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When one of the members in the marketing department of ATS, heard these words attributed to the Honda Civic as being the #1 selling car brands in Canada for 15 years, she immediately sent an e-mail to the team. Of course, we too wanted to know how such a feat had been accomplished.  After watching the broadcast, it made perfect sense.

Credit must be granted to the CBC’s “Under The Influence” which aired the broadcast. Listening to the broadcast gave us a better understanding as to why Civic owners love their vehicles so much. Their love for their cars has to do with substance and reliability over flash. Fancy features can be added afterwards, but the reliability of the vehicle is what most civic lovers go for. After all, who wants to be stuck in minus 35 degree temperature in a Canadian winter, with a car that will not start?

Similar to the civic,  ATS time and attendance system is a reliable software that has been used by businesses for over 20 years. While flashy reports and cool tools can be added to the solution, ATS time and attendance software was designed to address robust business requirements for many industries. ATS TimeWork offers broad deployment choices to its users and the system’s powerful time and attendance infrastructure helps ensure that the most unique customer needs are met.

With ATS, you establish a solid connection to TimeWork On-Demand via any mobile device or workstation that’s connected to the Internet 24/7, 365 days a year.  ATS TimeWork On-Demand frees you from the necessity of maintaining expensive purchased or leased equipment like systems and servers.

ATS TimeWork On-demand enables you to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-savings garnered through cloud computing. And just like the Honda civic, the application is built on reliability not flash, and will help you maintain control over your business, by decreasing payroll costs and increasing productivity.

Number 1 Selling Brand In Canada



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