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The digital era has changed the working landscaping and the way most businesses operate. Sales and marketing teams no longer need to be tethered to their desks to get work done. Many businesses have taken advantage of the benefits that this technology affords by leveraging software solutions to help them retain a competitive edge.

One of the best ways to find out if your company has positioned itself to compete in today’s global economy, is by implementing a cloud based workforce management solution. Investing in workforce management software does not have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, if you choose the right solution, the transition can be both affordable and seamless. Before deciding on any workforce management solution, make sure that it facilitates:

Data Integration- When investing in software technology one of the keys to lowering cost should be integration. Before committing to a vendors’ product, companies would be wise to confirm the viability of that product as it relates to integration to other applications. With the advancement of technology, no company should be stuck with a 1980s proprietary software solution. ATS TimeWork On-Demand will ensure that your company is up and running quickly because it seamlessly integrates to third party applications.

Ease-Of-Use– One of the main reasons companies purchase a time management solution is to eradicate manual tasks. However, if extrapolating a simple time and attendance report entails navigating through several screens, chances are, you are not saving time. Look for a solution that is simple, robust and meets your stated requirements.

Deployment– Flashy PowerPoint demonstrations do not equate to successful implementations. ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a cloud-based solution which means there is no need for expensive upfront investments in IT hardware and servers. More importantly, ATS TimeWork On-Demand automatically updates with system upgrade; so you can always be assured that your business is running with the most advanced capability.

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Several months ago one of our account representatives received a request for quotation (RFQ) from a prospective customer. With the help of one of our pre-sales engineers, we pored over the requirements and discovered some inconsistencies with the list.  Upon discussing those findings with the prospect, we discovered that the list of requirements was generated from the quotation of another vendor. Of course, it’s not unusual to find requirements submitted by a prospective customer that were in fact, created by a vendor to sway the customer’s buying decision in their favour. However, what was unusual in this case, is that this particular prospect, had not taken the time to figure out their actual requirements. Without this important piece of information, they could not state what kind of time and attendance system would best fit their needs.

By carefully taking time to write down a list of requirements, customers stand a better chance of avoiding software problems. Choosing the right time and attendance requires a plan. It’s important to note, that despite what you might be told, not all time and attendance applications are created equal.  

Some companies are so caught up on the price that they end up selecting a time and attendance system that lacks the capability to address what they want out of the application. A thorough analysis, including probing questions about how an organization is currently working, can uncover areas for improvement. This is a good starting point that can help in selection of the right employee time and attendance system.

The right time and attendance software can facilitate things like: data integration, labour, employee data collection and business intelligence reports all of which can be extremely beneficial to companies that are looking to streamline business processes. One of the best ways for companies to go about choosing a time and attendance software is to define an implementation strategy.

If companies follow some of this advice in choosing an employee time tracking software, they will quickly realize a return on investment and reap the benefits of the system.

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Thousands of businesses looking to optimize productivity have relied on ATS time and attendance system to help them achieve that goal. ATS TimeWork is a fully integrated time tracking solution that serves the distribution, transportation and logistics industry. ATS time and attendance will automate your business processes and reduce payroll costs with a time and labour solution designed to meet the needs of transportation and wholesale distributors. ATS time and attendance transportation solution provides in-depth capabilities for every area of your business which includes: customer orders, payroll, human resources, warehousing, job costing, overtime equalization and data collection.

Our industry-specific time management system provides managers with real-time data that ensures consistent, cross-functional use across operational departments. The robust application allows users to access labour analytics so they can easily manage wholesale distribution, manufacturing and employee attendance functions.

In addition to powerful functionality, ATS TimeWork time and attendance delivers embedded enterprise-wide features that help elevate your business into a real-time, on-demand organization that is responsive to the needs of your customers.

  • Workflow Automation– Streamline operations and enhance information flow between employees, payroll, department managers and human resources departments.
  • Data Integration– Promote faster, more effective management reporting and decision-making with real-time labour analytic tools.
  • Employee Self-Service-Employees can access their schedules, benefits, and make time off requests.
  • Data Collection- Automatically collect employee hours, verify and upload data in real-time across your business operations.
  • Benefit Accruals– Automatically adds sick time, vacation and other types of leave time to an employee’s account.

ATS time and attendance is scalable, so it can be implemented incrementally or company-wide to support your business processes,  in phases or during growth.

To learn more join the conversation or LinkedIn. You can also view our time and attendance product suite on our website. To speak to one of our time and attendance representatives, call us at: 866.294.2467