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Managing paid time off can be a difficult undertaking, for companies who are tracking it the old fashion way through; a variety of spreadsheets and disparate systems used by different supervisors who each have their own method of tracking time off.

But this type of tracking can only take you so far. Because when it comes to proper compliance of labour laws in many jurisdictions, those spreadsheets and the archaic methods of tracking paid time off (PTO) won’t help. Why? Because many provinces and states throughout Canada and the US have stepped up their compliance investigations and, as such, many organizations have found themselves facing increased risk of scrutiny and financial fallout.


Here are three ways to effectively track and manage your workforce paid time off policies:

 Automate the Process
Instead of manually tracking employee time off requests through spreadsheets and other outdated processes, you should think about deploying a time and attendance solution. ATS time and attendance will become an important part of protecting your business from penalties. ATS TimeWork will help your company stay on track, and stores the documentation you will need in case of a payroll or attendance audit.

Intuitive Absence Tracking
ATS Absence Request is fully configurable tool accompanied by full complement of analytic reporting that can be assigned to any type of absence including; family leave, (maternity and paternity) long and short term disability, jury duty, sick days, vacation and unlimited flexibility and code options that can be tailored to any company regardless of industry. And best of all your employees can punch in and out through a mobile device, kiosk/touch screens and/or biometric time clocks.

 Integrate to Payroll, Human Resources or Enterprise Resource Planning
ATS Absence Request can be easily exported and imported into many existing management systems. Data can be imported into payroll to ensure proper payroll tracking for personal time off (PTO) days are taken in accordance with correct payouts for those days. By deploying ATS Time and Attendance and taking advantage of the Absence Request module, you immediately eliminate human error that comes with tracking employee absence manually.

With ATS Absence Request you can transform tedious, time consuming everyday tasks into intelligent, efficient processes that drive business insight.

To learn more go to our website and download a demonstration. To reach an account executive by phone, call: 866.294.2467.

You’ve devoted the better part of a year espousing the importance a workforce management solution to replace your company’s, current manual process. You provided senior leadership with return on investment (ROI) charts, various business cases including tips on how you plan to phase in the implementation. And, finally after what seems like years in the making, you got the word that the executive management team has approved the project. You can finally rejoice you’ve got the power! Now what?

You’ve Project Has Been Approved And You’ve Got The Power! Now What?

Select a project lead (preferably someone in HR, finance and/or payroll) and if that happens to be you-that’s even better, and start by; reviewing, collecting, and discussing the type of data you want in your new system. Also, you should assemble your project team and start your discussion with some of the following questions:

Project Plans

  • How long is this going to take to implement?
  • How bad is your current, employee data capture?
  • What work needs to be done?
  • How many functional users need access to the software?
  • Do you have a list of the most pressing items that needs to be addressed?

Data migration is an important step that should not be overlooked. After all, since you about to deploy a workforce management solution, you should avail your company with the 21st century tools that complements the product.

Data Migration and Analytics

  • Other than your payroll, ERP, CRM and HRIS software are there any other interfaces that will be required?
  • How much history are we going to migrate and do we really need all that history or can we save it in the cloud or a disc?
  • Are there specific reports that will be of value to your everyday life and if so, what are they?

The “training wheels” will, have to come off at some point, which means you and other functional users will have to start making use of the training that you were provided during the implementation. Hopefully, your trainer is readily available to answer your questions and provide additional support as needed.

Post Project

  • Does the project lead (that’s you) remains the main point of contact?
  • Who’s going to be your back-up when you are on vacation?
  • Are all functional users fully trained?

For tips on how to successfully deploy a workforce management solution, go to our website. You can also register for a weekly webinar or download a pre recorder demonstration.


Organizations face many challenges, including; retaining a competitive edge, managing employees and keeping them productive and motivated, keeping cost low and increasing customer satisfaction. And, with all this to manage, you are likely not thinking about the negative impact your current time and attendance is having on your business. Here are five ways, your time and attendance system may be having a negative impact on your business:

Your company is losing money
If your current time and attendance is paper-based, there is no doubt you are wasting money by having someone manually calculate employee time, vacations, statutory holidays and host of other things that could easily automated. If you are using some off the shelf or outdated time and attendance solution, you will, at some point, have to pay for new versions, annual maintenance and software bug fixes. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could have a solution that did not include these ongoing costs?

