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Yes, it can!  Over the years we have been asked this question many times.  After the implementation of our solution, our customers realize a return on their investment in matter of months. TimeWork is a hosted time and attendance software that allows companies to track overtime, employee attendance, vacations and sick days and calculate work and pay policies.

Our workforce management software offers companies the option to collect employee time and attendance information through data collectors. These include: biometric time clocks (hand punch, facescan and fingerprint readers), online timesheets, barcode, proximity and magnetic time clocks.

There is no software to install
You can access the software from any computer that has Internet access to manage employee hours. TimeWork can be accessed through any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Payroll Calculation
Once configured, the software automatically calculates overtime and works in compliance with work rule policies. In addition, our open database interfaces to a variety of payroll, HR and ERP applications.

Return on Investment
We conducted recent survey of our customers and it was revealed that most companies see a return on their investment in two months or less.

The choices are endless and allow for exporting of report to Excel, PDF, or HTML. Generating a report is a easy with TimeWork.

TimeWork has a range of modules to suit small and midsize businesses as well as enterprise organizations. Our time and attendance software modules include: employee self-service, forecasting, budgeting, job costing, scheduling, benefit accruals and labour analytics.

 Our solutions are designed to help businesses improve compliance and manage their workforce effectively. To read more, go to our website.

With all the hustle and bustle around here, we have not had the chance to let our customers and prospects know that Apex Time Solutions has updated its website!

Our blog page is also new and allows us to share updates about our software and other business intelligence with everyone. We intend to add more functionality to the site with the help of our creative team in the next several months.

The new ATS website contains user friendly content, and provides a better experience for our visitors. It is also easier to get information about our workforce management software and select solutions that match your requirements.

With the new design, we placed an emphasis on specific areas such as, the “contact us” page. We want prospects to be able to reach us quickly, and once they have completed their review of our labour analytics and absence management products.

ATS integrated time and attendance suite saves time, cuts costs and aligns employee performance with a company’s goals. Companies of all sizes are increasingly implementing employee time tracking solutions. It helps you plan, deploy and track your employees and their performance. The result is enhanced productivity and more informed decision-making.

So on behalf of all of us at Apex Time Solutions, we wish you a belated welcome to our new website. Stay tuned!

This is a hard question to answer without knowing more about a company’s culture and their environment. Some companies feel it is unnecessary to track their employee’s time since it might be misconstrued as a lack of trust by management. A few years ago, we received a call from the Director of HR of a 500 employee capacity company that was looking to replace their current system. Their current time and attendance system had been in place for a year. Naturally, we asked why. Their response “we installed several finger print readers across our plant and it has been nothing but a nightmare.” It turns out, the plant was a foundry and they had assurances from their vendor that the hardware would work quite well. In fact, the dust in this particular environment was not conducive to the sensitivity of the fingerprint readers.

Apex Time Solutions typically goes through a series of questions to understand which of our employee time clocks will best suit your company’s environment. During the site survey, our hardware technician further validates which time and attendance data collector will work best at the location in question.

Our workforce management software complements: Bar Code, Magnetic Swipe, Hand Punch, Fingerprint Readers and Facescan Time Clocks. Our time and attendance software provides detailed reports that reveal the number of hours spent on each absence type. The ATS time and attendance reporting allows administrative personnel to help resolve absenteeism by enabling companies to take a proactive stance in dealing with attendance.

Workforce Management Solutions by ATS include time and attendance, absence management, scheduling and labour analytics. To download a report on “Recommended Time Clocks” by industry type Click here. To learn more about Apex Time Solutions go to our website.