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Our current digital age is moving at breathing taking speed. Blackberry one of the purveyors of emails through a smart phone and a dominate player in its halcyon days was once considered revolutionary. Today, some of its detractors call it yesterday’s story. Who would have predicted 15 years ago that Apple would be the dominant player with a bevy of integrated apps on its smart phones? In the current bacchanalian times of adopting the latest mobile phone or software with the coolest features, the one constant for many businesses is that their software solution must be fully integrated.

 ATS’s time and attendance software is a robust application with electronic workflows that provide seamless data integration across every department. Today’s companies will no longer adopt a software solution that lacks the ability to integrate to their third-party applications. These companies are expanding across city, provincial, state and international borders, delivering products to a higher number of customers than before.

ATS TimeWork is equipped with a powerful functionality including, integrated business intelligence, that provides companies with a 360 degree view across their departments and locations. The flexibility of our solution adapts to various business processes, with a simple cost-effective platform, that is easy to use and fast to implement. Some additional benefits of deploying our time tracking software results in stronger collaboration that enhances productivity and better business insight which, contributes to decreased operational costs.

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