Limited Choices
You believe that the current version you have works. In other words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Sometimes, these words tend to be the last ones uttered before the system breaks down, or you come to the realization, that your system is not keeping pace with your business.

Do You Feel Trapped With Your Time And Attendance System?

Lack of Integration
Let’s say you have a mid-size company with 500 employees, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a time and attendance solution that’s intuitive, and can integrate to your; financials and job costing, payroll, human resources information system (HRIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM)? Moreover, your company cannot take advantage of real-time analytic reporting if you are using an outdated time and attendance solution. A 21st century cloud-based time and attendance solution connects to mobile devices and is available from anywhere, at anytime propels your business further and provides greater efficiency.

Upgrading will be a piece of cake or, so you think
Upgrading can sometimes cost the same as what you spent a few short years ago on a new time and attendance system. Also upgrading to a new solution will likely require stakeholders to ensure the business requirements are met. After all, your business requirements have likely changed from a few years ago when you first implemented the solution. In short order, that quick upgrade you were going to get, might end up lasting longer than you had planned for.

Customized System
If your current system is customized, it can create problems with upgrading or its ability adhere to bug fixes – more often than not, this can lead organizations to defer upgrades, sometimes indefinitely. Who wants to be stuck with a time and attendance system that is so heavily customized that it prevents a company from taking advantage of newer versions? With an ATS cloud-based time and attendance upgrades are built-in and takes place without interruption to your company’s business operations.

Deploying a best-in-class time and attendance solution based on today’s technology, enables businesses in various industries, to adhere to multi-jurisdictional and legal compliance differences at the local, provincial, federal and state level. ATS TimeWork OnDemand provides real-time visibility, streamlines payroll costs, increase workforce productivity and gives you access to multiple levels of consolidated reporting and enterprise-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all displayed in real time, on dashboards.

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Your Company’s Policy States It Will Not Deploy A Cloud Solution. Really? But Why?

April 14th, 2016 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | customer relationship management | ERP | Web-Based Time and Attendance | Workforce Analytics - (Comments Off on Your Company’s Policy States It Will Not Deploy A Cloud Solution. Really? But Why?)

It easy to become fearful of the unknown or listen to the naysayers when you are not certain-but let’s face it, the cloud is not your average “Johnny-come-lately” solution. In fact, it has been around for quite sometime despite the forecast of its demise by a few. And, much to the chagrin of the few doubters, it has not only endured, but has also won over the hearts and minds of many businesses executives who previously thought it was a fad.

Jo Bennett, contributor for Gartner, (the research and advisory firm) penned an article titled “Why a No-Cloud Policy Will Become Extinct” The article, states in part; “Businesses initially stepped gingerly toward the cloud, experimenting with low-risk applications. Today, applications for office productivity and CRM are tried and tested, and use cases are constantly developing in a wider sphere of mission-critical areas.”

Your Company’s Policy States It Will Not Deploy A Cloud Solution. Really? But Why?

Security has always been the concern for some businesses (understandably so) when weighing, the pros and cons of a cloud-based versus an on-premise solution. And so, on the topic of security the article continued; “Security concerns are most frequently the reason organizations avoid public cloud services. The reality is that cloud service providers typically have the ability to support more effective security systems and platforms than are practical for most individual businesses.”

ATS best-of-breed cloud-based time and attendance has helped thousands of businesses capture employee data in real-time with award-winning employee time clocks, and data integration capabilities to ERP, Payroll and HR applications. With ATS cloud-based time and attendance you get up-to-the-minute business intelligence, operational excellence and increase agility with a single global application that aligns to your business processes.

To learn more about ATS Cloud-Based Solutions or to read testimonials from some of our customers, or to download a free demonstration, go to our website.

Cloud-Based time and attendance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and host of other workforce management and human capital management software applications have made significant strides in manufacturing operations over the last several years. And, that’s due in part to many executives in the manufacturing industry embracing the many benefits that a cloud-based application brings with it. It is also worthy to note that the manufacturing sector have also had to adapt to global competition in the economic slowdown of recent years. In short, when your competitor is consistently outpacing you by using new and technology, thus, increasing their profits, wouldn’t you want to find out why and how?

