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Change it has been said is inevitable.  Some companies understand this and adapt accordingly, while others hold on hoping the change will not affect them. Over the years numerous studies have been conducted that reveal the benefits of an employee time and attendance system. However, hundreds of companies still remain in the dark ages when it comes to automating the employee time capture.

ATS employee attendance software is ideally suited for mid to large organizations. The solution was created by industry experts and it encompasses the type of functionality that makes costly customizations a thing of the past and allows you to work both smarter and faster.

ATS TimeWork is an easy-to-use time and attendance solution that can be deployed as an on-premises solution, or as a cloud-based application and does not require lengthy or disruptive system changes. TimeWork provides companies with anytime, anywhere access to the information it needs to analyze, monitor, and steer its business, while reducing the time required to process payroll.

Our time management solution includes supervisor dashboards and labour analytics for full integration to planning and forecasting capabilities. This powerful tool puts HR managers, payroll practitioners and supervisors in the driver’s seat to meet organizational requirements rather than using paper-based time sheets, antiquated punch clocks or excel spreadsheets.

If your company is still using spreadsheet to capture employee hours, vacation and other accrual benefits it’s time to switch to  ATS employee attendance system.

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2013 is finally here and it’s the time when most businesses are optimistic about their business goals and have visions of streamlining operational costs. On the other hand, companies who put off business automation can fall prey to unforeseen payroll costs that could hamper their business growth.

In our experience, companies in every industry; wants a software solution that not only meets their stated requirements but it will last for a number of years. Disjointed and older time and attendance systems can leave a company vulnerable since they can substantially impact production and create negative ripple effects throughout the entire organization. Unfortunately, managing the risk of disruption has grown more difficult with the increasing use of an older an in some cases, in-house solutions.

ATS’s TimeWork cloud-based application can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world—ideal for companies with multi-sites in various provinces and states, geographically distributed warehouses or employees who travel frequently.

If your company is growing with new locations, new acquisitions and breaking ground through emerging markets, chances are you need a time management solution that can meet those needs. ATS time and attendance provides world class solution that can be deployed in a matter of weeks and help you achieve the real-time global visibility and efficiency that your business demands.

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