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How’s That Spreadsheet Working Out For You?

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Over the last several years, the issue of overtime has become, somewhat of an albatross for some companies but, in reality it does not have to be. When you consider how easy it is to automate employee attendance. And, with the advancement of cloud computing it has now become inexpensive and faster to deploy a time and attendance solution that will accurately track overtime hours. So, why do some companies consistently rely on paper time sheets when they can save costs by using an attendance system?

A recent article written by Eric B. Meyer for Eremedia says that although, the new overtime rules by the department of labor may not be enacted until the end of 2016, there are some steps that companies can take ahead of this law. They include:

 “Ensure that non-exempt employees receive minimum wage and overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a work week.
 Double check employee classifications to confirm that exempt employees truly are exempt (and vice-versa).
 Do you have independent contractors? Or are they employees whom you’ve simply labeled independent contractors? Now, may be a good time to vet that.”

Tracking employee overtime through the use of spreadsheets is a time-consuming process, but don’t fret, there is a better way. ATS TimeWork OnDemand is a cloud driven time and attendance application that delivers, on-the-spot predictive analytics, of employee attendance at your fingertips. And with ATS TimeWork OnDemand, you get:

Benefit Accruals-Choose to accrue employee hours daily, weekly, or bi-weekly—or even monthly—and based on time passed or employee’s time logged.

Alerts-You can get automatic alerts sent to your mobile device so you know when an employee punch in or out and warnings about employees that are approaching overtime so you can take necessary action.

Leave Management-Your employees can now request any time-off from their mobile device or any workstation with Internet connection.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many things that ATS time and attendance can do. If you are interested in learning more, register for an interactive webinar, Controlling Overtime Pay through Automation’ on Friday, November 27th at 1:00pm eastern.

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How’s That Spreadsheet Working Out For You?

As the digital age continues to outpace other modes of communications and transactions, so has the amount of money and space that companies have allocated towards it. Over the last several years, businesses have begun trending towards cloud-based software solutions and away from purchasing expensive, powerful servers and computers for their host their business applications.

Thanks to developments in cloud computing, today’s businesses have come to realize that they are able to access their data much quicker and without the costly acquisition of computing equipment which was needed some 3 years ago.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is one of the most robust and powerful time and attendance software applications available for small, mid and large scale businesses. ATS suite of workforce management software applications includes a plethora of modules that includes: workforce planning, business intelligence, employee scheduling, workforce accruals, job costing, workforce analytics, overtime equalization, forecasting and budgeting and vacation planning modules.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand workforce management gives your entire enterprise the power of ATS up-to-the-minute access-through the cloud. From collaboration to predictive modeling for employee time capture, ATS TimeWork On-Demand workforce software supports all aspects of the payroll and HR cycle.

ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance supports streamlined business processes and provides a host of features for accrual benefits management, efficient pay management, and a flexible and configurable framework for workforce planning.

Still need more reasons to make the switch to ATS TimeWork On-Demand? View a demonstration on our website or call us at 1.866.294.2467.


When Should You Consider Workforce Management Software?

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Technology is moving at an unprecedented speed. Your company is diverse, and may be spread over multiple locations with different pay policies. This presents a challenge in controlling labour costs, maintaining high customer service levels, and complying with provincial, federal and/or, state regulations.

ATS Workforce Management Software automates employee time and attendance and record keeping and significantly reduces the costs of error-prone, paper-based time sheets. Our integrated time keeping software provides managers with an easy-to-use product that eliminates the frustration and drudgery of manual processes and completes the “time clock to paycheque” solution.

Our Workforce Management Software will help you with:

Workforce Accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate labour analysis.

Employee Attendance Management—maintains detailed attendance and absence histories for employees or patterns to notify supervisors when necessary.

Overtime Equalization—Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.

ERP, HR and payroll interfaces—Integrate time and attendance data with human resources and payroll systems to produce accurate payrolls and keep records up to date.

Training and Support—Users gain knowledge with our in-depth onsite or online training classes.

Employee Self-Service —Employees gain access to their personal information so they can request job changes, request vacation and personal time off.

Data collectionCollect time, labour and job tracking metrics quickly and easily to enforce time and attendance, employee scheduling and job assignments.

If you are still using paper time sheets or worse, the “honour system”, find out how our Workforce Management Software can save your company time and money. ATS Time and Attendance solution helps companies simplify employee time collection with our automated time clocks. 

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 When should you consider workforce management software