Manufacturing Operations Will Improve Their Bottom-Line By Embracing The Cloud

Global market research and intelligence firm IDC released its 2016 prediction aptly titled “Top 10 Manufacturing Predictions For 2016: The Cloud Enables Greater Customer Centricity”. In no particular order, we have listed the following 3 predictions:

“In 2016, 20% of Manufacturers Will Begin to Break Down Organizational Silos, Reshape IT Portfolios, and Import New IT Talent in the Plant for Digitally Executed Manufacturing. IDC predicts that rigid, centralized factory control systems will start to give way to decentralized intelligence as machine-to-machine communications start to hit the factory floor. To support this transformation, IDC says that a new generation of technology-savvy and technology-empowered workers, with information available at their fingertips, will be needed.

By the End of 2016, 65% of Manufacturers Will Have Metrics in Place to Evaluate and Drive Pervasive Changes in the Workplace with Their New Technology Investments. IDC predicts metrics associated with 3D printing productivity and security will become more pervasive in 2016. In addition to these, advanced analytics that can recommend which customized product configurations, service bundles, and pricing options are optimal for a given sales cycle will emerge, supporting by cloud-based platforms capable of providing analytics reporting on any device, anytime. Tableau will continue to see adoption accelerate in manufacturing as a result of the myriad of new metrics being created today and in 2016.

By the End of 2017, 50% of Manufacturers Will Exploit the Synergy of Cloud, Mobility, and Advanced Analytics to Facilitate Innovative, Integrated Ways of Working on the Shop Floor. IDC believes that companies will realize the short-term opportunity of using the cloud as the fabric to establish a companywide platform to analyzing data coming from the shop floor and converting it into actionable information for enterprise decision makers. Acumatica, Microsoft AX on Azure, NetSuite, and Plex Systems are cloud-based ERP providers who have experience scaling manufacturing operations starting at the shop floor. A few including Plex have analytics that support shop floor to top floor reporting.”

These predictions are clear indications that all things cloud have changed rapidly and are being embraced by small and large organizations alike. ATS TimeWork OnDemand Manufacturing Time and Attendance solution was designed for industry-leading plant floor to top floor functionality. ATS TimeWork OnDemand delivers unprecedented customer success through a relentless pursuit of time tracking, analytics and data extrapolation through continuous innovation.

To learn about ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution, or to view a demonstration go to our website. And, to speak to a sales consultant call us at: (866) 294-2467.

Manufacturing Operations Will Improve Their Bottom-Line By Embracing The Cloud

Webinar: How Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Have Disrupted the Status Quo

October 20th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Cloud Time and Attendance | ERP | Overtime | Payroll | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Webinar: How Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Have Disrupted the Status Quo)

It was not too long ago that in order to install time and attendance software, mid and large organizations, needed an expensive Server on which, in turn, was managed by the IT department.  In addition, that Server would require updates, patches and licenses every year to remain operational, at proper processing speed and power. Fast-forward to present day and the need to purchase a Server unless, absolutely necessary, on which to host a software application is a thing of yesteryear.

On Friday, October 23rd a couple of our software experts will discuss the transition of an on-premise application to the present-day cloud-based time and attendance. ATS Time and Attendance has helped numerous mid and large organizations (including fortune 500 companies) increase worker productivity, streamline payroll costs, and minimize compliance risks across various industries throughout North America.

In the one hour session, ATS software engineers provide you with answers to:
 The benefits of a unified and integrated; Time and Attendance, Talent management, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and payroll solution in the cloud?
 How ATS Workforce Management Software drives adoption and engagement and our value proposition
 The difference between ATS Time and Attendance and “run of the mill” time tracking systems
 How ATS TimeWork will improve productivity, reduce costs, and minimize compliance risks
 How you can optimize your business with ATS Time and Attendance from punch to paycheque.

Webinar Details:

Date: Friday, October 23, 2015
Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00a.m.-11:00 a.m. Pacific)

To register for this webinar go to our website. You can also join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.

