committed at some point or another.

If your company likes the idea of an installed product that leaves you worry-free of software licenses and server updates, then you might be better off with a cloud-based solution. And with cloud technology, you get:

Data Integration: Easy integration to ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Payroll and HRIS makes your employee time management worth the investment. Not to mention it also cuts down on manual data entry.

Visibility:  Up-to-the-minute labor and business analytics and the best part, elimination of paper-based time-sheets.
Scalable: Configure and add modules as you need them
Updates:  Software delivered, requiring no additional costs
Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs
Anytime, Anywhere:  Just imagine being able to access your data from any workstation or mobile device 24/7, 365 days a year? Now, that’s what we call modern technology.
Global: Multi-site, multi-subsidiary workforce intelligence scales as you grow.

ATS On-Demand helps growing businesses to cut their IT and payroll costs, access their time and attendance data from anywhere and improve operational excellence.

To learn more or to view a demonstration, go to our website.

Just Install And Forget It

Finding the right software solution for your organization can be a daunting task. If the robustness of the product and its ability to scale with your business, as you grow, is secondary to price, chances are, you will be stuck with the “run of the mill” solution that will likely not last very long. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” is very true when shopping for a time and attendance solution. Now, while it is also true that there are some similarities with time and attendance software, we suggest you dig deeper. Doing so will ensure that you have the right solution for many years. When the time and attendance you choose, is combined with unwavering service, that’s when you know, you know you made the right decision.

Here is what sets ATS apart from the “Run Of The Mill”:

Flexible and easy-to-use
We take a painstaking approach to configuring your data the right way the first time around. To that end, we take time to ask you the right questions. You now have a solution that you can access from any smart phone or workstation with Internet access at any time, anywhere. Want to know if your employee has arrived at work when they should? No problem! We can set up instant alerts to trigger your smart phone or workstation upon employees’ arrival — all done in real-time. Now, that’s what we call real workforce management solution!

Scalability like you have never seen before
Can the ATS time and attendance solution scale flexibly to quickly meet new or changing demands? Oh yes, it can! In addition, ATS time and attendance makes it easy to add new subsidiaries or locations to the system— whether they are in Quebec, New York, Toronto, Fort McMurray or Windsor, without disrupting your day to day business operations. And, here is the best part, you can start with the basics of employee time tracking and then add modules like: business intelligence, benefit accruals, employee self-service, workforce planning, forecasting & budgeting, job costing and ERP & payroll data integration. 

Data visibility in real-time and on-the-spot reporting
ATS time and attendance in built on the foundation of accurate reporting analytics. The intuitive audit trails gives a history of employee hours, project costs and user access rights and helps senior management in their day-to-day and strategic decisions making. Embedded within ATS time and attendance database structure is an operational business intelligence solution designed to provide easy access to consistent data so you can react quickly to revenue and cost-saving opportunities. ATS time and attendance workflow features self-service interactive dashboards, combined with operational key performance indicators (KPI’s) that measures workforce productivity against business forecast to bring about desired results.

So, if you are looking to maximize productivity and profitability across your organizational departments, go to our website to download a demonstration of the ATS time and attendance. You can also join the conversation with our LinkedIn business group or follow us on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook.


Flexible, Easy To Use And Built To Last

Isn’t It Time You Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity?

September 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Employee Self Service | ERP | Leave Management | Overtime Equalization | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Isn’t It Time You Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity?)

There have been countless studies conducted on human beings resistance to change. It’s also not surprising that even the proponents of change also have their own resistance to the very thing that they are advocating for-change. However, we will leave this debate and the study on the psychology of change to experts in said field.

If your organization suffers from a culture of keeping the status quo, here is the good news!  ATS provides a new approach to the way attendance tracking and workforce management solutions are designed, built, and used. ATS time and attendance software helps companies maximize productivity in every area of its organization, through any smart-phone or workstation with Internet access. If your company needs convincing of the benefits of an ATS time management solution, we have the built-in- tools that can inspire your management team to innovate and think differently about your business in the 21st century. At your next management meeting, ask the senior management team to visualize the following:

A workforce management system that encompasses, employee scheduling, time tracking and HR functionality in addition to:

  • Exploring big data analytics through ATS report generator to tap into job costing, attendance trends and overtime equalization, thus, eliminating the need to use disparate systems to understand true payroll and operating costs.
  • The automation, managing and tracking of leave management policies. ATS Workforce Absence allows you to manage your company’s time-off requests policies through an intuitive employee self-service automated tool.
  • ATS time and attendance simplifies local, regional, multi-sites and global workforce management with built-in work and pay policies configuration tools in a robust and single, best-in-class driven, application. ATS time and attendance also allows you to adhere compliance risks through seamless integration with today’s advanced; CRM, ERP, Payroll, Recruitment Management and HR solutions.

