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The effect of the 2008 economic downturn has lingered and many companies have had to change the way they operate in order to remain competitive. Rising fuel costs have also forced companies to scale back on growth opportunities. Of course it’s not all bad news as some industries have fared better than others. In an era of austerity measures, organizations must remain vigilant towards their goal of increasing productivity while streamlining costs without affecting customer service.

So, faced with these challenges what should companies do?  A good place to start is by automating mundane business processes. SaaS Workforce Management Software from ATS makes automation a reality.

We remove the complexities involved with recording employee attendance, managing absences and simplifying them. This, in turn, allows companies to focus on their core competencies within their organizations, while we handle the employee time tracking, payroll and HR process. And it’s all delivered with outstanding customer experience throughout the entire product life cycle.

So why choose ATS? Because our solutions are easy to configure, they adapt to complex work rules and pay policies, calculate hours in real-time and can be accessed 24/7 365 days a year through the cloud.

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, retailers are both hopeful and excited. Most retail operations increase their staffing levels in anticipation of business volume. The ATS time and attendance solution helps retail operations keep track of employee attendance, absenteeism and monitors productivity for optimal profitability.

This robust time and attendance solution supports an unlimited number of schedules, as well as, fixed, open and flexible shifts. Employee tracking options include: Online Time Sheets, Web-Time Clocks, Biometric Terminals, Barcode Time Clocks, Magnetic Swipe Clocks, Smart Phones and Tablet PCs which monitor employee time and compile a range of labour analytics reports. Retail operations utilizing the ATS time and attendance solution will easily avoid payroll errors and the inflationary costs associated with mistakes made through manual processes.

Solution Benefits:

Employee Scheduling

ATS integrated time and attendance scheduling application ensures your levels are aligned to business volume. The software helps supervisors schedule the right people in the right place at the right time. The application allows supervisors to schedule by: seniority, skills, certifications, preferences and availability. 


The budgeting module provides supervisors with the tools to review projected vs. actual labour expenses in each department. A variety of intuitive reports help supervisors adjust staffing to align with budgeted hours.


The ATS forecasting module helps retailers track the history of business volume and produce accurate forecasts of future business cycles while simultaneously providing detailed calculations of workforce management requirements. Departments can track data by defining forecast drivers to achieve a set of requirements specifically to that department. The ATS forecasting module provides businesses with technology to develop work schedules that meet business demands.

The ATS integrated time and attendance scheduling application can be set up in less than a week depending on the complexity of the business requirements. The solution is web-based and does not require a company to buy licenses and install software. Instead, companies pay an “as-needed” subscription fee and then access the software from a computer using any web browser.

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