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While the era of digitization, the gig economy and flextime have done away with some traditional jobs especially in manufacturing, many have remained. Every job has its own type of stress regardless and what may seem stressful for one person may not affect another person.

Here is a list of the 10 most and least stressful jobs compiled by

Want To Know Which Jobs Are The Most and Least Stressful? Here Is A List

10 Most Stressful Jobs

  1. Enlisted military personnel
    2. Military general
    3. Firefighter
    4. Airline pilot
    5. Event coordinator
    6. Public relations executive
    7. Senior corporate executive
    8. Newspaper reporter
    9. Police officer
    10. Taxi Driver

10 Least Stressful Jobs

  1. Audiologist
    2. Hair stylist
    3. Jeweler
    4. Tenured university professor
    5. Seamstress/tailor
    6. Dietitian
    7. Medical records tech
    8. Librarian
    9. Multimedia artist
    10. Drill press operator

Want To Know Which Jobs Are The Most and Least Stressful? Here Is A ListIf you have an outgoing personality and love working in large groups then go seek a job that matches personality trait. On the other hand, if you are shy and soft-spoken there are jobs are also jobs that matches those traits. Regardless of the job you choose, be mindful that they may require specific education, experience and the necessary qualifications to help you succeed.

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