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We are honoured to work with some of North America’s leading companies, and have them as customers, in industries such as: retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, hospitality, distribution, health care, consumer goods and construction. A few months ago, one of our newest customers migrated from a paper-based time sheet to our On-Demand Time and Attendance Solution. Our team received a pleasant surprise when this health care customer told us they would be sending us a testimonial two weeks after the system was installed.  What did not surprise us was how fast this customer realized their return on investment.

Helping customers realize their return on investment is what we have been doing for years with our powerful business automation software. The ATS Time and Attendance Solution delivers real time activity based costing and helps to govern and automate the entire process.

The flexible pay rules library allows for 100% automation of rules without costly changes to core code. Hours and wage rule compliance are consistent and automated with alerts when a threshold for violation is approached – providing proactive reconciliation. The employee self-service capability of an ATS Time and Attendance Solution increases productivity as employees and managers spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time focusing on customers. Our business automation software tracks, performance and automatically adjust operations as business and market conditions change. And you can do all of this regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Let’s face it, manual time sheets are a thing of the past.  We also know that whenever data is keyed into a computer from paper time sheets, errors will be made.

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The answer to this question is a resounding yes! We often hear of companies being sued by employees for not paying overtime or for work rule policies that are outdated. Multi-jurisdictional and flexible workforce management software alleviates headaches for employers and pays employees accurately for time worked. A Time and Labour solution that captures statutory holidays, overtime rules, tracks vacation and offers employee scheduling should be embraced. Best of all, it helps companies streamline payroll costs from 1%-5%, and improve productivity.

ATS Workforce Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to meet your labour and reporting needs. ATS delivers an integrated web-based technology solution set that includes:  time and attendance data collection, absence management, employee self-service and reporting and analytics. Our solution helps organizations streamline workforce-related business processes, control labour costs, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

Solution Benefits

  • Highly Configurable and Adaptable – Collective bargaining agreements and work-rule policies can be incorporated with ease
  • Web-Based Technology – This hosted application can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any web browser including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera
  • Data Integration –  The application can integrate to any Payroll, ERP or HRIS software application
  • Employee Self Service –  Allow employees to the ability to: review hours worked, paid time off and request time off
  • Employee Scheduling – Schedule employees based on seniority, preferences, certifications and business volume

Still not sure if a Time and Attendance Software will cure your company’s overtime and labour woes? If your HR manager is spending time on any one of the following, chances are you need a Workforce Management Solution:

1)       Managing payroll and manual calculation of time cards

2)       Responding to employee questions about hours worked on a daily basis

3)       Keying employee hours into a payroll software

Managers should be spending their time on other important company goals such as improving customer service and growing sales.

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One of the hospitality industry’s biggest challenges apart from controlling costs is the ability to schedule the right people at the right to meet business volume. Whether it’s a quick serve chain, a large resort or urban hotel, the inherent challenges mirror each other. In a time of persistent economic uncertainty and intensifying competition, finding the right tools is essential to help control costs, increase revenue, and sustain customer satisfaction.

The ATS Time and Attendance Solution delivers real time activity based costing and helps to govern and automate the entire process from punch to pay. The pay rules library and flexibility allow for 100% automation of rules without costly changes to the core code. Hours and wage rule compliance is consistent and automated with alerts when a threshold for violation is approached – providing proactive reconciliation. The self-service capability of time and attendance increases productivity and managers will spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time focusing on customers.

The ATS Hospitality Workforce Management Software suite provides the following benefits:

  • Tracking of overtime, on-call shifts, premiums and tips
  • Labour forecasting and optimization
  • Employee scheduling by preferences, seniority and certifications
  • Tracking and managing split shifts and location of staff
  • Ability to configure and maintain various collective bargaining agreements through the software code
  • Schedule versus actual labour
  • Recognition of the real hours worked by individual employees
  • Elimination/reduction of manual processes e.g. timesheets and spreadsheets
  • Efficient processes through accurate transfer of data to payroll
  • On the spot human resources and labour reports
  • Accurate alignment of resources with the needs of the business

ATS Workforce Management Software for hospitality enables customers to accurately collect and report time and attendance data for payroll generation and benefits administration, produce enterprise-wide forecasts of upcoming business, calculate staffing requirements, automatically generate optimized schedules that meet forecasted workforce requirements, and extract key workforce and business data.

