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A recent study by Statistics Canada measured productivity between Canadian and US businesses and found a 60% difference. While this difference is significant and should be noted, businesses on both sides of the border, regardless of size, believe that increasing their productivity is key to growth. The challenge for some of today’s businesses, is whether they are using the right tools to achieve that productivity and streamline costs.

While most organizations want to grow, but they are not certain how to go about it while others, still use manual and in some cases, outdated systems that delays their growth prospects.  ATS time and attendance data collectors help small, mid and large organizations achieve operational excellence. Below is a list of data collectors that can help companies streamline payroll costs, achieve productivity and help their business grow and navigate through an uncertain economy.

ATS PeoplePoint Premium time clock is a powerful terminal that offers unmatched application flexibility and user interaction. ATS PeoplePoint delivers rich graphics and video on a 10.1″widescreen touch display.

ATS PeoplePoint PremiumATS PeoplePoint Plus is feature-rich workforce management terminal for those who require extensive capabilities, expandable memory, attractive design, and a color touch screen. Users can easily navigate employee self-service functionality on the generously sized screen.

ATS PeoplePoint plusATS PeoplePoint Core was designed for the small businesses who want state-of-the-art workforce management terminal with comprehensive feature with an eye on their budget.

ATS PeoplePoint core

ATS time and attendance solutions enhances decision making and  helps companies work more efficiently.To learn more, go to our website or you can drop us a line at 866.294.2467.

As the digital age continues to outpace other modes of communications and transactions, so has the amount of money and space that companies have allocated towards it. Over the last several years, businesses have begun trending towards cloud-based software solutions and away from purchasing expensive, powerful servers and computers for their host their business applications.

Thanks to developments in cloud computing, today’s businesses have come to realize that they are able to access their data much quicker and without the costly acquisition of computing equipment which was needed some 3 years ago.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is one of the most robust and powerful time and attendance software applications available for small, mid and large scale businesses. ATS suite of workforce management software applications includes a plethora of modules that includes: workforce planning, business intelligence, employee scheduling, workforce accruals, job costing, workforce analytics, overtime equalization, forecasting and budgeting and vacation planning modules.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand workforce management gives your entire enterprise the power of ATS up-to-the-minute access-through the cloud. From collaboration to predictive modeling for employee time capture, ATS TimeWork On-Demand workforce software supports all aspects of the payroll and HR cycle.

ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance supports streamlined business processes and provides a host of features for accrual benefits management, efficient pay management, and a flexible and configurable framework for workforce planning.

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How Does Your Company Determine The True Cost Of Doing Business?

March 4th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Labour Costs | Overtime | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on How Does Your Company Determine The True Cost Of Doing Business?)

In today’s economic climate, businesses need effective tools to help determine their true costs against productivity, hours spent on these jobs and their actual profits. Asking employees to manually record time spent on each task, during the course of a shift, will lead to errors and, inevitably lost profits.

ATS Job Costing creates up-to-date view of all projects by streamlining the collection of hours worked on each tasks by employees- and creates accurate and timely business analytics for your finance department.  

With up to six user definable grouping levels, the system automatically records and calculates employee attendance for payroll processing and tracks all job costs to the minute. It tracks job performance for review and compensation planning, provides visibility to actual costs for accurate quoting and job estimation, and tracks detail for lead-time improvement.

Job Tracking terminals support numerous input devices such as CCD barcode and laser scanners for rapid, accurate, on-floor data collection. The job costing report generator allows sorting on all grouping levels, producing thousands of possible report combinations.

Solution Benefits:

  • Employee grouping levels, with up to 15 alphanumeric characters each. Dynamic structure (number of characters for field IDs can be adjusted at any time).
  • Application of different calculations to a single transaction can generate unique cost allocations for financial, or payroll outputs.
  • Job transfers can be tracked at up to six levels. Module can be set to one of two configurations, allowing single jobs or multiple simultaneous jobs at any period.
  • Barcode or CCD scanner can be used for level transfer input. Function keys can be programmed to accept up to 6 different level transfer combinations.
  • Accumulation of hours, monetary amounts, and rates facilitates the distribution of direct and indirect labour of charges across multiple data codes. (e.g. the distribution of overtime across all employee departments and job functions.

ATS Job Costing uses a true service-oriented architecture costing tool that enables real-time connectivity, and intuitive business intelligence.

To learn more about this modern approach to project costing and labour allocation excellence go to our website to see a demonstration. You can also join the conversation, through our social media feeds; LinkedIn, Face Book or Google Plus.