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Buzzwords That Have Outlived Their Time

October 27th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Software-as-a-Service (saas) Workforce Management Software | Time and Attendance Solution

It’s was not too long ago the words “sexy reports” was used to describe a set of simple, to use and/or understand reports. At least that’s what we think. In the world of software technology which ATS is a part of, we too spew our own share of buzz words. However, some buzzwords words linger in the business world for far too long. When they eventually disappear, you can almost hear a collective and quiet sigh of relief.

We did some digging and found an article titled “30 Buzz Words You Should Stop Using” by, Annie Pilon, staff writer for Small Business Trends. Some of these buzzwords have been around too long and should be buried, hopefully soon.

Buzzwords That Have Outlived Their Time

In no particular order, we chose 7 overused buzzwords from the article:

This term is often used to convey elements that work together to create a total effect. However, it’s been so overused in the business community that it has lost much of its meaning and just comes across as filler.

Paradigm Shift
This is another term that is used to describe a change in business practices. But it has been incredibly overused and can come across as an attempt to cover up a mistake with fancy language.

Outside the Box
For years, people have used this term to reference creative thinking. But in business, most issues require some level of creativity. So using this term is cliché and often just unnecessary.

Game Changer
When something is a game changer, that usually means it is something that can significantly change an industry or business. But it’s another overused buzzword that doesn’t have the same impact it used to.

Going Forward
This is a term you should stop using simply because it should be a given. When talking about your business, everything you discuss should have an impact on the future. So you don’t really need to specify that.

Hit the Ground Running
Many in the business world use this term to express the desire to get started on something right away. But offering a specific timeline is less cliché and usually more helpful.

Thought Leader
This term is often used to describe a person who is recognized as an authority in a particular field. But it doesn’t hold as much weight as it once did. An actual job title or some credentials can mean a lot more than applying this general term to anyone who has an opinion about an industry.”

Buzzwords are exactly as described “buzz”. Like anything else, they too have their time. Chances are in 5 or 10 years from now some or all of these words will be a thing of the past

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