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We are in an era of budget restraints, cost cutting and reduced work hours for employees. That’s a clear indication that many companies have not escaped the economic slow down.

When employees are asked to work reduced hours they want to be assured they are paid for every working hour. Meanwhile, employers want assurance that their labour costs are in line with expected business volume. Corporate culture notwithstanding, a manual time keeping system does not provide accurate attendance records. Manual collection and calculation of employee hours through time sheets is both cumbersome and time consuming.

Our Time and Attendance system helps you manage your workforce and track employee attendance more efficiently. ATS industry leading, integrated Workforce Management Software, takes into account your organization’s specific requirements, collective bargaining agreements, work rule policies, labour laws and shift patterns. Our software solution enables you to streamline payroll preparation, improve wage and hour compliance, and optimize your labour investment. That, in and of itself, is a tall order for any manual timekeeping system. 

Benefits to using an Automated Timekeeping System:

  • Minimize employee inquiries to HR for attendance and accrual information with Employee Self Service
  • Track and maintain employee attendance records
  • Cost savings through the automatic tracking of attendance,  overtime, and eliminating human errors
  • Eliminate payment for unapproved overtime
  • Accurate payroll calculations assure correct pay for actual hours worked
  • Minimal administrative tasks through the automation of processes
  • Identify exceptions such attendance and absenteeism

The ATS Time and Attendance solution helps simplify employee time tracking by giving you the tools to ensure workforce compliance and also helps streamline your labour costs.  Our workforce suite includes tools to schedule employees based on skills, preferences, availability or other demands of your business. 

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“How much vacation time do I have left? How many hours did I work last week? “Was my vacation approved?”

These are just a few questions that HR managers get asked on a daily basis. In addition to screening, recruiting and a host of other duties, HR managers are often faced with employee questions about hours and benefits. Providing timely responses to these questions have never been easier.

The ATS Employee Self Service module gives employee access to their attendance, vacation balances and a host of other HR related functionality. Employees can access their information such as request time off through a web-browser with their own unique PIN number.

ATS Employee Self Service simplifies the automation of the request-and-response procedure. Employees request time off through the Employee Self Service portal- while supervisors receive a notification of the request, and can approve or deny the request. The time off request process is integrated within our time and attendance system, thereby eliminating paperwork and encouraging communication that can be tracked between employers and supervisors.

Companies using Employee Self Service can have configuration functions of this solution. For example, a company can determine the level of access it grants employees including how they enter their time or view available vacation. An HR or payroll practitioner interested in reducing administrative requests will find that the ATS Employee Self Service helps to streamline HR requests.

Solution Benefits:

  • Secure access and password protection
  • Allows employees to review their own benefit usage and benefit balances
  • Save time and reduce costs by putting employee information and HR processes on the web
  • Streamline HR processes, including benefits enrollment and vacation/sick time
  • Access employee information 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week
  • Reduce the number of phone calls received by HR
  • Employees can view and maintain personal information including, time off and review of schedules
  • The solution can accessed through a web browser such as: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and Google Chrome
  • Eliminates the manual entry of timesheet information into the payroll system.
  • Reduces requests for historical time and attendance information by providing the information to employees online
  • Allows employees to review their own benefit usage and benefit balances

ATS Time & Attendance Employee Self Service empowers employees with 24/7 access to their benefit information. When paired with ATS Workforce Management Software, the Employee Self Service module provides the added convenience of performing a variety of timekeeping employee transactions.

