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3 Ways to Alleviate the Burden of Time Tracking for HR and Payroll

January 28th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Biometric Time Clocks | Employee Scheduling | Employee Self Service | Time and Attendance On-Demand | Workforce Management Software

All Canadian provinces require that employers document hours of work, overtime, breaks, and leave time. A reliable time and attendance system helps payroll and HR departments manage employees hours, track attendance and remain compliant with work-rule policies of each province. ATS workforce management solution include: biometric time clocks, workforce analytics, employee self-service, forecasting and budgeting, business intelligence, swipe and proximity time clocks and workforce scheduling.

Here are 3 ways to help your payroll and HR department:

Enhance Productivity: Companies that use an employee time and attendance solution report an increase in productivity among workers. ATS timekeeping system transfers collected data to payroll and HR applications electronically. This automated process helps further reduce errors and allows payroll and HR managers to spend time working on other important task, instead of wasting time manually calculating employee time.

Accuracy is Improved: Handwritten timesheets are often difficult to read and contain numerous calculation mistakes. Manual timesheets also pose the risk for record abuse whether from simple mistakes when this system heavily relies on the “honour” system. By automating the collection of employee time companies can ensure calculation policies are applied correctly and consistently across all employees.

Increase Employee Engagement: ATS TimeWork time and attendance provides companies with an effective tool for track and measure the performance of their workforce. With the employee self-service module HR departments or managers can be alerted when an employee request a time-off. The ATS time and attendance typically delivers an 80% reduction in time and attendance administration. ATS TimeWork On-Demand employee time tracking solution can add hours of productivity, improve overall payroll processes and slash administrative expenses.

So, if your payroll and HR department is spending upwards of a day to process employee time, it’s a sign that you need to automate your time keeping process.

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