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Time and Attendance has seen a rejuvenated growth over the last several years. Traditionally, this has been a technology investment mainly for large organizations with hundreds of employees. To these businesses, time and attendance is an efficient way to track employee time, save on payroll costs. Smaller organizations on the other hand, felt they could get by using standard paper time cards or time sheets. Over the past few years though, we are seeing a growing interest among small and medium businesses in adopting the solution similar to their larger counterparts. And some of the reasons including a rising pressure to remain competitive, reduce costs and accelerate growth.

So, why does your small business need an automated time tracking solution? Well, if you are using different processes, activities, and systems to run your business, and you need to establish numerous workflows and procedures – some manual, some automated – that may or may not be formally documented. Essentially, what you have is a variety of departmental applications and outdated databases that are disjointed, has no integration capabilities and probably driving you nuts.

As a growing small business what you need a modern, agile time and attendance solution that is cost-effective, has built-in flexibility and future-proofs your company for long term innovation and growth.

ATS Time and Attendance for small business delivers first rate solutions and services that are sized for your business. The solution is designed to:

  • Instantly improve workforce productivity
  • Minimize the need for IT resources
  • Fit your budget and provide a rapid return on investment (ROI)

ATS Time and Attendance for small business offers small businesses a choice between traditional onsite deployments and robust Software as a Service (SaaS) time and attendance solution designed to help you achieve the trappings of success, while streamlining payroll costs. ATS Time and Attendance for small business can help you to get up and running even faster and will reduce your on-going operational costs so you can get back to focusing on increasing profits for your business.

To learn more, download a demonstration. You can also register for our upcoming webinar ‘Embracing the Cloud Will Make Your HR and Payroll Practitioners Happy’. To reach sales, call 866.294.2467.

Does Your Small Business Need An Automated Time Tracking Solution?

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