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Most discussions on the environment tend to be a heated debate. As such, many businesses have embraced the idea of environmental stewardship and their products all of which, reflects their commitment to this cause. A recent study by the IDC highlights how businesses are taking notice of the environment in their own way.

As cloud solutions continue to transform the landscape of IT, companies are becoming more comfortable with this method of deployment. Today, many companies have moved their suite of time and attendance applications to some kind of hosted service and others are likely to follow suit.

ATS cloud time and attendance software has helped organizations derive benefits from a scalable, agile computing environment that also ensures interoperability, portability and mobility.

ATS hosted time and attendance is more flexible than a traditional model, offers cost advantages and frees up server space.

One of the greatest advantages of  ATS cloud time and attendance is that it comes with a lower initial investment, predictable monthly charges, and easy deployment are the few factors which have encouraged small and medium organizations to adopt integrated business structure.

Time and attendance implementation has always been an expensive venture, which has put off many organizations from deploying it.  A cloud time and attendance solution on the other hand, has removed that barrier. Unlike on-premises software there is no upfront investment and the monthly expenses are often predictable and above all, affordable.

By adopting a cloud time and attendance system, companies gain the expertise of ATS technical personnel in multiple areas related to software deployment. Paper waste is one of the biggest contributors to poor environmental practices at businesses, so this benefit should not be overlooked.

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The cloud buzz has not been lost on business executives. The question our account executives hear most of the time is, “How much time is this going to save our payroll department and operational managers?” Implementing an ATS cloud time & attendance system can yield tangible cost reductions in both hardware and IT resources. The ability to review employee data from any device with access to the Internet is one of the most powerful reasons to adopt this solution. There are other compelling reasons to deploy an employee time tracking solution. Some of them include:

The Ability to Make Changes as Required- ATS cloud solution is scalable and flexible to meet today’s rapidly changing business requirements. Adding or removing users can be done on demand and will be reflected in subscription fee. This inherent flexibility is beneficial for businesses that need to quickly change their user base to meet their unique business requirements.

Reduce Dependence on IT Resources- By using our cloud-based time management solution, companies require fewer technical resources to manage the solution. That’s in large part, because ATS manages the software and applies all changes without interruption to customers’ daily operations. This in turn, reduces the strain on a company’s IT resource, allowing it to focus on other relevant tasks within the organization.

Increasing a Company’s Return on Investment- ATS’s SaaS application can be implemented with ease into a company’s day-to-day business. A typical deployment takes a matter of weeks, versus a 60-90 day implementation of an “on-premises” solution. This enables organizations to begin realizing the business benefits earlier, resulting in a rapid return on investment (ROI), and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) over the course of the investment.

Of course the success of any implementation requires a company’s management team’s commitment to the project. The allocation of the proper resources from the company, combined with the deep expertise of ATS implementation team, will result in a successful implementation.

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