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Paper-Based Time Tracking Persists Despite Cost Savings Through Automation

July 12th, 2016 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Cloud Time and Attendance | Employee Self Service | Hosted Time and Attendance Solution | Labor costs | Workforce Management Solutions

It has been said that small and mid-size businesses are the lifeblood of North America, because they keep the economy humming by creating jobs. However, a despite the advantages to automation, some of these companies still use paper-based and other forms of manual methods to manage their business.

A recent article by Tom Starner, contributing editor for HRDive titled “Employers using paper-based benefits administration strategy see money fly out the window” provides a business case for why manual systems are hampering the productivity of small and mid-size businesses. It reads in parts:

“It may be hard to believe, but some HR departments (mainly smaller businesses) are still processing the benefits enrollment process using paper — much to their financial detriment, according to an expert writing at Employee Benefits News.

Andrew Brickman, director of Benefits Administration at Corporate Synergies, an employee benefits and insurance broker, says employers still relying on paper, rather than automating the process, should understand that they are letting dollars slip out the door.

Apart from potentially missing valuable data, storing paper documents also is very expensive (filing cabinets, paper, printer ink and maintenance costs). Instead, Brickman writes that a far better option is moving to a benefits administration platform for automating the process, ensuring both time and money savings.”

Paper-Based Time Tracking Persists Despite Cost Savings Through Automation


Many of today’s small and mid-size businesses have endured through economic slow downs and remain focused on their operations and profitability, but need 21st century tools to help them keep their competitive advantage, and remain lean while increasing productivity.

If your small or mid-size business happens to be one of those that have been contemplating automating your time tracking process, it’s not too late. ATS TimeWork On Demand for small and mid-size businesses helps your entire operation, by giving you interconnection between all locations and departments of all processes. ATS TimeWork OnDemand is easy to use and includes workflows with intuitive user dashboards, real-time reporting analytics and adapts to workforce and regulatory compliance rules.

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