Webinar: How Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Have Disrupted the Status Quo

You Should Make The Cloud Your BFF

October 5th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Cloud Time and Attendance | Employee Self Service | ERP | Forecasting | Overtime - (Comments Off on You Should Make The Cloud Your BFF)

Just imagine for a moment if you could grant employees the ability to submit time-off requests, bank overtime hours and view their schedules from any tablet or smartphone from anywhere at anytime? Beyond that—what if you could completely transform operations, HR and payroll processes by reducing administrative tasks and costs, or establish flexible modern approach to time and attendance processes that support unexpected change? All of this is possible, with one solution from a single vendor.

Discover ATS Attendance On-Demand the most complete set of cloud-based solutions for Workforce Management. When you choose this easy-to-use, robust and flexible solution you get all the time and attendance optimization capabilities you need, plus the added benefits of superior cloud computing technology. With ATS Attendance On-Demand you get a unique set of tools that allow your organization to apply streamline payroll costs and enhance productivity across all departments and locations — thus, enabling you to make more informed decisions. And when you connect your business and your attendance tracking objectives with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, you can be ready for what’s happening now and plan for the future, with a set of embedded predictive analytic tools.

Benefits to making ATS Attendance On-Demand your BFF include:

Reduce cost of ownership
This whole notion of installing software on Servers which have to be maintained by IT is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, your company will realize true savings to your business by eliminating on-premise software maintenance, sensitive hardware, disaster recovery nightmares, expensive licenses, and disruptive upgrades. With ATS Attendance On-Demand your company will no longer have to allocate resources to IT and infrastructure and that allows you to free up capital for other important ventures.

Maximize employee productivity
Today’s workforce is connected to the cloud. Employees do not want to call in to find out when they are scheduled to work, how much overtime they have accumulated or request time-off. And why should they? By leveraging the cloud you can provide your employees with access to the right information where and when they need it and it will help to reduce the need to return to the office for administrative tasks – giving them more time to spend with your customers.

You can rely on best-practices
ATS Attendance On-Demand is deployed in one of the most advanced cloud environments. And, here is the best part you get greater agility, up-to-the-minute attendance data, and hassle-free ownership, but also a multi-layered security strategy that follows best-practice protocols. And, that’s a BFF you can be proud of.

If you want to elevate the productivity of your workforce, you need modern technology.
ATS Attendance On-Demand is a cloud-computing time and attendance application that’s superior to any other in the industry.

To learn more download a demonstration or call us at (866) 294.2467. You can also join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest.

 You Should Make The Cloud Your BFF

If your company is using a combination of a time and attendance system, paper and spreadsheets to calculate employee hours then you do not have a true time and attendance system. AT best, what you have is a punch in/out system. ATS TimeWork gives you an opportunity to bring your plant operations, finance, payroll and HR together by not only sharing information, but by using data in one system to drive the next action in your business process.

Data Integration To Keep You Smiling
ATS real-time two-way data integration between your accounting, payroll, ERP, HR, Talent Management and/or CRM system has never been easier. ATS TimeWork data integration can be installed and be operational in a matter of minutes. This is the kind of integration that gets business executives excited knowing that their employees will no longer have to take 2 days to, calculate, process, and then key data into a software.

21st Intuitive Time Clocks
These are not your 1980’s time clocks that merely track the in and out of employee hours. ATS data collectors helps companies turbo charge time capture like never before. From large screen display time clocks, to biometric FaceScan that allows for “Look and Go” data capture, ATS time clocks gathers and send data in real-time while providing on-the-spot data for analysis. When combined with ATS TimeWork Enterprise, the entire solution is a best-in-class method for collecting time and attendance from anywhere, anytime.

It Gets Better, So Keep Your Dancing Shoes On
Today’s business climate is fiercely competitive and if your company is using a time and attendance solution that lacks the support, you company need it’s time to look elsewhere. Get an edge on the competition with ATS time and attendance to make sure that your most valuable resource – your people – are aligned with a-best-of-breed solution for maximum productivity.  ATS TimeWork is powerful and flexible enough to grow with your business, allowing you to realize a rapid return on investment, while providing the cutting edge capabilities you will need to grow your company today and in the foreseeable future.

To learn more, go to our website. You can also contact us by phone at; 1.866.294.2467.