By now, we imagining that your senior management team is jumping with excitement at the prospect of being able to access reports in a flash and having the right tools to track, manage and analyze employee time and attendance. Invariably this will free up the time of departmental managers and allow them to focus on other areas of the business that directly impact company growth instead of wasting time on manual tasks.


To learn or download a brochure for your management team and invite them to join a live webinar. To speak to an account executive, call us at 866.294.2467.

Isn’t It Time You Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity?



Most payroll and HR managers instinctively know that a time and attendance system is critical for eradicating manual tasks and will decrease the amount of time they spend each calculating employee hours. While it’s no surprise that some of the prospective customers we interact with are still using time sheets, what we find most surprising is even after these companies understand the benefits of automation we still see a lack of urgency to improve those systems?

Cloud-based time and attendance is no longer viewed as a “flash in the pan” and are now being deployed daily, in the market-place, with a high degree of success. Companies who previously did not see the need to automate, and are now using a time and attendance system with a great deal of success, have not only embraced its numerous benefits but are now spreading the word to their business counterparts in droves.

Here are 5 ways that adopting a time and attendance will help improve your business:

Employee Scheduling
ATS Workforce Scheduling helps companies connect qualified employees to the jobs that are aligned with their skill-set. The integrated scheduling module shows managers all relevant information while scheduling employees. Schedules can be changed on-the-fly to match the employee skills needed to each schedule, job or project. It’s an intuitive tool that will improve productivity and track employee availability.

Reduced Payroll Costs
ATS time and attendance integrates to all third-party applications including; Payroll, ERP, Accounting & Financial, Warehouse Management, Job Costing and Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. One of the key advantages of a time and labour solution is that it can help managers to identify attendance patterns and can significantly reduce the costs involved in administrative errors and providing the real-time labor analytics you need to control payroll costs.

Accurate Collection of Data
ATS time tracking solution automates the time collection process and applies your company’s payroll policies including, premium pay, rounding and overtime. ATS TimeWork provides real-time alerts to instantly calculates hourly totals and with an embedded export facility for payroll processing.

Effective Workforce Analytics
ATS time and attendance software provides plethora of data analytics including, human resources reports, attendance reports timecard reports and payroll reports. This helps decision makers – to monitor key metrics and make informed decisions.

Employee Self-Service
With ATS employee self-service, you can initiate the workflow notification. Supervisors can easily stay on top of time off requests, reporting, attendance notifications, timecard approvals, and exceptions that require timely action.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of automating, wouldn’t it be nice to simply get rid of those spreadsheets? ATS TimeWork automates and facilitates the management of employee time, and since payroll is the single largest controllable expense of any company, it begs the question, why delay the implementation of a solution that can actually save your company money?

To learn more, go to our website. And to speak to an account executive, call us at 866.294.2467.

 The Cost Of Doing Nothing Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Business

We have espoused the virtues of time and attendance and its tremendous benefits numerous times on this space. We have also described our software solution as robust simple, powerful and affordable. The right time and attendance solution can help transform business operations. TimeWork On-Demand is such a cloud-based timeand attendance solution that provides broad functionality and is delivered in a manner that minimizes complexity.

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, your managers can view employee attendance records online, receive alerts and respond to personal time off requests (PTO) all at the click of a button. And there’s more. With a plethora of workforce management software tools at your fingertips; you can forecast, plan and schedule employees according to business needs. ATS provides an implementation methodology that’s been used by thousands of customers over many years.

So What Should You Expect From Your Vendor?

Software Simplicity
A software application that’s difficult to navigate should not even be considered. If the intent of the software is to help streamline business process, then why should it be difficult to use? In actuality, this defeats the purpose. TimeWork On-Demand eliminates many of the barriers that prevent companies from implementing a time and attendance solution; moreover, TimeWork On-Demand has the tools that will help executives to remain focus on their core business while leaving the workforce analytics aspects to us.

While we are proponents of easy to use software, we also believe your software should be able to grow with you. TimeWork On-Demand has leverages deep core functionality that has been in use for over 25 years and is installed at thousands of customer sites. With ATS TimeWork you have everything in one robust an integrated workforce management solution to manage your business and decrease operational costs. ATS time and attendance eliminates the need for paper-based time sheets.

