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Time and Attendance Implementation Should Lead To a Reduction in Payroll Costs

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Hosted Time and Attendance Solution | Payroll | Time and Attendance On-Demand - (Comments Off on Time and Attendance Implementation Should Lead To a Reduction in Payroll Costs)

The implementation of your time and attendance solution is complete and you are still waiting to see a reduction in payroll costs. If the amount of paper work you are doing, prior to implementing this new system have not decreased, you might want to rethink your strategy. Perhaps more functional training might be required or you are not using the system to its full capacity. Whatever the reason employee time capture and other administrative costs should be falling upon completion of your time and attendance system.

ATS TimeWork gives you real-time access to all employee data including; attendance, employee absence and payroll accuracy. ATS TimeWork cloud-based solution allows today’s mid and large businesses to gain a competitive advantage while increasing profit margins.

A well planned time and attendance implementation can provide stupendous benefits, streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency within an organization. Now depending on how long your solution has been in place, its functionality should be far reaching while, allowing users, to gain access from anywhere on any device with access to the Internet.

ATS TimeWork gives you the ability to leverage the internet and provides an easy and secure process for the capturing employee time and attendance.  There is no hardware or software required, ATS TimeWork allows you to lower payroll costs and replaces traditional paper time cards, spreadsheets and costly manual, time calculation.

If you are three months into your current solution and it has not yielded the cost savings you had hope to achieve, give us a call at; 1.866.294.2467. You can also visit our website to view a demonstration of TimeWork.


Cloud computing services have become ubiquitous in recent years, yet there is nothing new about cloud computing. Some businesses have been slow to adopt it, in part because it was new to them and there were concerns regarding data security. These are both valid concerns; but as companies began to understand the advantages of a cloud based solution it has slowly gained traction in the business community.

 A 2011 study by AMD revealed that “Cloud computing is maturing rapidly, with 70 percent of respondents indicating they are either using or currently investigating cloud computing for remotely hosted applications or to store data.”  

When you consider the power of an ATS cloud based workforce management software in terms of its quick deployment, it is no wonder this model is fast becoming a staple for small and large organizations alike. IBM also found out in its own study that “More than 3,000 global CIOs of organizations are ready to embrace cloud computing over the next five years as a means of growing their businesses and achieving competitive advantage. The figure nearly doubles the number of CIOs who said they would utilize cloud in IBM’s 2009 CIO study, and is one of dozens of new insights and trends learned from CIOs worldwide in businesses of all sizes.”

ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance is a subscription based solution that changes the way you acquire and use business automation solutions. Our intuitive product provides your company with the flexibility to innovate your business while paying for only what you need. The ATS workforce management software suite, is designed for rapid installation so you can adapt to changing business needs as they evolve. Our solution streamlines the payroll process and provides an ROI in a matter of weeks with this SaaS integrated workforce management suite.

If you are still on the fence about using a cloud based time and attendance here is what you should know. The ATS SaaS time and attendance is cost-effective and easy to deploy. Our integrated solutions can grow with your business and seamlessly integrate with: Payroll Software Solutions, ERP, HRIS, Talent Management, CRM and other business applications. In addition, our application can be used with all smart phones and PC tablets.

To learn more, go to our website or contact one of our software representatives.