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ATS TimeWork is an award-winning time management software that helps companies streamline business processes throughout the entire organization and save on payroll costs. TimeWork provides mid-sized and large organizations throughout North America the tools to capture employee data, comply with local, state and provincial regulations, and ensure that businesses are performing optimally.

ATS time and attendance software-as-a-service (SaaS) software application is hosted by us and can be accessed over the Internet through any web browser. The application is available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year, on a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription basis. TimeWork is suitable for companies with a dispersed workforce across multiple sites. Organizations with remote workers and telecommuters will benefit from the portability of this on-demand solution. TimeWork hosted time tracking solution reduces the need for an internal IT infrastructure and provides a secure, cost-effective alternative for companies currently running critical business applications.

Here are three compelling reasons to leverage your business with an ATS Time and Attendance Application:

Affordability-TimeWork SaaS will not require a huge capital outlay and an inordinate amount of resources associated with purchasing and managing a technology infrastructure. With TimeWork SaaS, software updates are free; they are not invasive, and are executed by us without disruption to your operations.

The Solution Grows With You-ATS TimeWork allows you to grow your company without growing your IT support burden. Add modules as you need them without worrying about installation and configuration. For example: Overtime equalization provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as overtime and attendance, Time and Attendance Reports are real-time employee attendance reports with options for customizing both content and format, Forecasting, provides businesses with the technology to develop work schedules that meet business demands. With ATS on-demand time and attendance, you have can extend your mission-critical business applications across Canadian, US and overseas offices without the need for local IT support or infrastructure.

Training and Support- The ATS programming and support team are experts in the field of time and attendance. Upgrades and maintenance are fully automated with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your investment. Our Canadian network of local employees and partners can provide you with on-site consulting, training, and implementation assistance to help you get the most out of your solution.

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ATS TimeWork is the industry’s leading workforce management software that integrates with various applications including: customer relationship management (CRM), human resources information system (HRIS), human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and payroll. When combined with data collectors, mobile devices, smart phones or tablets, it transforms the way organizations track employee time and attendance. ATS after-sales delivery model allows you to select the service that best suits your organizational needs, while delivering breakthrough performance.

The Industries We Serve:
ATS time and attendance provides highly focused capabilities to various industries by providing customers with a groupof certified personnel that are experts in their respective fields. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our customers adapt to the changes within their industries. These industries include:

Labour is the single most expensive resource for an organization, which makes improving the way people perform essential in maximizing efficiency and improving the bottom line. ATS delivers Workforce Management Software solutions that automate timekeeping tasks while reconciling labour data with production information.

The ATS Solution is an integrated solution that enables business processes across multiple departments. This allows you to gain full visibility into areas including: operations, production, customers, suppliers, and finance.

Engineering & Construction
ATS time and attendance for engineering is a comprehensive set of solutions that provides a powerful software to manage engineering, construction, and operations, including plant contracting, home building, and shipbuilding.

The ATS healthcare solution combines the workforce management application for the entire enterprise.  Keeping track of wage changes and collective agreements is complicated, ATS time management solutions simplifies employee time tracking for the healthcare industry.

The future of retailing requires that businesses adapt to changing consumer needs and use labour analytic tools to drive repeat shoppers at each channel. With ATS time and attendance business intelligence, companies can make better staffing decisions based on current customer demand, seasonal fluctuation, and unforeseen absences.

Public Sector
Service expectations and public scrutiny are high while resources are typically scarce. To meet high-performance expectations, ATS offers a tailored time management solution to support defense, civilian agencies, education, healthcare institutions; and municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments.

Transportation & Logistics
The largest operating costs that transportation companies have result from the management, scheduling and administration of the labour workforce. By reducing labour costs even fractionally, transportation companies are able to realize tremendous improvements to profitability.

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The cloud buzz has not been lost on business executives. The question our account executives hear most of the time is, “How much time is this going to save our payroll department and operational managers?” Implementing an ATS cloud time & attendance system can yield tangible cost reductions in both hardware and IT resources. The ability to review employee data from any device with access to the Internet is one of the most powerful reasons to adopt this solution. There are other compelling reasons to deploy an employee time tracking solution. Some of them include:

The Ability to Make Changes as Required- ATS cloud solution is scalable and flexible to meet today’s rapidly changing business requirements. Adding or removing users can be done on demand and will be reflected in subscription fee. This inherent flexibility is beneficial for businesses that need to quickly change their user base to meet their unique business requirements.

Reduce Dependence on IT Resources- By using our cloud-based time management solution, companies require fewer technical resources to manage the solution. That’s in large part, because ATS manages the software and applies all changes without interruption to customers’ daily operations. This in turn, reduces the strain on a company’s IT resource, allowing it to focus on other relevant tasks within the organization.

