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Do You Know How To Optimize Your Workforce?

September 16th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | Employee Scheduling | Time and Attendance Blog | Workforce Analytics | Workforce Management Software

It is not unusual to find that some companies have automated accounting, inventory and other areas of their supply chain, but leave a gaping hole in the automation of employee attendance, scheduling and forecasting. Why is that? They sometimes view these areas as less important. If payroll is the highest costs associated with an organization, it stands to reason that most companies would not want to ignore it-by extension getting a handle on labor cost.

ATS Workforce Management Software provides companies with a way to accurately forecast and schedule employees across all departments, locations, and other office resources. Having the right tools at your disposal will help you capture, share, and act on informed decisions faster and in real-time across your enterprise.

With on-the-spot reports, ATS Workforce Management Software ensures that you are truly achieving maximum performance with a rapid return on investment. ATS Workforce Management software can be deployed for mid and large enterprises as an on-premise, or cloud-based time and attendance solution and enables you to:

  • Enjoy full data integration to; Human Resources Information Systems, Payroll, Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting and Inventory and Talent Management applications.
  • Schedule according to business needs by utilizing the forecasting and budgeting modules.
  • Receive real-time alerts for employee vacation and shift assignment requests through any smart-phone or tablet PC.
  • Automate employee scheduling to simplify workforce patterns across multiple locations or departments.
  • Capture accurate overtime, holiday pay and other work rules in compliance with federal, state and provincial rules.
  • Track historical data with pre-configured workforce analytics.
  • Reduced production time—with up-to-the-minutes schedules for managers so, they can spend more time on the plant floor and/or with customers.

Conclusion: there are numerous benefits to optimizing your workforce. And with ATS Workforce Management Solution is a robust and comprehensive product offering that helps organizations accurately forecast and schedule workers to meet cost objectives.

To learn how you can transform your organization from a paper-based enterprise to one that has tools with real-time, actionable insights go to our website.

Do You Know How To Optimize Your Workforce?

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