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ATS Modern-Day Cloud helps the Public Sector to Increase Productivity and Streamline Costs

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Today’s public sector is faced with shrinking budgets, aging populations, and are under pressure, to streamline payroll costs and improve operational effectiveness. So, how do these public agencies and governments guard the public purse, share information, integrate business processes and, at the same time, reduce costs? The answer for many of them has been to embrace the cloud and the many benefits that come with it.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance is truly unique and helps public sector agencies address pressing issues that include: proper application of overtime, adherence of collective bargaining agreement work-rules, pay compliance and daily time and attendance business operations. ATS cloud-based time and attendance is compliant with Canadian and US; provincial, federal and state regulations.

ATS Modern-Day Cloud helps the Public Sector to Increase Productivity and Streamline Costs

Benefits to government agencies using ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance include:

Work and pay rules enforcement
ATS time and attendance data flows to multiple databases including; HR, ERP and payroll thus, reducing manual effort and ensuring that work hour policies and pay rules are correctly applied. ATS time and attendance provides instant exception alerts to users, based on government agency-specific rules, empowering managers to catch and correct errors at the source.

Employee Scheduling
You can give employees access to view their shifts and schedules. They can also define their availability and collaborate time-off requests through the intuitive cloud-based interface. With ATS employee scheduling, you can eliminate costs, time, and errors from budgeting and planning, integrate forecasting activities, and automate the planning cycle.

Choose your deployment
With a complete range of flexible deployment options, including cloud, and hybrid configurations, ATS offers rapid implementation to get your agency up and running fast. ATS cloud-based time and attendance helps the public sector eliminate license-based maintenance costs, manage payroll costs, while enhancing workforce productivity— in a cost-effective manner that delivers flexibility, security, reliability, compliance and efficiency.

The powerful and robust ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance database allows public sector agencies to replace outdated time tracking methodologies, with —a modern-day platform, that enforces standard public sector-specific policies and regulations.

Want to know if ATS operates in your region or province and can meet the business requirements of your public sector? Contact us by phone at 866.294.2467. You can also go to our website and download brochures, join in a weekly webinar or download a demonstration and view the product at your leisure.

ATS Modern-Day Cloud helps the Public Sector to Increase Productivity and Streamline Costs

Today, leveraging analytics is an absolute must for most industries and it has become more feasible as economic approaches have emerged to cultivate the velocity and variability of data, formerly too massive for traditional time and attendance database systems to process. ATS Software Engineers will give an overview of our workforce planning and analytics module built within ATS cloud-based time and attendance and address its challenges for today’s growing industries.

In this webinar you will learn how you can have a real-time view of your business and events as they occur. You will also learn how other companies are utilizing analytics to give them a competitive edge in shop floor data collection, financial data, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), up-to-the minute data metrics and more.

Webinar details: Friday, October 9, 2105 at 1:00pm Eastern. To register for this webinar go to our website. To reach us by phone call: 866.294.2467.

On-Demand Webcast: How Businesses Can Use Analytics To Achieve Profitability

It has been said, that change either forces us to adapt or we eventually become irrelevant. In the last 10 years, cloud-computing has fundamentally changed the way in which many businesses operate. And, while a small number continue to resist the adoption of the cloud, the majority of industries both small and large have embraced it. The ability or lack-thereof to embrace change is chronicled in five-part series titled “Twilight of the Gods” The history of the recording industry. For music purists this series, this recording couldn’t come at a better time. However, at the core of this story change is over arching theme.

The creator of this five-part series, Robert Harris, also penned an article on the National Post that reads, in part; “I’ve spent the past three years of my life immersed in the past and present of the great record companies of the world, producing a series of radio documentaries currently airing on CBC Radio. The title I chose for the series, Twilight of the Gods, sums up my basic thesis — that the great record companies that “bestrode their world like a Colossus” for a century are fading away, done in by a technological revolution they couldn’t anticipate and by their response to that revolution, which was, at least initially, a defensive reaction that won them more enemies than friends.”

Similar to the change that has permeated the recording industry, the business world has seen a major shift in the way software is obtained and deployed. Gone are the days, when purchasing a time and attendance application for your enterprise meant having to set aside large capital outlay for a Server, licenses and hardware. With ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance the implementation is hassle-free, seamless and you can access the solution anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year, using any Internet browser.

To learn more, go our website and register for one of our monthly webinars or you can call us at 866.294.2467.

The Powerful Forces Of Change

Stuck In A Technology Cul-De-Sac?

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The early purveyors of time and attendance, was simple and, included some of the following:

 Software installed on a computer
 Time clock connected via a cable which would then be connected to the serial port of a computer
 A polling mechanism that required said computer to be left on overnight so, employee attendance (or punches as it’s commonly referred to in the industry) could be uploaded to the computer.

