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Complicated Time & Attendance Business Requirements? No Problem!

June 18th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | Employee Time and Attendance | Overtime | Payroll | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software

We are huge advocates of keeping things simple in your time and attendance business case and deployment strategy. No two businesses are the same and, even companies in similar industries will have a different set of challenges. ATS time and attendance is not a ‘Johnny come lately’ attendance tracking solution. Our workforce management software is an industry-leading solution, loaded with best-of-breed features and steeped with a 20 year history.

Solution Benefits:

ATS TimeWork will replace your spreadsheets- ATS time and attendance will help senior executives, Payroll and HR professionals eradicate the confusion and limitations that comes with using incoherent spreadsheets. ATS time and attendance connects seamlessly to your current ERP, CRM, HRIS, Payroll or Talent Management system and provides beautiful data at your fingertips. ATS workforce analytics provides information in an easy-to-read format that you can share with all stakeholders and take action towards improved productivity.

Business intelligence that makes sense-ATS TimeWork is easy to use and can be implemented in weeks. You simply log on with your user name and password using your preferred browser and voila! And with ATS TimeWork, you can view: employees approaching overtime, vacation requests, budget vs actual and a whole lot more. Want to dig deeper and understand which specific days that certain employees arrive late or calls in sick? No problem! ATS TimeWork can reveal that information.

Your business requirements are complex? That’s ok, we’ve got the answer-as a growing businesses you should make sure that the time and attendance solution you are about to deploy, can grow as your needs evolve. ATS robust time and attendance provides the functionality that your company needs now and in the future. You can activate modules as the need arise to ensure they are being used efficiently. ATS TimeWork is flexible enough to cater to a variety of industries and across many countries ATS TimeWork has the tools to facilitate business requirements from the most complex to the simple attendance tracking across operations.

So, the idea that your business requirements might be complex should not put off the need to deploy a time and attendance solution. A workforce management solution, that makes sense, is robust and comes with deep industry expertise to match, is what you should go for. The whole notion that the most inexpensive solution will match your requirements is nothing more than a myth. Now should you “break the bank” in an attempt to get that matches your requirements? No, but if your solution is being deployed by a vendor with a hands-on approach, with your requirements in mind, then you are on your way seeing a quick return on investment.

ATS TimeWork can perfectly adapt to your organization with little or no customization, ATS TimeWork lowers your costs from inception right through deployment.

To learn more, join Tracey Milligan, Product Software Engineer, and her team on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET for a live and interactive webinar on how to “Automate to Supercharge your Business”.

Complicated Time & Attendance Business Requirements No Problem!



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