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Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now the rearview mirror, and retailers are now focusing their attention on one of the world’s biggest shopping season. Yes this bonanza of a holiday season always lives up to its shopping hype. So, cue the credit cards and upcoming mad dash to the malls and, with retailers rubbing their hands in glee-you know the Christmas season is upon us.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we chose three separate top 10 holiday tips from different websites that geared towards businesses and consumers:

From Holiday Best.Com “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2014”

You cannot go wrong with books, and that’s one of the definite facts of live. You can get your kids educational books such as history books, encyclopedia, classical fictions, literature, you name it.

You can get them paperback editions of their favourite graphic novels, a biography of their favourite music artist, or even inspirational books such as the “Chicken Soup” series.” The entire list can be found on their website.

From Kate Taylor, Staff Writer at

Collect data
“If you collected information on your staffing, hours and sales last year, this holiday season is going to be much easier. If you didn’t – a common small business mistake – now’s the time to play catch up. You might learn the hard way when you overstaff or understaff, but at least next year, you won’t have to deal with the unknown… again.” You can read the top ten list in its entirety on

Using a robust time and attendance solution to collect, manage and assimilate data will leave you worry free this holiday season.

From Harvard Business Review, The Top 7 Management Tips

Pretend You Have What You Want:

Your mind is often your greatest tool, but as anyone who has been taken over by fear, frustration, or worry knows, it can also be your greatest enemy. Whether you’re concerned that you don’t have the respect of your peers or that a customer isn’t calling you back because she’s gone to a competitor, overthinking the issue only serves to compound the worry. Instead, pretend you have what you want. Act as if your peers respect you or as if the customer is loyal. These may be fantasies, but what you’re worrying about may be as well. It’s better to stop the worry and act confidently; chances are better that you’ll get what you want.

If you happen to be a payroll or HR manager and a new time and attendance system is on your list of things for this holiday season, ask your manager to download a demonstration from our website. It comes complete with an ROI tool kit, finance options and a variety of bells and whistles.

Top Ten Christmas Holiday Season Tips, Lists and Gifts

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