Imagine the surprise of one of ATS lead software engineers when she visited the prospective customer and found out they were using a system that mirrored what was described above. Talk about a by-gone era? And, this prospective customer has 9 locations spread across; Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Toronto, Halifax, Colorado and Asia Pacific. Suffice to say, our implementation group worked as quickly as possible to bring this customer into the 21st century and they now have access to:
Real-Time Insight-Unlike their previous system this 3500 healthcare provider has access to on-the-fly data across their various locations for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. ATS cloud-based time and attendance transforms payroll processing, accrual benefits, human resources, job costing and employee self-service into a unified system that delivers results.

Flexibility-No one should be subjected to cumbersome software or have to go through several screens of that software to get a single report. ATS TimeWork is a flexible time and attendance solution that provides the tools and insight you need to reduce costs, eradicate high payroll costs and grow revenue.

On-The-Spot Forecast- ATS TimeWork helps evaluate risks with the forecasting and budgeting modules and monitor performance in real-time with user dashboards, business intelligence, and Big Data reporting tools. ATS forecasting and budgeting helps organizations meet business demand by understanding business patterns and then, helps managers schedule and put the right person, in the right place, at the right time. With ATS TimeWork your business can discover new ways to improve efficiencies, growth, and profitability with today’s modern time and attendance software

Today, this healthcare company is using many of ATS TimeWork modules, is one of our happiest customers and have become part our user group, on the healthcare community boards.

Is your company stuck in a technology cul-de-sac with a time and attendance system that is no longer meeting your needs? If so, you to can make the switch and enjoy the benefits of robust cloud-based solution that will significantly reduce the amount of time your HR and Payroll personnel spend processing employee time.

To learn more take a product tour of TimeWork. You can also follow us on Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter. To reach us by phone, call; 866.294.2467.

Stuck In A Technology Cul-De-Sac?

3 Key Lessons From The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

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The Toronto 2015 Pan Am games kicked off with a bang and so far, Canada is hanging tough with a lead in the medal count. History suggests that events of this magnitude come with some wrinkles. To date, three lessons have come to the forefront:

HOV Lanes
Ministry of Transportation says it gave ample warning to the public about changes to the HOV lanes from two person minimum to three during the games. Despite these warnings, it has been a nightmare for many motorists as they get accustom to these changes. Some have argued the change was not necessary and, was poorly planned and executed, resulting, in long delays on the major highways.

Adoption of Work from Home
The Pan Am games traffic nightmare across GTA highways have enabled and also forced some companies to adopt a work from home policy. In an era of cloud computing and The Internet of Things, technology have made it easier for employees to work from home. Employers can make use of cloud-based time and attendance, complete with Geo-fencing to track and manage employee attendance with work and payroll policies.

Uber, the transportation network company have caused many sleepless nights for the taxi industry in most cities around the globe, including Toronto. Its latest program called “UberPool” allows drivers to share rides and costs while taking advantage of the three person minimum on the HOV lanes during the Pan Am games.

Whether you are a fan of the Pan Am games or not, Canada’s athletes are basking in the glow of representing their country. We wish them well. Go Canada Go!

3 Key Lessons From The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

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Unless you have been living off-the-grid on some remote island in the last 10 years, you are probably familiar with the cloud and most likely use it on a daily basis; to store documents, download music and stream TV shows. As the cloud-based applications begin to grow in popularity, businesses are investing time to understand its benefits and are gravitating towards it in record numbers. ATS Cloud-Based TimeWork OnDemand, is a secure, time and attendance solution that is backed by unwavering service and support, that is available 24/7, anywhere, anytime you need it.

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

Product solution by business size includes:

TimeWork OnDemand for Small Business -ATS TimeWork OnDemand for small businesses is easy-to-use, affordable and helps you with– things like accessing data in real-time, employee scheduling, wage and hour compliance and paid time off tracking. Small businesses looking for a cloud-based time and attendance solution that can help prevent buddy-punching will find ATS array of biometric time clocks the perfect choice for the modern workforce.

TimeWork OnDemand for Midsize Businesses – Just imagine no more paper timesheets, spreadsheets, punch timecards, and countless wasted hours manual repetitive time and attendance data entry and corrections. ATS TimeWork OnDemand automates the time collection process, applies work-rule and payroll policies, including; grace, breaks, rounding and overtime, and calculates and immediately sends data to your payroll software. And, you can do this from any tablet, mobile device or workstation that’s connected to the Internet-and, that’s the power of the cloud!