Data Integration Your Way
Integrating to your existing payroll, CRM, ERP, or HR systems with ATS TimeWork On-Demand is an easy process.  ATS cloud-based data integration tools that allows companies to access data in formats that they are use to.

Exceptional Implementations
This is where the rubber meets the road.  You can expect a dedicated implementation specialist who will guide and coach you through the entire process.  This will include system configuration validation, data integration process execution, preparation of user-acceptance testing, execution and flawless deployment.

Unwavering Customer Experience
From the first time we talk, you will be in constant communication with employees who has deep knowledge our product and the industry. After sales assistance is handled by highly experienced technical support personnel who will always be available whenever you need them.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand was designed to help you reduce complexity, get up and running quickly, and decrease on-going operational costs. Over the years, we have talked to thousands of companies about their time and attendance needs. That is why TimeWork is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your organization’s workforce management software strategy – allowing customers to match our solutions with specific business processes and workflows.

Want to automate your time and attendance business process? Go to our website or join our LinkedIn Business Group.

Here Is What You Should Expect From Your Time and Attendance Vendor




The story of Goldilocks and the three bears is a fabulous children’s fairytale about choices. Its equivalent in the world of business automation choices, translates to the same thing. In choosing a time and attendance solution, some companies focus on their size as oppose to their requirements. While the size of your company (and in particular, number of employees) should not be left out of the equation, focusing on the actual requirements is a good barometer, for finding the right solution.


For example, the requirements of a company with 90 employees might include; job costing, three different company structures, separate collective agreements, 2 locations with different pay rules and separate payroll interfaces. A company with 300 employees might have all employees housed at the same location with work rules that are similar in nature across all departments. While this is not always the case, focusing on your company’s requirements will go a long way.


With a plethora of time and attendance systems to choose from, how do you find the solution for your business?  ATS TimeWork is a robust time tracking solution designed for mid-size and enterprise-size businesses. The solution is highly configurable and is flexible enough to grow and change as your business evolves. ATS TimeWork is easy to learn and use and in addition, to tracking employee time and absences, it can help analyze data to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities.  ATS TimeWork can integrate to variety of software applications including: Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).


Whether you are looking to streamline payroll costs for the first time or looking to change from your current system, using the proper time and attendance software for your business is important.  Your time management system should be capable of managing the most basic functions as it relates to your company and, at the same time, be flexible enough to evolve with your business. 


The Goldilocks methodology of trying out each bowl of porridge until she found the right one, lends credence to sampling your software in advance. However, by openly sharing your company’s requirements, you will save time by quickly figuring out which solution is right for your company.


To learn more, go to our website and download a demonstration of ATS TimeWork.

Choosing A Time Tracking Solution Using The Goldilocks Methodology


The term “bite off more than you can chew” is as relevant in the world of business automation as it is in just about every area of life. And to quote one of ATS longest tenured and most senior internal programmers; “time and attendance was intended to be easy and not the overly complicated application it appears to be today. While I understand that times have changed, the fundamentals remains the same. The original intent was to track employees time through the use of a software.” If that’s the case, then why do some businesses insist on a myriad of bells and whistles when in fact, only a tiny portion of the application is used.

While ATS advocates the use of additional modules as your business grows, our approach has always been to use what comes with the system or take the simple approach when automating attendance. If it’s insufficient, by all means, add modules and expand the use of your system. Of course, some companies want to make sure they are “getting the best bang for their buck” hence, the inquiry for bells and whistles at the outset. If that’s the case, then by all means go ahead. So what should you do if you are either thinking of buying a workforce management solution for the first time or changing to a new one? Here are some things to look for:

Scalability-Does this new system has the ability to grow with your business? For example, what if you were to add locations in Saskatchewan, New York and Vancouver in the next two years? Is this new system capable of handling work rules in those different jurisdictions?

Integration-How flexible is this system? If, for example you were about to purchase a payroll system that does not allow for third-party integration, unless it’s with the vendor’s preferred partner, find a different vendor. No company should be tied to propriety software that does not allow for data integration. That’s a 1980s type of mentality by a tiny number of software vendors, who are slowly shrinking into oblivion. The best software companies, today allow for integration into their applications, whether its; CRM, ERP, HRIS, Time and Attendance or Payroll Software.

Keep it Simple-If you have determined that the company you are about to choose can meet your business requirements and grow with you, then that’s a good start. Hold off the desire to implement everything under the sun. If the original intent is to track employee time, get reports in real-time and have the data be sent to your payroll software electronically, start there. The 200 plus reports, benefit accruals, job costing, employee scheduling, business intelligence and bevy of software modules can be added later on.