Now That Have The Right Time And Attendance System, You Can Do Your Happy Dance

We are huge advocates of keeping things simple in your time and attendance business case and deployment strategy. No two businesses are the same and, even companies in similar industries will have a different set of challenges. ATS time and attendance is not a ‘Johnny come lately’ attendance tracking solution. Our workforce management software is an industry-leading solution, loaded with best-of-breed features and steeped with a 20 year history.

Solution Benefits:

ATS TimeWork will replace your spreadsheets- ATS time and attendance will help senior executives, Payroll and HR professionals eradicate the confusion and limitations that comes with using incoherent spreadsheets. ATS time and attendance connects seamlessly to your current ERP, CRM, HRIS, Payroll or Talent Management system and provides beautiful data at your fingertips. ATS workforce analytics provides information in an easy-to-read format that you can share with all stakeholders and take action towards improved productivity.

Business intelligence that makes sense-ATS TimeWork is easy to use and can be implemented in weeks. You simply log on with your user name and password using your preferred browser and voila! And with ATS TimeWork, you can view: employees approaching overtime, vacation requests, budget vs actual and a whole lot more. Want to dig deeper and understand which specific days that certain employees arrive late or calls in sick? No problem! ATS TimeWork can reveal that information.

Your business requirements are complex? That’s ok, we’ve got the answer-as a growing businesses you should make sure that the time and attendance solution you are about to deploy, can grow as your needs evolve. ATS robust time and attendance provides the functionality that your company needs now and in the future. You can activate modules as the need arise to ensure they are being used efficiently. ATS TimeWork is flexible enough to cater to a variety of industries and across many countries ATS TimeWork has the tools to facilitate business requirements from the most complex to the simple attendance tracking across operations.

So, the idea that your business requirements might be complex should not put off the need to deploy a time and attendance solution. A workforce management solution, that makes sense, is robust and comes with deep industry expertise to match, is what you should go for. The whole notion that the most inexpensive solution will match your requirements is nothing more than a myth. Now should you “break the bank” in an attempt to get that matches your requirements? No, but if your solution is being deployed by a vendor with a hands-on approach, with your requirements in mind, then you are on your way seeing a quick return on investment.

ATS TimeWork can perfectly adapt to your organization with little or no customization, ATS TimeWork lowers your costs from inception right through deployment.

To learn more, join Tracey Milligan, Product Software Engineer, and her team on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET for a live and interactive webinar on how to “Automate to Supercharge your Business”.

Complicated Time & Attendance Business Requirements No Problem!



Streamlining Payroll Costs Will Accelerate Your Business

January 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Employee Scheduling | Employee Time and Attendance | Employee Time Clock | HRIS | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Streamlining Payroll Costs Will Accelerate Your Business)

By the mid 1990’s employee time clock systems had become a burgeoning industry throughout the North American manufacturing sector.  As these companies begun to reap the benefits they in turn, ended up espousing its virtue. Capturing employee attendance with time clocks became a must have and other industries jumped onboard deploying the solution at record breaking speed. Fast forward to 2014, time and attendance has evolved into what is now called workforce management solution, an all encompassing application.

Whether you are a global manufacturing organization or mid-size company you have a few things in common with other businesses chief amoung them; remain competitive, increase productivity, be profitable and streamline payroll costs. That’s where an ATS integrated workforce management solution comes in.

With ATS workforce management solution, you can:

Benefit from a leading-edge solution that tracks employee attendance and provides a seamless integration to: Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Payroll software applications. Built to capture the most rigorous work policies of within non-unionized and unionized orientated organizations, ATS workforce management software handles scheduled and unscheduled hours, overtime equalization, stat holiday calculations and real-time workforce analytics.

Track time, absences, and properly schedule your labour resources. The forecasting and budgeting module allows you to forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives. Track adherence to employee schedules and productivity, and adhere to labour laws and pay rules.

Leverage the power of statistical analysis to provide the shape of business over the day, week or several months. ATS workforce management solution removes the worry of maintaining expensive infrastructure and helps companies meet strategic objectives by tying utilization of workforce to organizational goals and business demand.

To learn more, join our user group on LinkedIn. You can also follow us on Twitter or browse through our website or product brochures for more information.

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