Increasing a Company’s Return on Investment- ATS’s SaaS application can be implemented with ease into a company’s day-to-day business. A typical deployment takes a matter of weeks, versus a 60-90 day implementation of an “on-premises” solution. This enables organizations to begin realizing the business benefits earlier, resulting in a rapid return on investment (ROI), and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) over the course of the investment.

Of course the success of any implementation requires a company’s management team’s commitment to the project. The allocation of the proper resources from the company, combined with the deep expertise of ATS implementation team, will result in a successful implementation.

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Business executives are busy individuals and are concerned with shareholder value. When they plan to adopt workforcemanagement software, the application must complement their company’s goals and provide a rapid return on investment. Today’s businesses need a software solution that offers superior advantages, while providing scalability, flexibility and full integration.

ATS time and attendance solution is cost-effective and makes it easy to see critical business information in real-time without your supervisors having to wait for head office to update the information. For example, an employee time management system deployed at a corporate head office in Calgary should be able to connect to the branch offices inToronto,Vancouver,Atlanta,New York and other countries. Our software solution can handle multiple collective bargaining agreements, various business rules and multijurisdictional legislations.

ATS workforce management software is easily configurable with a graphical user dashboard complete with high-level information that assists department managers to monitor their operations and manage attendance by exceptions. TimeWork business intelligence allows HR and payroll managers to perform detailed analysis of their business performance with on-the-fly labor reports that are updated in real-time with the flow of day-to-day operations.

If your existing time tracking system does not meet your current and future plans, it’s time to source for an alternative. ATS TimeWork helps automate your company’s business rules and support decision making by incorporating a wide range of capabilities that improve usability. Many customers have claimed that after deploying our solution, they have achieved significant cost savings through increased productivity, better control of labor dollars, improved quality and reduced time calculating employee hours manually. These costs savings are all direct and measurable improvements that fulfill most companies’ capital expense guidelines.

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Just a few short years ago, there was a lot of skepticism about using cloud-based applications. Today, businesses are adopting cloud-based time and attendance solutions in growing numbers. That’s in part, to the advancement of technology and low total cost of ownership that comes with the deployment of cloud based applications.

ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables companies to streamline business operations by offering flexible time and attendance solutions including: rapid deployment with user interfaces, business analytics, forecasting, overtime equalization, attendance management and employee self-service modules. Our TimeWork dashboard offers you tremendous flexibility to optimize your payroll and HR departments. The solution effectively integrates with Payroll, Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Talent Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to enhance electronic workflows that provide seamless data integration across every department. 

 Top five reasons customers deployed an ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution:

Access Anywhere – ATS SaaS time and attendance systems can be easily and securely accessed through the Internet, from any web browser including: Google Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Software Updates – Our cloud-based solution is upgraded regularly in conjunction with our software developer releases, with no disruption to end-users.

Pay Only What You Use – ATS subscription based model means that companies only pay for the number of user licenses used each month.

Predictable Costs – Our hosting fees are known in advance and can be easily forecasted.

Robust and Scalable – TimeWork is robust and reliable software that gives companies a real-time view of their business. Our time management solution is hosted in an environment that can be dynamically scaled to meet our customers demand and deliver acceptable performance levels.

 ATS cloud time and attendance software provides unparalleled coverage and access to operational intelligence. This allows managers to make decisions based on real-time data, and enables continuous improvement in business operations.

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New Year’s resolutions are nothing new. Each year many of us compile a list of goals we would like to achieve. Businesses also have goals, chief among them, how to increase sales while reducing operational costs. One of the most effective ways to streamline costs is to automate your operations with an effective employee time management system.

The benefit of a time and attendance solution is its ability to streamline processes, from automatic data collection to instant business analytics. The ATS software solution is fully integrated and accessible in real-time; it provides you with a picture of how your company is running at any given time.

Here are 3 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Bottom-Line in 2013:

Efficiency – ATS employee time management system enables companies to observe employee patterns and gives a historical overview of your company’s payroll costs. As your company continues to streamline its processes, you gain efficiency in production which leads to higher retention and more to the bottom-line.

 Business Analytics- ATS business analytics enables companies to become effective by monitoring performance against defined key metrics and key indicators. Our solution provides intuitive reporting through a web browser—all in real time. ATS TimeWork allows users to view trends and drill down into detailed data from multiple sources, providing the flexibility and accuracy to quickly make fact-based decisions, and to analyze and share critical information.

 Lower Operational Costs– Keeping payroll costs down is important to any business. Because it can be perfectly adapted to your organisation, ATS TimeWork lowers your costs from the very beginning. The solution includes a host of benefits that help with the elimination of paper-based time sheets or antiquated punch cards. The result is a cost-effective solution, with maximum functionality for your  business.

Our time and attendance system is built for Canadian businesses and provides tools for forecasting, budgeting, planning, scheduling, employee self-service, job costing, and a range of business intelligence tools for mid-large organizations. To find out more subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn.