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Some companies will delay an implementation in the hope that the issues they are experiencing with their legacy system will magically disappear. Sometimes the psychology of change is too difficult to overcome-especially, since it is going to involve retraining users and having to adapt current business practices once the new system is in place. Once your company, have gone through the process of selecting a vendor, it only makes sense to continue go through the next phase of deploying your new system. That being said, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances can occur at any given time that will delay your plan.

If the delay, however, is simply an inability to overcome change, here is range of benefits your company could be missing out on, namely:

Efficiency:  Standardize and automate time collection processes so that your payroll practitioner does not have to chase production supervisors each week to verify employee arrivals and departure.

Real-Time Data:  Report on attendance with up-to-the-minute workforce analysis and gain insights into real-time metrics. Thus, you will streamline processes after analyzing the data to improve your company’s overall efficiencies.

Competitive Advantage:  There is a good chance your competitor is using a time and attendance to streamline payroll costs and in a global economy, it’s not enough to just keep pace- today’s companies need to stay ahead of their competitors. Using paper time cards will not help your business in a competitive landscape, but using of a 21st Century ATS time and attendance system will.

Cloud-Based deployment:  Using ATS TimeWork On-Demand allows you to access your time and attendance, anytime, anywhere. It also removes the burden of managing internal IT infrastructure such as servers and application updates. With the access to real-time accurate data, management can make informed  and on-the-spot decisions.

Business growth: Some of the important benefits of an ATS time and attendance system includes, increase in workforce productivity, decrease in costs associated with manual time entry, increased ability for forecasting and planning, erasing information silos through proper data integration and lower payroll costs.

As the pace of the economy continues to trend upwards, businesses are feeling the burden of inadequate software solutions that is not keeping pace with their evolving needs. And, as a result, these companies will resort to other means of collecting data, namely, manual time collection which can lead to double entry and payroll inaccuracies.

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Delaying Implementation Can Rob Your Company Of Some Key Benefits

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