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These days the words “in the cloud” and “on-demand” have become ubiquitous with many companies. You can now download music or movies from “the cloud” or get them “On-demand” They both refer to the same method of obtaining information. ATS SaaS software offers a reliable and robust alternative to traditional time and attendance solution.

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service and is sometimes referred to as On-Demand. Essentially it means the software is hosted at a data centre and is licensed for use, by the company. ATS SaaS time and attendance provides the benefits of workforce management software without the IT infrastructure requirements (server hardware, security management, database, system management, service packs, data backups, and patches, etc.). The ATS solution is deployed without any software on your employee workstations or network.  

Benefits of our SaaS time and attendance:

There is no software installation or special setup necessary. Simply open your browser and click on URL assigned to you by our implementation analyst.

Special Requirements
You can access the software from any computer that has an Internet connection through any of these browsers: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer.

Ease of use
One of the biggest advantages to the ATS SaaS time and attendance is its simplicity. Our system is used by: the retail and hospitality industry, manufacturing, distribution and logistics to fortune 500 and 1000 companies as well as oil and gas and service base organizations.

Software Back-Up
Protecting your software has never been easier. Your information is backed up daily by our servers and a copy is readily available any time you need it. You also have the ability to download your own back-up.

Our support is available via phone, online or onsite. Our customers have access to the software 24/7, 365 days a year.

Instant Updates
Updates to the software are free and will never disrupt your operation.

Payroll Interfaces
The ATS SaaS time and attendance contains an import utility for any number of payroll, ERP or HR applications.

To read more or to download a brochure about our SaaS time and attendance go to our website.

In a recent conversation with the VP of a distribution chain, we found out that their in-house software had been created by one of their IT personnel. Since this person left the company three years ago it has become a nightmare trying to maintain the product. Before you decide to create your own software consider the following:

1)       Are there people on staff who understand the nuances of time and attendance?
2)       Which member of your team is going to maintain the software once it has been created?
3)       Who is going to be responsible for keeping up with: federal, state and provincial legislative policies that must
           be be adhered to in business automation software?
4)       If the creator of the software leaves the company how is that software going to be managed?
5)       Are you able to create import files for time clocks and other third-party applications like payroll, HR or ERP?

There numerous benefits to purchasing workforce management software. Some of these include:
1)        The software contains numerous pay and work rule policies.
2)       The time and attendance software algorithm can be configured to suit any collective bargaining agreement.
3)       Software updates are created automatically by software engineers at no additional costs.
4)       The import utility allows for payroll interfaces to any third-party payroll application.
5)       The software can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
6)       Back-up is done daily and is available on demand.
7)       Changes to new shifts, overtime and other pay policies can be done in seconds.
8)       The software has integrated modules that include: employee self-service, points and incidents,
 overtime equalization, job costing, and forecasting.
9)       Complementary data collectors include: biometric facescan, fingerprint readers, proximity time clocks, online time sheets, iPad, and smart phone time entry

The decision to create or buy, a time management software should be given careful consideration. In some instances, competitive advantages exist if you have the internal resources and the time to create your software.

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In our recent blog of November 23rd we gave notice of our upcoming workforce management software webinar for the healthcare industry. This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th 10:00am-12:00pm EST.

Attend if you are:

  • A Controller/Director of Finance, Director or Manager of Human Resources or if you are a Payroll Administrator
  • New to time and attendance and are interested in how it can work for your organization
  • A current customer of Apex Time Solutions in the health care sector and are interested in other modules of our solution


This webinar will highlight the value of ATS workforce management software in the workplace.

Areas within the healthcare industry that will benefit from this session include:

Life sciences, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, physician’s offices, dentist’s offices, home health care, health practitioners, ambulatory services, medical and diagnostic laboratories.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Manage complicated requirements of the FMLA with the ATS time and attendance system
  • Facilitate compliance with weekly and bi-weekly work hours and other rules
  • Automate time off used and earned, as well as time off requests with our employee self-service module
  • Use the scheduling and forecasting module to their company’s exact needs
  • Navigate through the vacation planning calendar module for employee vacations

 Real-Time Data Collection:

The ATS workforce management software suite maintains continuity between time and labour, employee scheduling, shift management and payroll calculation.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • How employee hours can be tracked through online timesheets, mobile devices, biometrics and a range of other data collection devices
  • The ability of managers to review and approve employee’s time and absences online and automatic transfer of hours to payroll.
  • An actual break down of labour costs through budget vs. actual costs by cost center, floor, ward and location

This is your last chance to REGISTER for this year webinar. You can also contact us at 1.866.294.2467.

