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Keeping costs low is a critical aspect for most companies who are thinking about deploying a time and attendance system. As cloud applications gain momentum businesses, are reaping the benefits of low cost of ownership (LCO) versus traditional on-premises applications. One of the more significant advantages for companies using a cloud based software system is the ability for their employees to use their smartphones and tablets to review their work schedules, check vacation balances and request time off.

Cloud applications give businesses, the opportunity to speed up all aspects of their organization by capturing and analyzing data in real-time. In the meantime, on-premises systems are slowly taking a back seat to the agility, versatility and speed of a cloud time and attendance system.

Today’s companies want to use modern technology that cater to their need for speed but does not “break the bank.” It’s important to note that these same companies are migrating to a cloud workforce management software to the improve collaboration and streamline payroll costs.

In a few short years, the cloud has changed the software deployment landscape. Businesses no longer have to pay large upfront fees for an on-premises application that takes several months and in some cases, years to complete.

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 Deployment of a Cloud Based Solution and its Low Cost of Ownership


The 2008 recession decimated a large part of the manufacturing industry in Ontario, other areas in Canada and the United States. Some economic pundits have asserted that the industry is on a rebounded citing the North American and Japanese big three auto sales. However, it is important to note that many of the jobs that were lost during the bleak years of the recession are returning at a snails’ pace increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. This competitiveness challenges the companies that are using a manual processes with their organizations.  A modern time and attendance solution can help these organizations keep pace with today’s challenges, achieve profit and retain customers in the following three ways:

Improve Business Process
Manufacturers could be missing opportunities to reduce labour costs when using manual time tracking processes. Our time and attendance software can help you streamline business processes, provide greater visibility and control over labour costs more effectively, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

 Increase Visibility of your Operations
As manufacturing companies expand into global markets their need to improve business productivity becomes even more important. ATS attendance system delivers critical advantages for employees, managers and administrators. The application improves employee performance and enables you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities. Business analytics tools give managers real-time visibility into ways to reduce costs and optimize attendance control processes.

 Innovation in the Digital Age
As the pace of the digital age increases, manufacturing companies need to leverage tools that can help them adapt. A fully automated cloud-based, solution boosts workforce productivity so your employees can maximize the workday. Many of today’s business leaders are seeing workforce management as a strategic business driver that can increase the profit margins of their organizations.

The constant change of today’s business environment challenges companies to keep up. A modern workforce management software can help manufacturers prepare for growth and increase collaboration across the organization. For more information on how business management software can help meet these challenges go to our website.