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Sales In The 21st Century

February 19th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software

One of our account executives brought to our attention an article written by Dave Kurlan, titled “Is It Time for a Sales Reinvention?” The author provides insight into the changing world of sales. There have been other articles written about the changing landscape of sales. However, some companies still cling to the old way of doing things-the way of selling in and of itself, appears to be at the top of the list of things that will not change anytime soon with these companies.

Here is an excerpt of the article:
“Companies reinvent themselves all the time. You don’t have to look much further than AT&T, IBM, and NCR to recognize that none of these companies make and sell anything resembling what they made and sold just 40 years ago.

People reinvent themselves too. Just review some of the profiles in your LinkedIn network, and you’re certain to see people doing something completely different from what they were doing 10 years ago.

For some reason, sales forces tend to fall behind in the reinvention department. There are so many experts producing so much content: blogs, videos, newsletters, and e-books. Yet most sales leaders, sales managers, and salespeople are often the last to know that things have changed. Despite the fact that the sales profession has changed significantly in just the last six years, I’m still seeing sales forces selling as if they were stuck in a time warp hardwired to 1975.

Sales transformation does not require a complete sales-force makeover. In most cases, only a few changes may be needed to achieve greater effort, efficiency, effectiveness, and results.”

So, is your company’s marketing initiatives geared solely towards phone prospecting? ATS embraces the new way of selling and yes, we do prospecting by phone also but it’s 1% of our overall marketing strategy. At a recent tradeshow, one prominent marketing expert put it quite succinctly “making several phone calls to companies, on a daily basis, in the hope of selling your product is a methodology of 20 years ago, that simply does not work anymore”.

 Sales in the 21st century

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