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Growing companies understand that to attract the best employees, they need to adapt to 21 century solutions. And adapting to the 21st, businesses need the right tools to help them management their productivity and streamline costs. ATS unified TimeWork On-Demand, helps companies meet this challenge with a combination of workforce accruals, forecasting, job costing, scheduling, time & attendance and employee self-service capabilities. The solution reduces administrative time and effort while producing real-time data and help improve regulatory compliance. ATS cloud-based solution is pre-built with today’s time and attendance industry expertise and best practices.

ATS Unified TimeWork On-Demand fully automates employee time and attendance tracking and helps companies to automate:

Employee Timecards- Changes to the employee time card can be made instantly –thereby enabling recalculate of totals and summaries. Exceptions are flagged automatically in the time card so the supervisor knows what needs attention right away. By using ATS TimeWork On-Demand to capture employee time your company will eliminate errors and will help your organization stay in compliance with local and federal labour laws.  

Data Collection-ATS time clocks are multilingual and designed with for the cloud. ATS employee time clocks connect directly to our time tracking software and the punches are transmitted in real-time. Time clock options include: Fingerscan, Facescan and Hand Punch Biometric Readers, Touch Screens, Magnetic, Proximity and Bar Code Readers. Web-Punch, Smart phone and Telephony time readers. ATS cloud-based time clocks communicate directly over the Internet with hosted time and attendance system.

Data Integration- ATS TimeWork On-Demand integrates seamlessly with CRM, HR, Talent Management, Payroll, ERP, and other third-party applications. The data integration helps with; Employee change data, new hires, paid time off balances, and rates can easily be imported. Paying employees accurately is no laughing matter and requires close collaboration between your ATS time and attendance system and your payroll application.

Leave Management-TimeWork On-Demand can be configured to automatically compute and pay employee benefits. TimeWork On-Demand is an agile cloud-based time and attendance system that contains flexible pay rules, workforce planning, forecasting, employee and manager self-service portals that can be accessed through the web.

Business Intelligence and Workforce Analytic Reporting- ATS Attendance On-Demand business intelligence reporting tool will help your company track and analyze HR, payroll report and other attendance data. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF and other data sources.

Incidents- ATS Absence Management Incident and Points module gives you control over your organization’s time-off processes, enabling you to track paid and unpaid time for your entire workforce. When combined with our Web-Based Incidents & Points module, the system manages accurate enforcement of absence management policies, and is designed to support a variety of management attendance policies in small and enterprise corporations alike.

Deployment- ATS TimeWork On-Demand can be implemented in as little as a few weeks. ATS deployment team unifies all your pay policies data, from various sources, providing answers to hundreds of workforce questions. From complex predictive analytics, like which location/s requires the most database configuration, ATS provides actionable insights on demand.

According to the Canadian Labour Standards, “such standards protect the rights of workers, foster positive workplace environments and proactive relationships between managers and employees and, ultimately, benefit the bottom line of any business.”

Many organizations are still using antiquated timekeeping systems. By, automating their employee time capture, this allows them to save time and have a better picture of their true costs and a positive effect on business results.

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