TimeWork OnDemand for Large Businesses- ATS understands that you must manage your business as a single globally integrated enterprise, rather than as a loose collection of independent businesses. You need a large and connected time and attendance solution that will increase your agility, and also enable you to instill consistent business processes to meet the twin challenges of size and complexity. ATS TimeWork OnDemand for large businesses is both flexible and robust enough, to replace, those aging, disparate manual systems that’s used throughout your different locations. Now, by using ATS TimeWork OnDemand you can proactively help control payroll costs, increase productivity, improve compliance and enhance revenue opportunities.

Now you can re-imagine your business. The best-of-breed applications in ATS cloud time and attendance is integrated with Payroll, ERP, Talent Management, HR, CRM and analytic capabilities to help you increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

To explore ATS time and attendance solutions, you can download a live demonstration and to speak to an account executive, call us at; 1.866.294.2467.

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

Ah yes, the 80s were all about John Hughes movies, big cell phones, white computer monitors, ripped jeans and the list goes on. Some have argued it was the one of the best eras ever and times were much simpler. And, while this may be true for some things using that old white computer with dos-based software will not cut it in today’s digital era.

For those companies still struggling to grasp the concept of the cloud or why it has such staying power here is a synopsis of a report from a research giant Forrester that reads in part; “Public cloud services continue to drive big changes in the markets for software, hardware, and IT outsourcing, while providing a foundation for age of the customer innovations. How much and when will cloud transform these markets? In this research, we project that the public cloud market will reach $191 billion by 2020, from 2013’s total of $58 billion.”

Still Stuck In The 80s? Well, It's Time To Move To The Cloud

If your company is using a time and attendance solution that is no longer meeting your needs, or worst, is part of the 80s type of technology, here are three reasons to switch to ATS cloud-based solution:

Ease-of-Use, Flexibility and Mobility
One of the largest benefits of moving employee time and attendance in the cloud is the ability to access real-time information from any tablet, PC or mobile device, anywhere, at any time. The adoption of ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution empowers CEOs, CFOs, Payroll and HR managers, by giving them more flexibility to access on-the-spot information.

Rapid Deployment
Who has time to spend on a 12 month software deployment? Unless your company has multiple locations, several collective bargaining agreements, multiple work and payroll rules, and perhaps in excess of 1000 employees spread across various jurisdictions- there is really no reason for long implementation, reminiscent of 15 years ago. And, in this era of cloud computing, it is easy to deploy an ATS cloud-based time and attendance seamlessly and efficiently. ATS cloud-based time and attendance solutions are designed to integrate with every payroll, HR, ERP, Recruitment and CRM application.

Lower Cost and Better Collaboration
At the outset the most obvious benefit in adopting an ATS cloud-based time and attendance is that it will provide business with significant savings. For example, your company no longer has to be concerned with purchasing a server on which to house software, or the use of your IT resources to manage the data. Managers can access the application, using any browser, from any workstation, or mobile device to view attendance, extrapolate data and review and respond to employee time-off requests.

So, is your company thinking about moving to a cloud based time and attendance? If so, it’s not too late. And, if you are a fan of some or everything 80s, you can listen to Def Leppard or AC/DC on your favorite device, while at the same time, access up-to-the minute business analytics on employee attendance.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance you can download a demo. You can also register for one of our monthly webinars, and to speak to an account executive, call us at 1.866.294.2467.

Still Stuck In The 80s? Well, It's Time To Move To The Cloud

Five Steps To A Successful Time And Attendance Implementation

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The notion that all time and attendance solutions are the same and that they will meet the needs of every organization is one of the reasons why some implementation fail. Your company is unique and chances are, the time and attendance solution you select, will require configuration changes that reflects your business requirements.

More often than not, mistakes happen during the search process. For example, your research person should be someone within your organization who is familiar with the company’s work policies and compliance rules. If your search committee includes someone from the HR or the payroll department, you have will, in all likelihood increase your chances of success in finding the right vendor. Conversely, if your time and attendance search is being lead by IT person who knows nothing about your payroll and other compliance rules, it’s highly unlikely they would know the answers about overtime calculation or holiday pay. The rise of cloud-based time and attendance has minimized the role of IT significantly over the last several years. A note of caution, this is not to suggest you should be involve your IT personnel, you should-we are suggesting they should be part of your project team and not the only one researching a time and attendance solution.

