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A recent article published by CBC Canada flashed over the web with this eye popping title “Unpaid overtime a growing legal liability.” Overtime has been a hot button issue for some organizations for many years now. In fact, many companies have outdated system from which to capture employee hours, track vacation and statutory holidays.

An excerpt from the article reads, in part, “Mobile technology has helped employers squeeze more productivity out of their employees, but all those hours of work while technically off the clock leaves them open to lawsuits over unpaid overtime, experts warn.

Overtime pay is governed by different standards acrossCanada. InOntario, for example, it must be paid for any work in excess of 44 hours per week. There are exceptions for managerial roles and those in professions like medicine, the law and accounting, but for the most part, employees are legally entitled to excess pay for excess work. 

So, the question remains, can employers track employee time through the mobile phones and avoid overtime issues? The answer is yes. ATS employee time management solution tracks employee hours, benefit accruals and statutory holidays on their mobile device. This eliminates overpayments due to improper time reporting. Beyond simply tracking time accurately, organizational knowledge of employee location provides real-time operational gains.

ATS time and attendance for mobile helps employees view their schedules, request days off and send messages to their supervisors all in real-time. By give employees the autonomy view their schedules, request time off and broadcast their availability to their managers and peers, they are more productive, more reliable and more efficient. The end result, managers can use the business intelligence tools to get updates on who is approaching overtime before it happens.

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