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Migrating to a new time and attendance solution should be fraught with excitement, whether you are moving from an antiquated system or adopting a solution for the first time. Why? Because by deploying a time management solution, your company will no longer have to key employee hours into your payroll software, thus allowing you to reap the benefits, of workforce management software that will positively affect the bottom-line. However, before all of this comes to fruition, you need to address the expectations. While we are advocates of a rapid deployment, we also believe that if the expected budget and time-lines are discussed and agreed upon in advance, it’s a good step to achieving a desired outcome.

Here Are Three Things To Consider Ahead Your Implementation:

Software Configuration-It is important that work-rules are discussed in advance as they will need to be configured within the application to reflect your company’s business operations. During the early stages of the fact finding mission, some companies may feel it’s necessary to omit this information as they fear, it might increase the price of the solution. That’s not necessarily the case and in fact, the more information you can supply regarding your work and pay rules, the better. For example, a time and attendance fact finding project should not be handled by an IT manager unless, he or she is conversant with your pay policies. You will be better off having it managed at the initial stages by; HR, Payroll and/or your Financial Controller since; they are more likely to be involved with the pay policy aspects of your operations.

Timelines- Deployments can vary and really depends on the amount of time it takes to configure the data and additional requirements that may creep up during said deployment. ATS implementation team will use a model based on a number of criteria-based information, related to your business, such as; pay policies complexity, level of customization and many other variables to develop realistic implementation timelines. We also use this same model to develop an implementation budget that is realistic to your business requirements.

Future Growth- No business wants to remain stagnant and so, with this in mind, it’s only fitting that your time and attendance solution should be scalable. ATS Workforce Management Solution (WMS) is designed for midsize and enterprise-class organizations at an affordable price and available via an accelerated deployment through the cloud.  ATS pay policy configurator is a powerful tool that’s designed to get you up and running quickly and reliably.

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Great Expectations, But Are They Real?

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