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For The Love Of Data Analytics

May 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | Time and Attendance On-Demand | Workforce Analytics

Who knew that we would be romanticizing about analytics so much? In recent years, the proliferation of analytics through time and attendance, ERP, HR and bevy of other about applications has made it possible for it is has all been about analytics-but why now? When you think about it, analytics is not that new. Sales managers have been analyzing data through Excel to get the correct metrics on sales numbers for years. What has changed, is how we access data today and more than ever, being able to access data on-demand has become the norm. The companies that embrace automated business analytics no longer have to waste time writing macros, hoping that will provide the type of metrics they want to track.

With ATS time and attendance, you get instant visibility into your business performance and drive better business outcomes using a broad set of capabilities for reporting, analysis and budgeting and forecasting – all engineered for speed of performance on any smart-phone, tablet or workstation. ATS TimeWork transforms the way you track employee hours using cloud-based time tracking management systems composed of best-in-class, enterprise-grade applications.

ATS time and attendance is designed to help mid and large organizations thrive by enabling them to discover new ways to track, manage and optimize business operations. As a leading workforce management software company, we deliver a complete and integrated employee time management solution that let customers find value in workforce planning, gain insight into every aspect of their business by scheduling employees, and acting with confidence- 24/7 in the cloud, from anywhere, anytime.

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For The Love Of Data Analytics


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