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In today’s competitive landscape, service above all, is often the distinguishing factor in customer retention. Employees at all levels contribute effectively to corporate financial and service goals. However, all too often, managing a cohesive system within an organization, with conflicting goals can present a challenge. Apex Time Solutions can solve these issues with our enterprise time and attendance system across multi jurisdictional operations.

In a somewhat frail economy means companies will be looking for ways to streamline costs and at the same time remain productive. Here are 5 reasons to deploy a time and attendance system:

 Elimination of Manual Process

Our time and attendance makes it easier for supervisors. No more fumbling with paper time cards or relying on the “honour system”. The time and attendance provides early notification of absenteeism and tardiness, allowing corrections to be done early, while events are still fresh in peoples’ minds.

 Workforce Management Software Integration

Our time and attendance monitors the time worked by employees and provides a seamless interface to an ERP or Payroll application. In addition, the time and attendance software includes job costing and the added functionality of online timesheets for remote workers.

Intuitive Time and Attendance Reports include:

Attendance Report, Hours Worked Detail Report, Hours Worked Summary Report, Exceptions Report, Timecard Report, Audit Punch Report, Audit Trail Report, Labour Schedule Report, Schedule vs Actual Report, Labor Summary Report, Payroll Transfer Report, Overtime Report, Labour Report, Payroll Summary Report

Employee Self Service

The ATS time and attendance Software includes employee self-service capabilities. Employees are able to check schedules and hours worked, as well as submit time off requests and provide approvals of hours worked.

Optimize Investment with a Time and Attendance System

We automate all of your workforce management business processes, which means you’ve got end-to-end, full functionality. You can eliminate the manual process, that’s expensive to implement and maintain. It’s a great way to minimize complexity and service costs.

Collecting and analyzing accurate data, reducing labour costs and improving compliance are the key time and attendance strategies for companies today. The ATS time and attendance software is designed to enable you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business while leaving mission-critical technology tasks to us.

Apex Time Solutions workforce management software reduces labour costs by streamlining your payroll process and optimizing your workforce, including scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

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Today’s workforce is different from five or even 10 years ago. Among other things, when employees are applying for jobs, they look for companies that offer flexible work environments. The introduction of an Employee Self-Service Web-Based Time and Attendance System in your organization will put you on the list of “cool” companies to work for.

With Employee Self-Service, employees can see their time cards, submit vacation requests and view their schedules from anywhere they have internet access.  With the built-in workflow, you can configure the view and access for each employee.  This allows you to create a solution that works for all employees across different departments and/or locations.

Giving your employees access to view their leave requests through the Web-Based Time and Attendance Software drastically cuts down on the calls your HR and Payroll Personnel receive about how much time they have left to take. And most of all, you can free up even more time by cutting out all the work that still has to be done in completing paper vacation request forms.

Utilizing Apex Time Solutions Employee Self Service security features, employees can access their information via a kiosk at work, or from their own computer at home. The enhanced feature of ATS Employee Self Service frees valuable time for Payroll Personnel to deal with critical payroll related issues.

Apex Time Solutions Employee Self Service allows employees to view items such as:

  • Paid Time Off-current and history
  • Benefits
  • Skills and Training

 The Web-Based Time and Attendance Employee Self Service also allows employees to edit information in the systems such as:

  • Emergency Contact information
  • Email Address and/or telephone numbers
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Change of Address
  • Personal Information

 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Secure access and password protection
  • Allows employees to review their own benefit usage and benefit balances.
  • Deployed over the Internet or a Company’s’ Intranet
  • Employees can view and maintain personal information including, current and historical pay statements, emergency contacts, dependants and more
  • Look and feel is easily tailored to match your corporate collateral
  • Save time and reduce costs by putting employee information and HR processes on the web.
  • Streamline HR processes, including benefits enrollment and vacation/sick time.
  • Access employee information 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.
  • Reduce the number of phone calls received by HR.

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