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5 Tips To Stay Fit And Retain Your Sanity While Working From Home

January 28th, 2021 | Posted by ATS in Benefit Accruals | Employee Productivity | Employee Self Service | HR | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software | Time and Attendance Canada | Time and Attendance Toronto

Working from home during the pandemic and having to teleconference all day with your boss and/or colleagues can be challenging —especially for some employees, who little to no experience working remotely and, may not be comfortable with it.

HR professionals and managers can also encourage employees to go outside for a walk to get a mental break during the day. If you are looking for some alternatives to a daily walk around your neighbourhood, here are 5 tips (from to free online exercise classes:

  • Core Power Yoga. Sixteen hour-long yoga classes, plus four meditations, on its website.
  • Echelon and Peloton. Both apps offer a wide variety of live and on-demand classes (yoga, dance, core, Pilates) in addition to the in-home Spin classes they’re known for. Both apps are free for 90 days.
  • Barre3 and The Bar Method. The ballet-meets-yoga-meets-Pilates classes are free for 15 days.
  • Daily Burn and Gold’s Gym. Miss gym classes? Try a 60-day free trial of the Daily Burn’s sleek at-home classes, with a variety of specialties such as postnatal. Or hit the 600 audio and video classes on the Gold’s Amp app, which is free until May 31.
  • Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness has a free daily class at 7 p.m. ET on its Facebook Live page.

Bottomline: According to some recent research, regular physical activity can help optimize our health and well-being during the coronavirus pandemic. Anything that can help us all cope with COVID-19 is better than nothing.

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