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In some of our earlier blogs we highlighted the difference between a legacy time and attendance solution that is installed on a company’s network versus a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application. Today, many companies offering cloud computing and web-based technology products.

The inspiration behind this blog has to do with a recent conversation one of our support representatives had with a prospective customer. This company had been looking for an employee time tracking software for several months and could not decide on a solution that would meet their needs. While they were enamored with the idea of a hosted time and attendance application, they were concerned about privacy issues and downtime. In our view, these are legitimate concerns and should be discussed before deploying web-based workforce management software.

We recognize that some companies have reasons for choosing a legacy application over a Software-as-a-Service time management system and that’s fine. It should be noted that ATS espouses the virtues of web-based technologies because it quickly adapts to the needs of today’s modern enterprise and is also highly configurable.

Listed below are some differences between a time and attendance software installed on a company’s network or office PC versus accessing the application through an internet browser.

Software-as-a-Service Workforce Management Software:

  • Implementation is quicker because there is no software to install on a company’s network involving your IT department and more than likely the purchase of a new Server
  • There are no additional costs for maintenance agreements and software updates
  • Companies with multiple sites do not need to build remote access to an existing network. All that is required in a remote location is a computer with access to the Internet
  • Mobile workers can record their time and review accrual balances through any smart phone: Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and the iPod® Touch, BlackBerry® and Android Phones
  • Our hosted time and attendance can be deployed at a much smaller cost

Time and Attendance Installed on a Company’s Network:

  • Annual maintenance costs for the software is generally between 15%-20%
  • A company is prepared to undergo a 6 -12 month implementation process, depending on the size of the organization
  • Large out-of-pocket expenses for the initial investment
  • On going maintenance of a company’s network and the resources of an IT person or department to manage the software
  • Costs for software updates or upgrades

The ATS Software-as-a-Service time and attendance solution offers companies the ultimate in flexibility, a quick ROI and low total cost of ownership. However, we suggest a company evaluate and decide what’s best for their business.  For some companies, software installed on their network and managed by their IT personnel is more suited to their organizational structure. For others, their ability to access the software from any web browser without having to upgrade servers aligns with their corporate goals.

You can download a white paper on the difference between an On-Premise versus Software-as-a-Service Workforce Management Solution on our website. To speak to one of our account representatives call us at 1.866.294.2467.

Collecting and analyzing attendance data, reducing labour costs and improving compliance are strategies for industry leading companies today. Software as a Service (SaaS)-based time and attendance solutions offer strategic advantages to businesses in a variety of sectors.

ATS Time & Attendance is an integral part of our Workforce Management Software suite. This web-based solution captures time and labour and automates the most complex pay rules. With this hosted solution companies avoid costly server purchases on which to host the software, licenses and version upgrades. Instead, companies can free up internal resources to focus their time on the day to day operations of their business.

Web-Based Time and Attendance Solution Features:

  • Online time card captures employee time and management adjustments
  • Data integration to a variety of Payroll, HR and ERP application
  • Labour analytic reports cover all aspects of attendance, absence and overtime
  • Employee Self Service allows employees and managers access to data based on authorization levels
  • Overtime equalization calculates which employees are eligible for overtime and when
  • Tracking of attendance through time clocks such as: biometrics, smart phones and badge collectors
  • The automation of accruals accumulates; vacation, sick days, jury duty, etc.

ATS hosted Time and Attendance is an eco friendly solution that automates and tracks essential processes that include: work hours, overtime, sick leave, vacations attendance and absences.

To read more about ATS measures to reduce our impact on the environment go to our website. Follow us on Twitter or join our LinkedIn group for Eco-Time Management solution product updates.

Study after study is commissioned every year by a plethora of firms and institutions about the role women play in the world of business. These studies all arrive at the same conclusion; the executive branch of today’s workforce should be open to more women. It should be noted that today’s workplace is vastly different from that of 20 years ago. It is also important to recognize that while more women have “broken the glass ceiling” there is room for improvement on that front. 

One of the more recent studies we came across is by the Kauffman Foundation, titled “Untapped Potential for Expanding Women’s Entrepreneurship Holds Promise to Grow the U.S. Economy.” While the title references the US, it could apply to just about any country.

Here is an excerpt of that study:

“Research shows that startup companies – particularly high-growth startups – are the most fruitful source of new U.S. jobs and offer the economy’s best hope for recovery. However, despite the fact that about 46 percent of the workforce and more than 50 percent of college students are female, and that women have risen to top positions in corporate and university hierarchies, they represent only about 35 percent of startup business owners. Their firms also tend to experience less growth and prosperity than do firms started by men.

“Overcoming the Gender Gap: Women Entrepreneurs as Economic Drivers,” a new paper from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, explores the reasons behind lower business startup rates among women and proposes actions that would help to realize the promise of female entrepreneurs in escalating the economy.

“There are plenty of highly qualified women in science and technology – industries from which the majority of high-growth companies are born,” said Lesa Mitchell, Kauffman Foundation vice president, advancing innovation, and the paper’s author. “More women are entering these fields than ever before. However, while women have broken through the glass ceiling, they seem to encounter ‘glass walls’ that keep them from venturing out of big companies or structured academic settings to launch their own firms at the same rate men do.”

Studies like this one from the Kauffman Foundation and others will continue for many years. A diversified workforce with women in senior roles starts with cultural shift. Some corporations have elevated women to senior management roles and have been the beneficiary of growth and profits. In contrast, there others that “like things just the way they are”. Time has a way of catching up to those who abhor positive change.

Our blogs typically focus on the advantages of time and attendance software in an organization. However, we thought it would be a refreshing change to comment on a subject that is of great importance in today’s workforce.

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 John Edwards, a contributor to CFO Magazine wrote an article titled “A Sense of  Validation” In this article, he espouses the virtue of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model   and it many advantages. On a few occasions, members of our team have spoken to small and mid size businesses executives who cannot afford a full time IT person, yet express the need to  have an automated time and attendance system.

ATS web-based time and attendance and employee time clocks help businesses reduce costs and stay compliant with labour laws. Our workforce management software provides improves accuracy in data gathering and generates a quick return on investment.

Benefits of ATS web-based time and attendance software:

Cost Reduction: Our employee time tracking software solution reduces IT and maintenance costs. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain. The ATS time tracking solution protects data with disaster-recovery capabilities. Our time and attendance management solution streamlines data and provides managers with a consolidated reporting tool. With an ATS hosted solution, you don’t need an IT person or department to maintain hardware or software.

Compliance: Using an ATS time keeping system helps managers keep accurate records of hours worked by employees. Accurate records include: overtime and absenteeism and provides assurance that applicable employment policies are followed.

Workforce Data: The ATS time and attendance software provides a flexibility which allows executives to gain control of day to day employee activities. This data and the corresponding reports can be accessed 24/7 via any browser.

To learn how other companies have taken advantage our integrated time and attendance software solutions to streamline costs, go to our website. To arrange a demo visit us online.

BBQ season is just about over. The cottage will be closed in a few weeks, and we will be putting away our summer clothes in preparation for fall and of course, winter. Over the last several years the words “work-life balance” has entered the vernacular of today’s workforce. An article by Elizabeth Landau, “why your brain needs vacations” pretty much sums up the health benefits to taking time off. HR managers have been trying to find an effective tool that allows their company to track employee absence request.

ATS integrated cloud-based workforce management software might be just the answer. Our time and attendance solution helps streamline the cumbersome attendance process to bring about an efficient and time-saving practice. Our powerful employee time tracking solution includes the absence request module.

Some of the benefits that numerous companies enjoy from this solution include:

Employee Absence Requests: through a web browser employees can submit their absence requests. The absence request is instantly sent to the appropriate supervisors for action. Employee receives the absence request status: approved, denied, or pending, is displayed on the employee’s page.

Flexible Functionality: the employee interface makes it easy for employees to request a partial day off, full day off, or a range of days.

Accruals and Balances: employees can view time taken and the remaining balance for benefit hours (sick time, vacation, and soon) at their leisure, without asking for HR assistance.

The ATS time and attendance solution absence request process is configured based on company rules. The processing of Excel and manual time sheets is error prone, takes time and is unsatisfactory for both the company and the employee. Costs associated with this manual processing will be reduced with the ATS automated absence request module. The workforce absence request module is a great example of ATS workforce management software capabilities to automate the eligibility and approval process, manage external information and track activities, deadlines and timeframes.

To read more about the ATS workforce absence request module, download a free copy on our site. To join our weekly time and attendance solutions webinar, go to our website.

When bidding on projects many companies seek for better control over how their labour dollars and hours are allocated to those projects.  The ATS job costing module was designed to collect and analyze labour distribution and job allocation information.

The ATS job costing module provides an integrated and seamless method to collect, process and report on job costing data in addition to the standard time and attendance information. Job costing data collection is performed in the same manner as time and attendance data collection. The employee presses the desired function key, scans their badge and then scans the job number and project being worked on.

Functionality and benefits of Apex Time Solutions job costing module include:

The real-time visibility saves money through more efficient monitoring and administration, but also allows supervisors to anticipate and eliminate production bottlenecks.

Our system calculates the hours and costs of payroll in environments with complex business rules, including incentive pay policies. It is extremely configurable and is affectivity date-driven. When policies change, the software is flexible enough accommodate these changes.

Job Tracking Terminals uses input devices such as barcode and laser scanners for on-floor data collection. The job costing report allows sorting on all grouping levels, producing thousands of possible report combinations.

Job transfers can be tracked to many different levels. This job module can be set to several different configurations, allowing for single and/or multiple jobs at any period.

Time and Attendance reports can be combined with job costing reports. Writer module available for user defined reports.

 The ATS job costing module is great for tracking specific jobs for billing purposes, or when employees are paid for working in different departments or locations within an organization.

You can go online and read more about the ATS Job costing and Labour Distribution module.

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Despite the best efforts of HR management, payroll practitioners and departmental supervisors, employee scheduling has become a constant headache. When asked what would make life easier in your department, the answer invariably amounts to, “I would like a system that can capture our work rule policies and allow me to schedule employees for the right shifts depending on preference and/or business volume. “It is important to note that not all scheduling software is created equal or serves the same verticals. The type of scheduling functionality required by a manufacturing plant will be different from that of a hospital that operates 24/7.

Our employee time and attendance scheduling module empowers managers to accurately create schedules that align labour with anticipated demand, while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies consistently.

The ATS scheduling module meets the needs of the various sectors:

 The technology of our scheduling module allows the master scheduler or department manager to quickly identify qualified substitutes and select one to fill the shift.  ATS scheduling software significantly reduces the amount of time, resources and overall cost associated with employee scheduling.

Here are some benefits to using our scheduling software:

  • Produce any schedule for any time frame in minutes to save time
  • Make schedule changes quickly and effortlessly to better utilize staff
  • Pre-assign shifts and time-off to better plan your schedules
  • Print schedules, send them via e-mail, or post schedules online to keep your staff up-to-date
  • Automatically copy schedule patterns and rotations to cut time needed to create reoccurring schedules
  • Display staffing levels to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone calculations
  • Instantly view your shift coverage to assure all shifts remain properly covered and to avoid being under-scheduled
  • See the number of hours scheduled per employee to avoid overtime
  • View available personnel and their contact information to find replacement or assign additional shifts in no time
  • Track staff skills, credentials, and training to find immediately qualified personnel for open shifts
  • Access historical scheduling data to better forecast your staffing needs

The ATS Scheduling module is part of our time and attendance software suite, which gives you complete workforce management control.

You can read more about our time and attendance scheduling or visit our website to learn about scheduling automation for your workforce.

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