Deployment of a time and attendance should, at the very least be simple to implement, use and understand. That said, it is important to not be complacent when understanding the long-term implications and risks of whatever path you may choose. A company with deep expertise will help ensure that these tradeoffs and risks are objectively considered as part of your time and attendance and implementation process. And that’s where ATS deep expertise comes in.

To learn about ATS follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or through Google Plus. And for a demonstration of ATS TimeWork go to our website.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Outpace The Competition By Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in ERP | Time and Attendance On-Demand | Time Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Outpace The Competition By Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance)

The foundation of a time and attendance system is in its ability to accurately capture employee data thereby, providing efficiency. More importantly, the data needs to be assimilated and allow functional users across departments or locations to share information in a common, standardized way. But the time it takes and the vastly different approaches can sometimes leave decision-makers bamboozled, when it comes to time and attendance. In the world of heavy competition, companies are looking to increase profits, streamline payroll costs and stay ahead or at the very least, inline with their competitors. And, what better way to do that than to deploy a cloud-based solution.

Cloud computing staying power has defied even its most ardent detractors. And now, decision makers are quickly realizing the benefits of deploying a cloud-based time and attendance system, backed by unwavering support just makes good business sense.

An ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance provides the following benefits to give you that competitive edge:

Faster deployment: ATS TimeWork On-Demand is progressively faster to deploy. There is no need for expensive Servers or installing patches on your workstation. You can access the software from any device that has an Internet access.

Data Integration:  ATS TimeWork has the built in flexibility to integrated with applications that include: Talent Management, HRIS, Payroll, ERP and CRM. Part of our ability to integrate with just about any software comes from ATS TimeWork On-Demand robust technology so third-party applications can connect and integrate with our ever evolving cloud platform.

Unified Solution: Our time and attendance promotes business innovation. The solution automates the entire lifecycle from process to pay cheque. In addition, ATS cloud-based time management solution allows you to manage all your time capture in real-time.

If you are ready to deploy a time and attendance application, that’s steeped in innovation, go to our website and take a test drive. To arrange a personalized demonstration, call us at 1.866.294.2467.

 Outpace The Competition By Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

Webinar| How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth

March 16th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Cloud Based Time Management Solution | ERP | Payroll | TimeWork | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Webinar| How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth)

Topic:  How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth
Date:    Friday, March 21, 2014
Time:   1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (10:00a.m.-11:00 a.m. Pacific Time)

Getting an accurate view of the business is often a challenge for growing businesses. Data is often fragmented across multiple systems and spreadsheets are time-consuming, error-prone and hard to maintain. ATS TimeWork time and attendance, gives manufacturers the power of real-time reporting and analysis—integrated right into Payroll, ERP and HR applications that managers use every day—to drive true operational insights.

In this live product demo, you will learn how to ATS TimeWork manages the complexities of job tracking, providing anytime anywhere visibility into all aspects of the business.

You will learn how to:

  • Obtain real-time reporting analytics
  • Track employee time against jobs
  • Power of an automated workforce management software vs spreadsheets

Who Should Participate
Plant Managers, VPs of Finance, Financial Controllers, HR and Payroll Managers

To register, go to our website.




Increase customer service with an agile software solution

February 20th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Employee Scheduling | ERP | HRIS | Overtime | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Increase customer service with an agile software solution)

In the highly competitive retail industry, business executives must attract the best people, efficiently hire them, rapidly train them and retain them. Superior service can often be the distinguishing factor in achieving market growth and increasing revenue.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance solutions help retailers automate; scheduling, attendance management, forecasting, accrual benefits, and workforce analytics to accelerate revenue and customer service. Mobile solutions that includes the ability to access their schedules from anywhere, at anytime will empower your employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs, increase customer interaction, and communicate from the floor or from remote locations. 

Solution Benefits:

Build optimal schedules- based on demand, government regulations, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and employee preferences
Employee data collection—Collect employee hours in real-time to ensure adherence to schedules and job assignments.
Adhered to labour laws-improve productivity, streamline payroll costs, and minimize compliance risk
Tracking of overtime- Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.
Integration of data-integrate employee time and attendance data with enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources information systems (HRIS), and payroll systems.

ATS workforce management software for retail improves scheduling for small and large scale organizations. ATS TimeWork provides an effective solution that’s based on an accurate labour forecast and automates your entire workforce’s employee time and attendance processes.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance retail solutions, register for one of our free webinars. To view a demonstration, go to our website or call us at 1.866.294.2467.

 At the pay desk