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The fast-moving and uncertain global economic environment demands that today’s time and attendance software solutions be user-friendly. In this digital age, people are accustomed to using well-designed applications through smartphones, tablets and other platforms in their personal lives. In business, these same consumers have little patience for vendors that boast about the number of years they have been around, yet, trot out applications that are cumbersome to use and difficult to understand. While functionality remains important, the key for most companies is the usability of the software.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is an integrated workforce management software suite that combines business value, web-based funcationality and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership. TimeWork On-Demand is a best-of-breed solution that runs on Apple iPad, Samsung, Android, Surface tablets and any workstation with Internet access.

Solution Benefits of ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Include:

Data Integration- Upload time entry information to; Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other third-party applications via CSV and other data tables.

Workforce Analytics- ATS workforce analytics provides up to the minute information that makes it easier to access and understand with graphical displays for deeper insight.  This analytic tool was designed with the user in mind, allowing them access a variety of labour metrics and to seamlessly, navigate through relevant data with ease of use.

Employee Self-Service- Through the use of ATS TimeWork On-Demand employee portal, employees can view daily timecards and submit vacation requests through the internet. ATS employee self-service eliminates the need for employees to submit time-off requests with a paper-based system.

Workforce Scheduling- ATS dynamic employee scheduling tool helps companies balance multiple constraints such as; qualifications, availability and shift preferences.  The application generates schedules for individuals and departments across a single or multiple locations that comply with all local and/or union work rules. ATS employee scheduling supports multiple shift schedules operating concurrently, including variable patterns and other options all of which are easily user-configurable.

Time and Attendance- ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand provides data in real time, it can help your organization make decisions quickly, control payroll costs and improve workforce productivity. ATS time and attendance automates manual processes, while reducing data entry errors and frees supervisors and other employees to focus on other tasks.

Over time, organizations may find themselves running different proprietary software systems across multiple departments with little or no integration. Further complicating these issues are when these disparate systems are incompatible, too expensive to maintain, outdated and are unable to be serviced or upgraded. When it becomes apparent that your company’s time and attendance systems need improvements, this is when ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution begins to make business sense.

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Is Your Company Using Excel Spread Sheets To Track Vacation Requests?

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Empowering your employees to make time-management decisions that are beneficial to themselves and the company requires giving employees access to such things as their: benefit accruals, personal work schedules, and accumulated overtime. Making this information easily accessible through a cloud-based time and attendance solution improves communication and productivity thus, eliminating the manual tasks performed by payroll and HR practitioners.

ATS TimeWork employee self-service unifies time tracking, employee work schedules, and time-off requests into a single system-of-record. Complete with business intelligence and labour analytics, manager and employee self-service is an an easy to use software application.

Solution Benefits Include:

Streamline Manual Requests-Using manual processes to count employee personal time off and other requests, takes time away for more profitable endeavors.  ATS TimeWork employee-self-service streamlines the manual process by automatically sending time-off requests to the appropriate departmental manager or HR for his or her approval.

Access To View Personal Information- Providing employees with immediate access to schedules and personal time-off limits administrative requests for this type of information and provides employees an important sense of ownership.

Gain Access 24/7– Getting questions answered or issues addressed during normal work hours can, at times, be a challenge. With ATS cloud-based self-service, managers and employees have access to this portal 24/7, 365 days a year.

ATS TimeWork Employee Self-Service gives you the tools to define and manage employee requests through the use of intuitive dashboards to meet the unique requirements of your business. Employing a self-serve time and attendance system is a crucial step for organizations looking to empower employee decision making. You can further leverage ATS time and attendance software for additional benefits to gain access to a catalog of integrated software modules across all major categories.

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Is Your Compay Using Excel Spreadsheets To Track Vacation Requests

Cloud computing services have become ubiquitous in recent years, yet there is nothing new about cloud computing. Some businesses have been slow to adopt it, in part because it was new to them and there were concerns regarding data security. These are both valid concerns; but as companies began to understand the advantages of a cloud based solution it has slowly gained traction in the business community.

 A 2011 study by AMD revealed that “Cloud computing is maturing rapidly, with 70 percent of respondents indicating they are either using or currently investigating cloud computing for remotely hosted applications or to store data.”  

When you consider the power of an ATS cloud based workforce management software in terms of its quick deployment, it is no wonder this model is fast becoming a staple for small and large organizations alike. IBM also found out in its own study that “More than 3,000 global CIOs of organizations are ready to embrace cloud computing over the next five years as a means of growing their businesses and achieving competitive advantage. The figure nearly doubles the number of CIOs who said they would utilize cloud in IBM’s 2009 CIO study, and is one of dozens of new insights and trends learned from CIOs worldwide in businesses of all sizes.”

ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance is a subscription based solution that changes the way you acquire and use business automation solutions. Our intuitive product provides your company with the flexibility to innovate your business while paying for only what you need. The ATS workforce management software suite, is designed for rapid installation so you can adapt to changing business needs as they evolve. Our solution streamlines the payroll process and provides an ROI in a matter of weeks with this SaaS integrated workforce management suite.

