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Anatomy of an Ideal Workforce Management Solution: Just Keep It Simple

April 8th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Scheduling | TimeWork | Web-Based Time and Attendance Software | Workforce Management Software

The key to an employee attendance solution should be one borne out of simplicity and flexibility. At the heart of the product should be its ability to track attendance. To some companies, all that matters are the “bells and whistles”. However, being able to activate different modules within your system and its ability to manage your company core requirements should be top of mind.ATS Time & Attendance helps mid and large organizations automate attendance by replacing manual time sheets.

Solution Benefits to an ATS Time and Attendance includes:

ATS time and attendance is offered as both cloud-based an on-premises powered by a robust platform with a plethora of modules designed to grow with your business. ATS time and attendance is rapid to implement, adaptable to your business’ needs and simple to use. ATS time and attendance On-Premises application uses industry best practices and business intelligence process flows designed to help accelerate the deployment of the solution. ATS deployment strategies help to dramatically shorten the learning curve for both administrative and operational users.

Simplicity at its core
ATS employs a consistent implementation methodology complete, with project roadmaps all designed to stay on time and on budget.  Replacing paper timesheets with an ATS solution allows you to leverage your time and attendance data to enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Solution designed for the needs of different industries

ATS time and attendance integrates to third-party applications and, at the same time streamlines business processes to include; job costing, scheduling, overtime, holiday calculations and time-off requests—within one single software system.

ATS delivers workforce management software process efficiency across a variety of verticals, complemented by the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our next-generation time and attendance software will help you optimize business performance across your entire enterprise.

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Anatomy of an Ideal Workforce Management Solution, Just Keep It Simple

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