Here are five steps that can lead to a successful implementation of your time and attendance solution:

Assessment- Set aside a realistic budget, but also remain open-minded to stretching it a little, if you find the right solution. Equally important, be honest about your company’s list of requirements. If you are not sure what your needs are talk to other departmentl managers about their requirements, as it relates to employee attendance. Your list of requirements should include some of the following:  business challenges, workflows, departmental needs, and overall reporting requirements. Some companies prefer to leave some things off their list, when talking to a vendor, hoping this will help them find the cheapest solution. There is nothing wrong with trying to find the cheapest solution, as long as you are prepared to “get what you pay for” when heading down this route. Most vendors will tell you if they can or cannot meet your needs based on your budget.

Selection Process- This stage is one of the most challenging. We suggest you ask businesses like yours, and but more importantly other companies that are outside of your industry. The reason here is to figure out how flexible the proposed solution really is. Assess the company’s list of references, and ask for honest answers.

Implementation- the old adage “failing to plan is planning to fail” holds true when it comes to time and attendance implementation. Make sure the vendor plans to; configure, install and optimize the solution for your business operations.  Remember your company is unique, don’t worry about the type of system that the “Jones” are using. This about your company and your specific requirements. Also remain open-minded to the fact that project plans do and can change, and that major changes can affect your budget and so, you should plan in accordance.

Training- Once the system is configured and designed to your specification, this is the all important next step, training for functional users. Devote time to training so your managerial staff and other employees will use the system to its full potential.  Make sure to schedule regular training so that managerial employees are using the software in the most efficient manner.

Support- After the system is up and running, remain in close communication with your vendor to make sure you are getting the maximum value from the time and attendance system and that its operating at peak efficiency.

Finally, achieving a successful time and attendance implementation is doable. For additional tips on implementation go to our website and sign up for a demonstration. You can reach us by phone at 866.294.2467.

Five Steps To A Successful Time And Attendance Implementation

Five Steps To A Successful Time And Attendance Implementation


The advantages of a cloud-based time and attendance and cloud computing on the whole, is rapidly becoming a moot point. Some companies, in various industries, who were previously hesitant to embrace the power of the cloud and technology to improve business processes are quickly realizing the enormous advantages and cost savings.

In an article written by Dr. Michael Woody and adapted from The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) “Top Ten Workplace Trends for 2105,” here are the top 3 trends, in no particular order from that survey. It’s important to note, that these trends lend themselves to the importance of technology in this new era:

“Going Mobile – The world is very rapidly going mobile. There is no doubt about it. More and more people are using their smart phones to access the web, conduct transactions, apply for jobs, and even find dates. If it can be done online, it likely can now be done on your smartphone. Following this trend the folks at SIOP believe that companies will be looking to mobile technology for evaluating “selection, performance management, and training” so as to make the hiring and development of employees faster and more accessible.”

Continued Use of HR Analytics and Big Data-SIOP points out that “I-O psychologists have long recognized the value of science and data analysis for improving business and HR decisions.” They go on to explain that “with the automation of data collection and storage, more advanced hardware and software, and larger databases, empirically-based Big Data predictions will become increasingly fundamental to workplace decisions.”

Doing More with Less -With declining budgets over the past few years and stakeholders calling for better management and performance of organizations resource optimization has become core to many organization’s business strategies. psychologists are working to help organizations identify innovations that allow them to reduce costs, increase organizational efficiency, and generally do more with less.”

Bottom-line; there is no denying that the right technology will improve business processes, streamline costs and improve productivity- and while some organizations might be slow to adapt these solutions, several of their competitors are jumping onboard and seeing their profits increase.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance solution go to our website. You can also register online for our live webinar on Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 1:00pm eastern.

The Future of Technology in the Working World

The headline has a nice ring to it and its one that some project leaders like to cling to, but in reality, when installing an employee attendance system, consideration should be given to how that system is going to function after 5 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to stretch as much as possible- however, expecting your investment in a time and attendance solution to live far beyond its useful life is a sin we have, all committed at some point or another.

If your company likes the idea of an installed product that leaves you worry-free of software licenses and server updates, then you might be better off with a cloud-based solution. And with cloud technology, you get:

Data Integration: Easy integration to ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Payroll and HRIS makes your employee time management worth the investment. Not to mention it also cuts down on manual data entry.

Visibility:  Up-to-the-minute labor and business analytics and the best part, elimination of paper-based time-sheets.
Scalable: Configure and add modules as you need them
Updates:  Software delivered, requiring no additional costs
Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs
Anytime, Anywhere:  Just imagine being able to access your data from any workstation or mobile device 24/7, 365 days a year? Now, that’s what we call modern technology.
Global: Multi-site, multi-subsidiary workforce intelligence scales as you grow.

ATS On-Demand helps growing businesses to cut their IT and payroll costs, access their time and attendance data from anywhere and improve operational excellence.

To learn more or to view a demonstration, go to our website.

Just Install And Forget It