If you are still on the fence about using a cloud based time and attendance here is what you should know. The ATS SaaS time and attendance is cost-effective and easy to deploy. Our integrated solutions can grow with your business and seamlessly integrate with: Payroll Software Solutions, ERP, HRIS, Talent Management, CRM and other business applications. In addition, our application can be used with all smart phones and PC tablets.

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The theme of a recent call-in show on CBC radio dealt with the wave of small and mid-size businesses that were participating in offering coupons to consumers. In return for handing out coupons, these businesses were told that is was a form of free advertising. There are lots of bargain-hunters looking for the cheapest and best deals and these businesses should not expect customer loyalty. If the business participating in the coupon campaign does not have what the bargain hunters are looking for in terms of price, they will go on to the next company. Price is then the single driving force behind the consumer participating in these coupon deals.

Some of the consumers who called in complained that upon arrival at the participating businesses, the products that they were hoping to scoop up with their coupons were all gone. Others said their coupons were not honoured and they were asked to purchase a higher priced item. Business owners on the other hand, lamented that the bargain-hunters wanted products of greater value and higher price points, but did not want to pay for them.

While companies have been sending out coupons to consumers for many years, companies like Groupon and the TV show “Extreme Couponing” has made it trendy to collect coupons.  Janice M. is a contributing blogger to the site “Talking Cents” she recently wrote a piece titled “To Clip or Not to Clip? The Great Coupon Debate.” Here is an excerpt of that blog:

“People love coupons. As you know, if you read my recent grocery challenge update, I am not one of those people. Not only are coupons not necessary for a thrifty lifestyle, but they can even be detrimental to your wallet and your budget. According to Nielson Clearing House (NCH), 78% of consumers report using coupons on a regular basis. This stat alone implies that my stand on coupons is not parallel with the majority. Although plenty of you won’t agree with me, the following are a few reasons why I don’t clip coupons.

More often than not the coupons out there provide a discount on the items that are the priciest. Therefore, you are not getting the best deal on a specific item (i.e. cereal) you are just getting a discounted price on the already higher priced, premium item (i.e. brand name cereal). I’ve seen it first-hand (as I know I’ve mentioned before). I’ve clipped the coupon, gone to the store, and realized that I can get the same item (different brand) at a cheaper price without using a coupon.”

Shopping for consumer items like frozen pizza, ice-cream and chocolate bars with coupons is one thing. When shopping for a time and attendance system the coupon bargain-hunter mentality should not apply.  A time and attendance software streamlines payroll, increases productivity and is a long term investment. While it is true that some of the basics might be similar, the manner in which an employee time management application computes data is different. Moreover, implementation and after-sales support should also play a large role when comparing software solutions.

At ATS, we do not sell a one size fits all cloud-based time and attendance system. That’s why we remain committed to offering a broad range of workforce management solutions that give companies flexibility and choice.

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We often get asked this question. Should we implement your time and attendance on our Server or should we let you host it? Our response is often the same. Let us first understand your environment, your specific needs and how you plan to use our time and attendance system. Once these have been established, we will then provide you with a solution that best suits your needs. Depending on your company each solution serves its purpose.

The right time and attendance software can help transform a business and operations. That’s why we think it’s important to take time to first understand your needs before offering a suggestion.

Our hosted time and attendance solution provides broad functionality, is priced affordably, and is delivered in a manner that minimizes complexity.  The robust features of our on-premises time management solution mirrors our SaaS time and attendance.

Benefits of On-Premises and Hosted Time and Attendance:

On-Premises Time and Attendance Software

  • Control over all systems/data
  • Data is handled internally, by your company
  • Control over the maintenance windows, issue resolution, security and when patches are applied, etc.
  • All components of an on-premises time management solution is housed internally and is overseen by the customer
  • The flexibility of an on-premise time and attendance system provides deeper customization capabilities

Time and Attendance hosted by Apex Time Solutions

  • Low cost for services
  • No need to worry about the technical support of the application, applying patches, etc.
  • No need to have a dedicated IT infrastructure to maintain the software
  • You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware
  • Accelerated deployment – in most cases, access can be granted almost immediately once the contract is finalized

Whether you opt for an on-premises or hosted solution, the ATS time and attendance software enables you to reduce labour costs and manage your labour resources more effectively. With ATS workforce management software you could reduce labour costs by streamlining your payroll process and optimizing your workforce, allowing your organization to save on labour costs.
The ATS time and attendance solution enables you to reduce labour costs and manage your labour resources more effectively. By automating routine business processes, eliminating administrative tasks, and monitoring labour activities as they happen, you can make better business decisions that save your company money.

The bottom line… hosted time and attendance is gaining in popularity. However, many companies still prefer to purchase an on-premise time management solution. Download a copy of our white paper on “On-Premises or Hosted Time and Attendancehere or go to our website to learn more.


On-Premises Or Cloud-Based Time And Attendance, Which One Is Better?